Friday, March 30, 2012

A little boy, in a field, running in flip flops, with his . . .

. . . KITE!


How you would run and run and run and just couldn't get the slight breeze to catch that kite enough to make it soar into the sky?

And then finally . . . success!

Remember the exhilaration you felt when it finally shot into the air and you ran some more to watch it twirl and swirl, with the tail making those flapping noises?

Then the disappointment when the kite suddenly crashed to the ground?  Breaking those flimsy balsam wood sticks.  Bringing the kite flying to an abrupt end.

Oh, but what could be a better way to spend a glorious day than with a tenacious little boy, in a field, running in flip flops and coaxing a kite to fly! 

And succeeding . . . if only for a little while.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ladies who lunch . . .

. . . are the best kind of ladies to be friends with.

I love ladies who always schedule any kind of meeting, get together or errand just in time for lunch.

*Telephone ringing* . . . 'Hi!  I have to go pick up a widget for the main man.  Want to meet for lunch?'


'I just have a minute to talk.  I'm taking the main man to the emergency room because we were not so calmly discussing how the widget wasn't the right one and somehow he got conked in the head and needs stitches.  Want to meet for lunch?'


'The main man is going to town to get his own gosh-dern widget so I'm free.  Want to meet for lunch?'

I recently hosted a 'ladies lunch'. 

I splurged on flowers but couldn't find my fancy vases.  And discovered that I really don't own alot of 'girly' doo-dads to set a pretty table.

But I had pretty new-to-me vintage dishes I wanted to use.  Truthfully, these dishes were the reason I had the luncheon in the first place.  I needed females who would appreciate the beauty of these old, dainty, gold-edged plates, saucers and berry bowls.  I needed their oohs and ahhs when I told them I got a setting of 8 plus 2 covered vegetable bowls for less than a lunch at the local bar and grill fine eating establishment.  

I'm needy like that.  It's a weakness of mine.

Besides, our usual fare of chili cheese hotdogs don't need fancy schmancy plates and I'm sure enough not going to get any praise for my lucky find from the main man when he thinks that I already have a perfectly good set of dishes so why do I need more.

Anywho, we ladies ate.  We laughed.  We caught up on the news (we did not gossip . . . no, not us!).  We drank wine.  We gave solace to each other and we rejoiced over accomplishments. 

Good friends don't need to see each other often I guess.  We know that we are only a phone call and a lunch away from renewing our ties to each other.

And there is one friend who always brings a sweet little gift.

Good times, good food, good wine and good friends.   What could be better than that.

Here's to ladies who lunch.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Pondering no longer . . .

. . . I've come to a conclusion regarding one of my ponderings from a previous post (here).

I've decided that I'm going to keep on pinning on Pinterest.
And I'm not going to feel like a criminal doing it!

For some reason, the discussions floating around concerning the controversial subject of people stealing (well, maybe not stealing but borrowing heavily) other's ideas by first - not getting permission to pin a photo and second - having the nerve to announce that they are going to make one of whatever it is too, has really sucked me in.  I've read it all.  I've thought long and hard about it.  Frankly, I've come to the conclusion that the issue is a bunch of hooey and I'm done, done, done.

My thoughts (and I know they are usually somewhat skewed in favor of me) are if it is on the web, it is public domain.  Therefore, free to look at and get inspired by and pin for later drooling over if I darn well please.

142148640 bDox2ovv c

You put the photo of whatever there on your blog yourself for all to see.  Forgive me for being blunt, but 'get over it'.

Judging by the responses I received previously, most of you feel the same way.  If you have a different opinion please explain.  My mind can very easily be changed.  

Just ask my family.  They know I can change my mind in a nanosecond.  And then change it back faster than a nanosecond.

I really think the so-called problem stems from the 'repinning' of things.  If a photo is 'repinned', does it not refer you back to the original post, the original owner or the original etsy/shop/website?  I'm not sure because I very seldom repin.  If I see something I like from someone else's boards, I go to the original location and pin from there.  Giving credit where credit is due.  And I don't just pin willy-nilly.  I'm choosy.  So if something of yours is pinned by me, you have offered something that I find simply adorable in some way or another.  Thank you.

I've found many new-to-me wonderful blogs through Pinterest.  I figure we both win.  They get a new follower and I maybe find a new like-minded blog friend.  I'm discovering new, fresh perspectives on decorating, photography, crafting, sewing, cooking or whatever strikes my fancy on any given day.

I've found a couple of my photos that someone has pinned and it is thrilling to know that whatever it was, someone else thought it was 'pin worthy'.  I consider it very flattering.

I foresee bad karma for Pinterest in the future.  Someone will sue.  Someone always does and ruins it for the rest of us.

To summarize, I'm a Pinterest pinner and I'm not ashamed to say it.


I realize my addiction but I'm not ready for Pinterest rehab quite yet.  I'll just bide my time until it goes the way of Picnik, MySpace and the old Google follower links.  Something bigger and better always comes along.  And brings it's own controversy with it.   

Pinteret is way easier than bookmarking every. single. thing.

So pin away my friends.  Come visit my boards.  Pin something that makes you happy.  Or don't.  

It is A-OK with me.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks . . .

. . . this old dog (me!) learned how to crochet!

My goal for the winter was to teach myself how to crochet.  I gave up teaching myself (I'm no good at reading directions.  I'm a hands-on kind of learner) and asked a friend to show me how.

Much easier than knitting!

My hands cramped up and my eyeballs bugged out but I made a couple of doilies and a whole bunch of flowers.  

Notice the loose stitches and the curled up edges.  Not ready to enter anything at the fair quite yet.

But it has given me a whole new appreciation for the oodles of old doilies and crocheted tablecloths that I have collected over the years.

How could I have ever walked away from any of them if they were priced over a couple of dollars?  

They are masterpieces of concentration, time and talent! 

I'm going to try to crochet a bunch of these!

Now, go thank your grandmother for giving you all of her old doilies!  
They are truly a labor of love!