Tuesday, November 22, 2011

YOU won! And YOU won!

. . . but before I tell you who the YOUs are, you have to look at a couple of pieces of furniture that were finished before the workshop was closed due to 'it's too dang cold to paint outside anymore'.

Both of these pieces were originally painted to be sold at Miss Maggie's House.  But I'm sure you all are like me . . . you fall in love with your creations and decide to keep them instead!

This first piece fits perfectly in a spot in my kitchen.  I'll never find anything else that is narrow enough to place there.  If I do, I'll sell this!

ASCP French Linen, distressed with dark and clear wax.

This desk belonged to my grandma.  It is not old, not very well made and in my opinion not very useful as far as a desk goes but my grandma was a ferocious letter writer and I can still picture her sitting at this desk.  She also filled her letters with newspaper and magazine clippings of things/recipes/tidbits of information she thought we could (should?) appreciate.

So, of course, I have to keep this piece too!

ASCP Granite and Old White.  Again, distressed (because I love everything about a distressed piece of furniture!) with dark and clear wax.

And I want to keep this desk so much!  (Hmmm . . . seems I have a desk obsession going on, doesn't it!)  But I have no room for it . . . YET!  So it is for sale at Miss Maggie's House and I will cry real tears when it goes to it's new home!

When I soaked the handles to clean them, they came out with the most beautiful patina!  Now, you just can't duplicate that!

ASCP Paris Grey and Country Grey.

Okay, I've digressed far too long from the reason for this post.  

You want to know if YOU are one of the YOUs that won the wedding bits and pieces.

Well, if YOU are Becky from Junk to Joy or Jill from Jill Ruth & Co 
. . . YOU WON!

I'll be emailing you shortly.

The main man and I are alone for Thanksgiving this year (that's okay.  I have Christmas at my house!) and I am not cooking a thing!  I think McDonalds will be open.  lol

Wishing you all with big, wonderful, loving families a blessed Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We had so much fun . . .

. . . that we are doing it again!

Miss Maggie's House first ever occasional sale was a big success!  Both my friend and I sold enough to make all the work worthwhile, we had a good time Friday night (but who wouldn't have a good time with bottles of bubbly and yummy snacks) and the turnout on Saturday was way more than we expected.

We think we could learn to like selling, primping, picking and creating very, VERY much!

A few more photos to make you wish that you could have been there!

Miss Maggie's House may be open one more time before Christmas.  If we can find more stuff.  If we can find a date that there aren't a million other things going on.  If it doesn't snow.

This is just too.much.fun!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My giveaway reveal . . .

 . . . thanks for waiting to see what TWO of you can win!

I told you the prize wouldn't be leftover wedding cake or any wedding bills!  Just pretty little do-dads, knick-knacks and an insulator candle holder to light it all up!

I'll leave the giveaway going until Sunday, November 20th so you still have a chance to enter.  Go to THIS POST to try your luck!

Good luck!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

{GIVEAWAY, GIVEAWAY!} Picker Neighbors . . .

. . . (I should have remembered that everybody clicks on the giveaway posts but it MUST be in the title of the post to catch your eye! If you would like to enter my giveaway, click here.)

Now back to the reason of this post.

You've all seen the TV shows American Pickers and Picker Sisters, right?  Well, my friend/neighbor and I have become 'Picker Neighbors'.  We've been scouring the local auctions, flea markets and antique stores this summer.  And what, you ask, are we doing with all of our fabulous finds?

We are going to try to sell all (at least the ones we can part with) of our goodies.  The very first occasional sale at Miss Maggie's House is this weekend! 

Am I scared?  Am I nervous?  Am I thinking what have I gotten myself into?  Am I wondering why we are going to all of this work when I KNOW no one will want my stuff?  Do I need a little confidence booster here?


But we are having the best time ever and really, isn't that the point?  Doing what you love to do.  Living out your dream.  Having a reason to go shopping.  And only buying what you love and would have in your own home and hoping someone else loves it too.

Here is how all of this came about:  my friend's husband has a house sitting empty.  I say to my friend Kate in a half joking kind of way "we need to have occasional sales there.  A place where we can occasionally sell what we make/buy/find."  Lo and behold, she thought it was a great idea and pushed me (yes, pushed me hard) to follow through on my suggestion.  AFTER the wedding, of course.  So, here we are.  

We are having this first sale on-the-fly.  We are not necessarily ready (I haven't sewn a thing!) but I think we both knew that if we waited for spring, we would have found a way to back out.  We figure that this occasional sale will announce that we are here and that we have some fabulous plans for the future.  We didn't want to do the 'Christmas' thing so we had to stage this house quickly.  And 'townies' just won't travel to the country when there is snow on the ground!  I have been painting and distressing furniture like crazy and she has some very lovely antique pieces.  I have scoured my 'stash' and very reluctantly have chosen pieces that I think I can live without if they sell.  I can always bring them back home if they don't!  I LOVE MY STUFF!  

Invitations for a 'sneak peek and first dibs' on Friday night have been sent.
(and we have bribed our guests with the promise of wine and snacks!)
An ad in the paper has been published.
We have been working on the house for 2 weeks straight.
We are committed!

Here is a sneak peek for you!

Pricing has proven to be very, very difficult.  I think the purpose is to sell what you are offering but how do you put a price on things you love?  Do we price things low so customers will think they are getting a bargain and come back or do we price things what we think they are worth and maybe have them sit there waiting patiently for a home?  Tell me, how do YOU put a price on your items?

Anyway, wish us luck!

This just happens to be my 200th post!  (yeah for me!)  And I am one follower away from having a nice round number.  Makes my previously mentioned giveaway even more special, don't you think?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Only the memories (and some giveaway goodies) are left . . .

. . . and maybe a few more photos of things you haven't seen yet.  But I pledge, I guarantee, I swear, I pinky promise . . . this is the last wedding post you will have to trudge through!  (At least until the professional photos arrive!)

She wanted the cake to mimic her dress.  Ruffly.

Doilies were laid out on all the tables.  And we used our ratty old suitcases everywhere we could.

I'm a stickler on cutting threads when I sew, but we wanted the banners to show the torn edges.  Just maybe not this much!

Never got a photo of the complete favor table but I'll sneak one in when the photos arrive.

We made 4 kinds of cookies and stacked them in the suitcases so pretty.  (no, the sack of shredded paper doesn't belong in there)  The kolaches were snarfed up quickly!

The simple props were a big hit and we got some way too funny poses!  After a few drinks and a few dances, this was really a fun way to let off some steam.  I highly recommend it for any party!

This is such a crappy photo but I wanted to show you what was on the tables during the dance.  (gosh, I hope that is not dust but just poor lighting!)  The battery tea light was just enough light to make sure you were drinking the right drink and not sticking your finger into someone else's.

And my darling grandkids!  (why do they always scrunch up their faces when you tell them to say cheese?)  The J-man did a fantastic job as banner bearer and had the best time hanging out with the 'big boys'.

Now, because you have all been so patient with me throughout this summer of wedding planning and then finally the wedding itself, I'm offering a GIVEAWAY!  

Two of you will receive mementos of the wedding!  Don't worry, I won't send you any leftover cake or any of the bills!  Just a little package of anonymous things you can use as you please.  If you would like to tell me what you hope you win, I'll take that into consideration too!

The rules (ya know, ya gotta have rules!):

(cuz I hate rules! and I usually don't follow them anyway!)


But if you want to post it on your sidebar or become a follower or sneak any Butterfinger candy bars from your kids' Halloween bucket and send them to me, I'll love you forever!

Oh, and if you were sweet enough to leave any comments on ANY past wedding post, you get another chance to win for each comment you left!  Now, aren't you glad you didn't ignore any of my ramblings about this event? 

I've got another big deal coming up in a week that I'm nervous panicky loosing sleep over planning (that I'll tell you about later), so I won't set a definite date on when I'll choose the winners but it will be as soon as possible.  Okay?  Get those fingers limbered up and shoot me a comment!

And, as always, thank you for your support.