Friday, December 31, 2010

New year accomplishment #1 . . .

. . . Okay, so I'm writing down some dreams and goals for 2011 per my last post.  I come to the one that says 'get more involved in blogging events' meaning linky parties, swaps, etc.  And I remember that it is Friday.  Isn't there a Friday party somewhere?  Yes!  Debra at Common Ground has a Vintage Inspiration Friday party!

So here I am . . . accomplishment #1.  Check!  Now, I may not hit every Friday but it is a start!  You know me - good at planning, not so good at carrying out said plans!  And you know how long it took? An hour (if I had a decent computer it would have taken 10 minutes.  Wait - I just wrote down 'get a decent computer' as another goal)!

Oh joy!  Oh rapture!  I did it!  This is one party that I can do - I have lots of vintage junk! 

Now, isn't there a 'white' linky party somewhere too?  I'm off to meet new bloggers (another goal)! 

Thanks for listening to my blather!

Let the merriment begin . . .

. . . with the celebrating of another year over and the anticipation of a new year.  Days to start over with new hopes, new plans, new attitudes, new dreams.  A time to say so-long to the chaos and challenges we faced in 2010.  We put our mistakes and our perceived failures behind us.  We've got things to do!  We've got plans to make!  We have dreams to fulfill! 

I've seen alot of bloggers post about their favorite accomplishments over the last year.  While I've been enjoying your make-overs, your new opportunities, your creative endeavors, I feel like I didn't do a thing this year.  Oh, I know that is not true but I can barely remember what I had for lunch yesterday so I for sure need to have me a sit-down to figure out what the hours of my days were spent doing.

I don't do resolutions.  Every morning when I wake I vow to make changes.  This year I am going to write down everything I want to accomplish and set some goals.  This list is going to be posted where I see it every day so I can't forget.   I am terrific in the planning department - not so terrific in the carrying out of those plans.  A new year is just what I need!

Reflection is not my forte'.  It scares me a little.  Some things are best forgiven and forgotten.  But some things need to be remembered in order to know what needs to be tweaked in my life.  I'm painfully aware of my flaws and willing to work on some (I wouldn't want to change who I really am and I think I am pretty okay).  That is why I am writing it all down here.  Remind me this year, my blogging friends, that 'change' is my go-to word.  Ask me what I've accomplished so that I am forced to show you.  And as you always do, inspire me daily.

I think that I am prepared for the challenges that I know are coming this next year.  I am ready!

I wouldn't have even thought of half the plans and dreams that I have if I hadn't met each and every one of you.  I thank you for your friendship!  I strive to be worthy of your visiting me. 

Blessings to you all for the new year!  Together, we are going to rock 2011!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Blessings . . .

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Seasonal delights . . .

I scrounged up some more photos of my Christmas decorations.  I didn't want to leave you with the impression that I was a total Grinch this year by skimping on the holiday merriment!  Compared to the boxes and boxes (and boxes and boxes) of Christmas decorations I own, I really didn't put much out.  I think I could lend enough decorations to enough houses to have my own Holiday Homes tour.  Hmm, do you think a Christmas decorations only garage sale would be a hit?

Isn't this wreath yummy?  Got it from Dream in Cream.  I'm making a small one for a friend.  Very time consuming but so luscious!

A pair of angel wings, waiting for a bell to ring.  Remember?  Clarence in A Wonderful Life.  Speaking of movies, how come A Christmas Story hasn't been on tv yet?  My favorite!  Will there be an all day marathon of it on Christmas Day?

I won the cute little signs from Castle and Cottage.  Paula makes beautiful things!  She has a tutorial for a tree banner that is on my list of things to create.

A forest of the bleached brush trees. 

What kind of grandma would I be if I didn't share photos of the munchkins!  It only took about 50 snaps of the camera to get one decent picture.  Squirmy should be their middle names!

Of course the little ones like the paper better than the gift!

Who in their right mind would give a 4-year old a complete drum set?  We listened to many concerts of banging sonatas.  The J-man's very favorite present!  I sure am glad the drums went home with him.  Some day, this grandma will buy a ticket to his rock band concert, throw myself into the mosh pit and nod my head silly over his music!

These were one of my gifts!  l.o.v.e.

Well my lovlies, I'm sending good wishes to you all and thank you for another year of friendship, encouragement and inspiration.  May God bless you during this wondrous season!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Festive snippits . . .

When looking at my photos here, I'm a little embarrassed at how little I decorated this Christmas!  Especially after seeing all of your beautiful homes decked out to the nines!  But my home still feels cozy and warm with just the few festive touches.  I'll miss the decorations when they're put away for another year. 

I found a BUNCH of brush trees on sale that I bleached white yesterday.  I think I'll sprinkle some glitter on a few.  How should I display my forest of trees next year since this one is very, very lame! 

The big tree is all white, silver and blingy just like the little tree that I showed earlier.   

Since we had Christmas on Saturday, we are finished for another year.  My main man and I will be alone for Christmas Day.  First time.  I'm kinda sad.  

But I have good news!  My daughter Megan got engaged a couple of weeks ago!  I'm sure you will be hearing alot about wedding plans!  Any wedding tips, tricks and ideas will be greatly appreciated! 

May you all anticipate with wonder the coming of Christmas.  Act like a kid again!  Be gracious and forgiving with family.  Eat like it's your last meal because come January, it is back to beans and rice and rice and beans!  And believe in your heart the cliche' - Remember the reason for the season!

Christmas Blessings to you all! 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Merry, merry, happy, happy . . .

A few photos of my not-as-decorated-as-usual home.  I only unpacked what was white, or gold, or silver or sparkly.  Oh, and the box that was on top of all the other Christmas boxes that had a few red and lime green ornaments.  Those are in the kitchen and I'll show you those another time.

But for now, here is my sitting room (it's really the living room with the TV but this is where I do ALL my sitting!).  The big tree is in another room but I like to sit in the dark and watch the blinky lights so I put a small tree in here.

This little tree has the pearl garland that I posted about earlier (you can read about it here).  And the little mittens - they were mine when I was a wee, little lass.

The small bookcase is like it usually is - I just added a few touches.  Lazy, I know.

A new wreath, made by moi.

And these teeny, tiny houses - also made by me - are teeny, tiny!  My daughter and I were going to whip these puppies up before her cookie party but these turned out to be not-to-be-whipped-up-in-a-hurry type of craft.  Took me 3 whole days!  But too cute not to be finished, ya know.

The biggest house is only 4 inches tall and I cut the church steeple wrong so the steeple turned into another house.  Sorry folks, you can't go to church in this little village!

I'll post some more little vignettes of my holiday house another day.  We are celebrating Christmas this Saturday so there are things to be done.

So merry, merry Christmas and happy, happy holidays!

ps - I'm going to try to link up to Sherry's (No Minimalist Here) 'Share the Decor' party.  One of my goals next year is to play with others more often!  Step number one before actually joining a swap or going to a gathering with other bloggers!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

How will my other gifts top these?

Sometimes you stumble across a blog that speaks to you.  There are photos to drool over, words to contemplate and a life that you are envious to emulate.  Gypsy Brocante is one of these blogs.  I visit Jill often and one of my comments won me some beautiful gifts!  Oh, I'm a lucky girl!

The little Charlotte's head arrived broken but her face is still intact.  All the more special.

Each present was wrapped deliciously.  My fingers caressed the cabinet cards, the wrinkled seam binding, the millinary flowers, the crocheted garland.

Inside one package was this scrumptious scarf that Jill created herself!  Silky on one side and shabby print on the other.  Not to mention the lacy goodness on the ends.  Yummy!

And the item that knocked my socks off!  A copy of Rachel Ashwell's new book!  Well, I sat right down and oogled each and every picture. 

But the best part?  Signed by none other than Rachel herself!  So special!

Gorgeous photos!  See?


Thank you Jill!  The new cookware that I suspect is under the tree pales in comparison to these gifts.  I am a lucky girl!

Run, do not walk, to Jill's blog and then get thee to the bookstore to get Rachel's lovely book for yourself . . .

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I wanna be on etsy . . .

. . . I mean, I want an etsy shop of my very own!  And WHY don't I you ask.  Cuz.  Just cuz.  Oh, I'll get to it next week, or next month, or next year.  When the snow flies or when the daffodils bloom or when all the leaves are off the trees.  Yup, number one thing you need to know about me.  I'm a procrastinator of the extreme kind.  Especially when it involves really putting myself out there, ya know?

But before I go big cartel, let me interest you in a couple of ideas for stocking stuffers.

How about a CAMERA STRAP?  There are ALOT of camera straps out there to choose from but let me tell ya, mine are as cute as can be and are cheaper less expensive, a better bargain, more bang for your buck kind of strap.  They are magic straps -- guaranteed to turn your snapshots into award winning photos!  Well, that's not true at all but a pretty strap on your camera will make you want to get it out, show it off, and take lots and lots of pictures!  Not to mention that it feels better around your neck than that pesky ole 'came with the camera' strap.

Details -- it slips over a Canon or Nikon DSL camera strap (approximately 26" long).  $15.00 plus $5.00 shipping.  I'll wrap it as pretty as I can.  Email me - we'll talk.

Also for your stocking stuffer pleasure, fabric-covered NOTE-TAKERS.  I have 3 of these left (sorry, the blue one in the photo is sold).  Who wouldn't want to carry one of these to jot down all those ideas rumbling around in your head when you least expect it.  Paper and pencil right at your fingertips with a pocket to hold your coupons, receipts or secret notes from admirers.

Details -- approximately 6" x 8.5" closed.  $12.00 plus $5.00 shipping.  I'll even throw in the pad of paper and pencil cuz that is just how I roll.  Again, pretty wrapping.  Email me - we'll do some more talking. 

Even if you don't need a camera strap or a note-taker, you can email me anyway and we'll find SOMETHING to talk about!

Please excuse the blatant self-promotion of this post but I really must get used to blowing my own horn a little bit.  Some of my sewing creations are selling very well and I'm always asked where I sell my stuff.  It's all by word of mouth, baby, and that's a good thing!  No rejection required!

I'm done, done, 'stick a fork in me' done Christmas decorating!  Some areas are different than other years and some areas didn't get a thing.  Simplicity is my new mantra!  Photos will be shown at a later date when the boxes are returned to their hiding places.

Now, go plan that Christmas party you've been thinking about.  You wanna show off your decorating talents, right?