Thursday, December 31, 2009

Can't I just stay home . . .

Tonight we will PARTY!!  After all, another year of my life is over.  What's not to celebrate!  Really, I just want to stay home but that would mean that I am a total loser.  So, I will bundle up, go out, laugh and have fun.  And tomorrow I will feel better because I went out, laughed and had fun!  New Year's Eve always makes me a little depressed but I know that 2010 will be my best year yet!  I have plans!  I'm DREAMING BIG!

This is my 50th post.  Let's hear it for me!  Now, if I could get 50 followers, or 40 followers or even 37 followers (I think I have 36 now.  THANK YOU!), maybe I could muster up a 'give back'!  I am bound and determined to do this blogging thing better this next year! 

Take care tonight!  Come back to see me next year . . .

xo  --  Connie

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Definately a white Christmas . . .

Didn't want to miss letting everyone know that I wish each and every one of you a happy holiday season!  The way the weather is here (snow, ice, wind, BLIZZARD), I don't know if the power will stay on all day!  I don't ever remember in my (long, long) life that we couldn't get to church on Christmas Eve but this year we will definately be snowed in!  Christmas dinner and opening presents will probably have to wait for a couple of days.  But everything is finished, ready for anyone that can show up!

I want to thank all of the bloggers that I have met this year and for those who have actually left a comment!  You cannot realize how much that means to me!  This blog is not exactly what I want it to be yet but just like me, it is a work in progress!  If there is one thing that I would want people to say about me is that She Dreams Big! 

So for those of you who will actually be spending time with family and friends, cherish that time and think of me!  I feel that through visiting you all during your preparations for the holidays, that I was invited to all of your celebrations!  Thank you for including me!


xo  --  Connie

Monday, December 21, 2009

Something fuzzy this way comes . . .

This little guy came to live at my house this week.  A gift from Laurie Anna's Vintage Home.  So fuzzy and cute!  She (he) sits in a place of honor!

Polly from Sassafras Stuff has posted 100 times!  That seems incredible to me.  All of these goodies will go to one lucky person!

Rebecca for Vintage Living is celebrating her birthday with 7 (yes 7!) giveaways!  Christmas birthdays are so special, just like her!  This picture doesn't do this star justice so go and visit her blog to see it in all it's glory!

Linda at Robin's Egg Blues has the most gorgeous blog!  All in blues!  And she is giving away a bunch of blue creations!  Oh be still my heart!

This has to be the last of the Christmas giveaways!  Aren't bloggers so generous?  It is just so interesting to me to visit all of these new blogs and now my favorites list is soooooooo long!

I am seriously thinking of having a giveaway of my own.  My birthday is right after Christmas (which I don't always appreciate), I am almost to 50 posts (I know, kind of sad next to those who post every day) and I think I am close to 50 followers (which just boggles my mind that anyone would choose to follow anything I say!).  So maybe after the first of the year, I will have my own giveaway!  Now -- what do I have that anyone else would want?  Leave me some ideas for something fun in a comment!

My knitting wasn't going so well so instead of throwing the whole thing out the window, I decided to move on to something else.  Cut a whole bunch of stars and made a garland.  Was kind of plain, so I added some birds.  Simple and cute!  Now I have to go back to that darn knitting!  I don't sit still well!

Expecting bad, bad weather starting tomorrow!  Bought my groceries for the holidays today just in case anyone can get here.  So for the next few days I can finally stay home in all it's coziness and wrap presents, FINISH presents and make really good stuff to eat!

Hope all of your holiday preparations are complete . . .

xo  --  Connie

PS -- I wasn't going to post any more giveaways but these are too good to pass up!

Karen at French Charming (what a blog!) is sponsoring a Lisa Leonard giveaway!  Sooooooo lovely!

A birthday celebration is the reason for this one.  Andrea at Vintage Bella Studio is having a birthday!  And she is NOT old!  She has such pretty things!


Friday, December 18, 2009

Beware! Loads of pics . . .

Enjoy!  Lots of pictures with a few short comments . . .

The above 2 ornaments (along with 8 others) are ones I got the first year I was married.  Fostoria glass, each different, really heavy.  From Betty Crocker coupons, no less!  Remember those? 

Made it.  Forget what you call it -- punched with floss.

Made it.  With flash cards.

Made it.  Everything else on the tree is in whites and silvers.  Don't know why I chose these colors for the skirt.  Will have to do another one some day in creams.

Too cool junky wire wreath!  Think it is the inside to a canner.  You know, to lift the jars out of the pot.  I just clip on any little cute thing I can find.

Made this today.  Had book pages left from the wreath I made earlier and had seen these somewhere.

Received these cute, cute tags from Rachel at Alice and Elsie.  They remind me of my grandma.  Thank you for the wonderful memory, Rachel!  I added them to the wire wreath!

I have finished all of the Christmas projects that I planned.  Oh, except for the table runner but I think that will just have to wait.  But, it just isn't normal if I am not scrambling at the last minute to finish some gift! 

Last on the list will be planning the Christmas feast . . .

xo  --  Connie

Random drawing at . . .

QUICK!  Lyneen at I Am Dreaming of Castles is offering a stamp set and paper pack to get the word out that Rubber Soul is having a really great gift with an online purchase!

Oh, and BTW, her blog is so dreamy with lots of good ideas!


Have you ever seen anything like this ornament?  Lynn at The Vintage Nest is actually parting with this for her generous giveaway!  Her blog is on my favorites list and I visit often.  She always has the most gorgeous pictures.

If I don't win either giveaway, I hope you do!  Good luck . . .

xo  --  Connie

Monday, December 14, 2009

Decorating, such as it is . . .

Here are a few spots of Christmas decorating I have done so far.  I have boxes I didn't even open.  Each year it seems I get out less and less.  Only 1 tree this year when I used to have one in every room!  I still have alot of Christmas spirit, just not alot of ambition!  I'd rather make new things every year than get my old ones out!

Made this many years ago and I still love it!  You can't see it much but the frame is wiped with gold paint and is just lovely!

I was a WINNER in Noelle Garrett Designs fabulous giveaway!  These are her pictures because mine just didn't do her creations justice.  Everything I took out of the beautifully packaged box just took my breath away!

Wasn't I a lucky girl?

Speaking of giveaways - here are some more!  Jen at J Nichelle Holiday makes the most spectacular creations from vintage ornaments.

Lulu Kellogg is offering this teeny, tiny, wonderful crown to one lucky person!  Can you think of anything else so perfect!

Gwendolyn at A Charming Home is actually parting with these antique pink ornaments!

I love giving shout outs to these artists who so generously offer their goodies to those of us with so little talent!  I love visiting their blogs and finding new etsy stores to buy all my Christmas presents!  Thank you!


200 followers is the reason for this pink giveaway!  Stephanie at Rose Petals and Rust has a lovely blog!

Wishing you all a happy week . . .

xo  --  Connie

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Glittering tips . . .

I know that some you out there in blogland glitter everything in sight.  I LOVE glittered things!  I have been glittering some small items - letters, snowflakes, paper edges.  I just paint some glue on and sprinkle.  I have come to the conclusion that there must be a special way to glitter.  I know that there is no way to keep the glitter from getting everywhere - on floors, on clothes, on faces and hands.  But that is okay - it makes me sparkle for many days!  My problem seems to be getting the glitter to stick on the things I want it to stick to.  I need glitter tips!!  Do you put a thick layer of glue or just lightly glue?  Do you pat the glitter down after sprinkling?   Do you give it a second coat of glitter?  How is that done?  Do you let the glitter dry for a long time before moving?  I'm not sure if I like Martha's glitter - it is very fine and sticks to everything but the glue.  Of course the best glitter is the glass glitter but I have very little of it and am hoarding it.  Where is the best place to find more?  I find it very sad that a crafty person like myself is unable to glitter properly.  Kids do it grade school!

I guess that I can learn new things (but sometimes it seems to take me a long time)!  I finally figured out how to post pictures from other blogs!  So -- here are some giveaways! 

Lyneen at I Am Dreaming Of Castles is giving away a HUGE package of paper and ephemera to celebrate her blogaversary.  

Where Women Create has convinced 12 artists to donate their designs for a giveaway every day from the 1st to the 12th!  Believe me, this is one huge giveaway!

Dawn at The Feathered Nest (doesn't EVERYONE read Dawn's posts every day!) has posted 1200 amazing times!  This is just one of her creations she is giving away.  If you don't know Dawn, you MUST visit her blog!

Allen Designs Goody Giveaway includes all of these fun and whimsical items!  She is an amazing artist!

Ok, maybe I didn't learn everything I should have - loading these pictures only took about an hour!  I spend so much time at the computer just to get something to work.  Is it me or my computer?  Yea, I know, it's me.

We are in day 2 of the first blizzard of the winter!  If I am at home, I find a blizzard very exciting and love to watch it out the window.   If I am not at home, I panic!  Two days is enough though!  Even though I got alot done, I am getting a little stir crazy!

I am editing some pictures (such as they are) of my Christmas decorating (such as it is).  Tomorrow I'll show them, I promise!

To those of you who aren't snowed in, think good thoughts for those of us who are . . .

xo  --  Connie

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Non-productive shopping . . .

Just a quickie tonight.  Went Christmas shopping (looking) today and I am wiped out!  Guess what I bought.  NOTHING!  Think it is going to be a lean Christmas at the She Dreams Big house this year!  Maybe it was just the day -- I wasn't impressed with anything I saw.  Nothing looked like it was worth the price tag.  Nothing new, nothing interesting.  And the toys -- maybe 15 minutes worth of fun.  Of course, what do you get a 3 year old that has EVERYTHING!  So . . . I came home and started to search the etsy stores for gifts!  Why did I even go shopping - found things so cute right here at my computer.  It is going to be a cyber Christmas! 

The Hobby Lobby store shelves were pretty well picked over already - on DECEMBER 1ST!  They were scrambling trying to move the merchandise all together in 2 aisles.  Crazy!  Guess everyone needed all new decorations this year!

Here is another giveaway worth checking out.  Lee at The Way I See It is feeling a little down because she is waiting to move and is lifting her spirits by being generous to others.  We all know how it feels to pack up everything and move, especially right before Christmas.  YUK!  Go see her!  And if you are a scrapbooker (or just like the pretty paper), head over to All Scrapbook Steals.  You won't believe their giveaway!  Funny girls Misty and her twin sister Angelique are celebrating their birthday at Six in One Hand and Six Divided By Two.  They will be picking 6 winners!  There are 6 sisters all together!  I always wished for just one!  One more -- Gretchen at Mimi-Toria's Designs has posted 100 times!  Her jewelry is what dreams are made of!  That's it - MUST STOP PLAYING ON COMPUTER!

Well, I have my jammies on and am going shopping!  Look out Capital One, I'm charging . . .

xo  --  Connie

Monday, November 30, 2009

Turkey no more . . .

We have turkey once a year - on Thanksgiving.  My 'man' doesn't really like it and refuses to eat any turkey leftovers!  I, on the other hand, think Thanksgiving leftovers are better than the first time we eat them.  But, after having turkey sandwiches, turkey salad sandwiches and turkey casserole, even I am done, done, done with turkey!  Even though I didn't wish you all a happy Thanksgiving, I thought about you bloggers and wished in my heart you all had a great day!

On Sunday I thought I would be crafty and made one of these FABULOUS wreaths made out of book pages.  There is a tutorial by Lindsay from Living with Lindsay regarding these and I've seen them all over the web.  Even saw a ball made the same way!  It took me ALL afternoon (I think I overworked it), 2 books (I still have a very hard time tearing up a book, even though it just one of my husband's westerns) and 6 sticks of glue!  But I LOVE it!  I used 2 book pages per roll but one would work just as well.

Thought it might be cute to stick little Christmas balls or greenery in some of the rolls for the holidays!

This is it so far for Christmas decorations (after all, it IS only November)!  The snow is just for show (thank goodness).  It has been a very unusual November for Nebraska.  Temps in the 50s and 60s! 

The tree is up in the house but only has lights on it.  The fall decorations were packed away today so I can start to concentrate on hauling Christmas boxes later this week.  Taxes for our business are due in 2 weeks and I haven't started yet!  But I want to make Christmas stuff!  I want to go shopping (NOT on a weekend and I DEFINATELY did not go on black Friday)!  I want to surf the blogs to see how others are decorating!  I want to make handmade gifts!  I want to decorate!  Paperwork is BORING!

My daughter cut this out from an old disk blade.  She used to be a shop teacher and had access to a fancy welder so she made a bunch of stuff before she left that school.  She doesn't do that anymore and I miss the things she would surprise me with!

Just a note -- Anne at Fiona and Twig is celebrating her 100th post with a giveaway!  And Heidi at Fairy Footprints in the Sand is having one too!  I love me some primitives so am excited to announce that Teri at White Sheep Primitive is offering the cutest primitive angel!  Also, Marilyn at Harvest Moon Primitives is giving away an angel all in white!  All of these blogs are worth visiting over and over!  I wish I would learn how to post pictures from other blogs - the giveaways are always better with pictures!

Gonna go watch Hoarders (have you SEEN those houses - those poor people!) . . .

xo  --  Connie

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Silver Bella . . .

First off, let me say that Silver Bella Vendor night was fabulous!  Those who are actually Silver Bellas look like they know how to have a good time!  They all had aprons on - fancy aprons - and badges that told each other that they were there for the whole thing.  I saw some ladies in person whose blogs I read!  Exciting!  Most vendors were very friendly and had some way cool stuff to buy.  More ephemera than I ever saw in one place.  (Why couldn't I think of a single thing I needed?  Now that I am home why do I wish I had bought more?)  The following are some things I did bring home with me . . .

Pink bottle brush trees from Analise at Sugar*Sugar (she was nice enough to watch my coat while I shopped) and Christmas bingo cards from THE Jenni Bowlin.

I purchased the vintage graphics CD (images to die for!) from Mary of Green Paper.  What a sweetie!  And her sister too! Really kick myself for not getting more from her. 

Glittery bird ornament from Birds of a Feather and below is a paper ornament from Curious Sofa.

Our ticket said that the Vendor night started at 7:00.  We were there at 7:01.  The crowd was already starting to dispurse and EVERYONE had dozens of packages!  There was supposed to be hors d'oeuvres and a dessert bar included in the $30 ticket.  THERE WASN'T EVEN A CRACKER LEFT!!  At 7:01!!  Now, I'm thinking this --  the real Silver Bellas, the ones that paid almost $600 to be there, got to go into the room first to eat and shop.  I guess that is only fair.  Would I go to Silver Bella Vendor night again?  Honestly, I don't know.  Would I love to actually BE a Silver Bella?  YES! YES! YES!  (One of the vendors told me that they all know in advance when the reservations for the weekend are going on sale and they sit pretty close to the computer that day.  No wonder it sells out so quickly!)  Anyway, we had a good time and a special mother/daughter weekend!

We did find a couple of new places to shop in Omaha. 

Le Marche'Very French, very pretty!  Loved everything they had hanging from the ceiling . . .

A tree branch with paper flowers!

Strips of muslin hung with chrystals!

The walls are antiqued and decopaged with torn pages from books!  Lovely!

Also found Beyond the Vine but didn't get any pictures.  My hands were too full of Christmas ornaments for my new kitchen.  Every year I say 'no more Christmas stuff' and every year I either buy or make more and more!  It's an addiction!

Tomorrow is the first of a series of Tour of Homes.  I always come home with lots of ideas and wishes for lots of money to implement those ideas!

Another giveaway that needs to be spread around -- Julie at Prairie Thistle is celebrating two of her blogging buddies.  You just need to read her post to understand.  Such loving friendships!

An early wish that you all have a great weekend . . .

xo --  Connie