Sunday, February 27, 2011

          she loved red birds. 

                        Red, Red Bird by dizbosphotos

and pink roses.

Pink rose 2008 ©™ JGyL 2008® by Pepe (Max_Max)

she was proud of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren but never bragged.  i don't think i ever heard her say a bad word about anyone.  she was the foundation of her family.

she wanted to walk out of the hospital.  she wanted to sit in her own chair.

all he wanted was to sleep next to her in their own bed and hold her in his arms again.

they both received what they wanted . . . but only for one last day.

my mother-in-law passed away peacefully last night. 

she was loved.  she will be missed.

this blog is meant to be a happy place but I liked the thought that people that didn't know my mother-in-law could realize that someone good, kind-hearted and thoughtful has left this earthly place.  our granddaughter, Lainey, was dedicated to God this morning in church.  the Good Lord has taken one angel but was given another to praise His name. 

it has taken me all day to hit post.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

This post is all about me . . .

. . . and how lucky I've been lately.  I know how we all hate it when other bloggers brag show their giveaway winnings.  Well, maybe hate is too strong a word but . . . admit it, we are jealous, envious, feel unloved and unlucky.  Really, the random generator thingy could just as well of chosen OUR number! I always used to say that if there were 100 prizes and 101 people to win thoses prizes, I would be the one that didn't win.  My luck has changed recently and I just have to yell a little 'WOO HOO'!

OWOH was where my number came up more than once.  Considering each giveaway probably had over 200 comments, I think that my lucky star was shining very brightly.

This bundle of goodies were from Kristin at Twinkle, Twinkle.  I spent a splendid afternoon opening each little gift. 

This lovely necklace is from Beka at Secondhand Bek.  Madonna and child.  Precious!

Fun very cherry earrings from Vicki at Cherry Chick Jewelry.  It was a dreary the day I got these and they certainly made me think of summer!

Now, I could sing these gals' blogs praises because they each deserve lots but I would love it if you would go visit them and give them a looky-lou.  It will be worth every bit of your time!

This win was from Cat of La Dolce Vita.  She is such a sweetie that she wanted to share her 'key to my heart' necklace with someone for Valentine's Day.  I'm humbled when I see her creations.  She is just the most talented artist!  Cat, you have my constant admiration!

Okay, I'm finished bragging, showing off, giving credit where credit is due to wonderful blogging friends.  Thank you ladies for being so generous!

(creation from Twinkle, Twinkle)

I am truly smiling!

We have been dealing with elderly parents the last couple of weeks.  I know many of you realize this struggle.  Scary days and nights.  Knowing what needs to be done but in denial about actually doing it.  Health issues have been resolved (for now) and long discussions with family are complete.  Decisions were not lightly made.  The loving couple are now tucked safely in a place they can be together because that is most important to them.  While our fears for their future are not totally calmed, we (and they) are content.  

Just wanted to let you know where I have been.  

Now, I wish that your lucky star finds you!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

And the shabby wreath goes to . . .

. . . #28 -- Lisa from Pearl Avenue Studios!  Congratulations! 

Lisa creates the most wonderful paper mache sculptures and I am in love, love, love with her frogs and pumpkins!  And she loves all things vintage!  Just like me!  I'm just sorry that we didn't get together and decide to just swap our OWOH prizes cuz I was coveting the little paper mache guy she was offering!

And Lisa, just in case you forgot what you won, here is the shabby wreath I made just for you!

Thank you to all who visited during this last OWOH event.  To those of you who left such sweet personal comments that were not just cut and pasted to each blog visited, to those that explored the rest of my blog and to those that deemed it worthy enough to become followers!  I sincerely hope we can become good bloggy buddies!

While this is the final OWOH event of it's kind, Lisa of A Whimsical Bohemian has plans for a new event next year.  One that is for artists to showcase their wares.  So, I doubt if I will participate.  But, you know what?  It was great fun while it lasted!

Now, on with our regularly scheduled computer time.  Oh, how I will miss those comments!

Friday, February 11, 2011

I promised I wouldn't . . .

. . . show you anymore McCoy pottery and I'm not going to.  Because I promised!  But . . . this piece is part of my collection made by Red Wing.  See, I didn't break my promise, just bent it a little!  I have many pieces of this white pottery and each of them is glazed inside with a light green.  So pretty - especially when I was going through my green phase!

I never set out to own collections of particular things but I always seem to be drawn to the same type of things so, voila!  A collection is born.  And when someone sees that you have more than one of something, they assume you collect it and help your addiction by finding more for you.

Don't the pink marshmallows look yummy against the green?  Makes me think of spring!  And I'm convinced that if we all THINK spring, spring will COME!

I thought the reflection in this vase was kinda cool.  And yes, those are wine corks and I'm proud (or should I say sorry) to say (hic!) that I helped drink each and every bottle the corks represent. 

And since I plan on being with all of my honeys this weekend, I'm wishing you a happy valentine's day today!  How many hubbys will be scrambling Monday to buy flowers and chocolate?

Me?  I'm expecting a little bling. 

I'm linking to Common Ground's Vintage Inspiration Friday.  Because my white piece of pottery is vintage and by the time those marshmallows are thrown away, they will be vintage too! (Nobody likes to eat them here!)

Have a pink, puffy, marshmallow kind of weekend!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I can finally move on . . .

. . . to the next long term project!  I think I started this lampshade makeover over a year ago.  I'd work on it feverishly for a few days and then totally ignore it for a month or more.  Does anyone else do that?  I guess I'm a little (okay, ALOT) fickle.  I start things, lose interest, and go on to the next thing.  It seems like I never totally finish anything!  Everything I do needs tweaking!  But this project is Done!  Over!  Complete!  Finished!

Please ignore the piece in the background that is not hung on the wall yet.  That has been there for a month now but I have to walk out to the workshop to find nails long enough and there are still snowdrifts in front of the door.  You see what I mean about tweaking?  But I did hang a heart garland on it so it is almost finished!

I think I'm happy with the look of my vintage button lampshade!  But it is heck to read under!  Funky shadows!

Well, I guess it is not quite finished because the lamp has got to have something done with it!  Can I spray paint over brass?  Can anyone give me ideas for the lamp please?

Now I can start on all those leftover quilt squares that are piling up!  Or maybe the glittered letters that are half done!  No, I know!  I'll whip up some paper roses for the wedding!  See what I mean - fickle!

I'm linking to Faded Charm's White Wednesday

What have YOU finished during the long, cold winter?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Seriously, who does this?

I don't remember how we met.  She probably commented first.  I can't imagine what I posted about that would have interested her but I'm glad she did.  And then . . . and then . . . I visited her and was BLOWN AWAY by her creativity and talent!  So, of course, I commented back and we've been friends ever since.  I don't think she EVER, NEVER missed one of my posts without leaving a comment.  I heart her big time!  Marie.  Marie of Lost Bird Studio.  What a sweetie!

And what did Marie do that was over-the-top nice.  She recently won my giveaway and then she sends me back something just to say thank you.  And not just anything.  Something that I have been admiring on her blog.

Everything about the package was too, too cute!

This is it!  One of her embellished hearts!  Can you say l.o.v.e.?

I'm sure all of you are aware of Marie's talent and how so very, very thoughtful she is.  But if not, get to her blog, Lost Bird Studio, as soon as you can.  And if she enters your giveaway, pick her!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The same, only more . . .

I'm showing you more white pottery on this White Wednesday.  Why?  1.  Because I have many, many pieces.  2.  Because what is whiter than white pottery.  3.  Because all I am seeing is white outside (along with most of the nation).  4.  Because I couldn't think of anything else white that was easy to get a photo of.  After being snowed in for 3 days, I'm just not feeling very creative.  I think I've had TOO much time for creativity (which I have certainly taken advantage of) and it is just too dreary out to get good pictures.

This little girl is one of my favorites.  She is not McCoy but still valuable to me.  What do you suppose the creator of the mold was thinking about when making something so sad.  This must have been the last thing he/she saw as he/she left for work that morning.  Leaving their daughter when all she wanted to do was play the day away with mommy or daddy. 

Poor baby.  She really is quite unhappy.

The bird is a McCoy and I also have one in green/turquoise.  I've seen this bird in different sizes and still hope to find the smaller one.  Just think of all these pieces that were chipped, stained or broken that our grandmas tossed out in the trash.  Oh, if they ever knew what their throw-aways were worth today!

I won't bore you with every piece of white pottery I own.  I know, you are all breathing a sigh of relief.  I'm going to expand my submissions to White Wednesday and show you my collection of white napkins!  Just kidding!  I do have furniture that I have painted white and if I can scrape the dust off of them, maybe that is what I'll show next.

The groundhog says it will be an early spring.  He darn well better be right!

ps ~~ if you are stopping by for White Wednesday, why not scroll down one post and enter my OWOH giveaway.  So easy (no hoops to jump through) and you just might get lucky!  Just tell me you love my wreath!