Saturday, February 25, 2012

I've been pondering . . .

Pondering is different than thinking.

Thinking gets me in trouble more often than not so I call the conversations that I carry on with myself in my head ponderings.

I haven't been commenting on your blogs much lately.  I don't seem to have anything new to say.

I still absolutely LOVE each and every post you write.  I am still AMAZED at the projects you not only create all by your original selves but the amount of projects you actually complete.  I cheer you on when you post something inspirational, I sympathize with you when something bad happens and I am happy as a lark when you accomplish one of your dreams.

I just haven't been telling you so.  

So I'm telling you now.  Each and every blog I visit is a pleasure to my day!

But I have noticed some trends lately that have me pondering.

Are many of us suffering from blog burnout?

I find that there are many more ads on sidebars and between posts lately.  Do they really generate worthwhile money or are they just space fillers?  And the pop up ones that follow you as you scroll down the page?  Ugh . . . annoying!

I've noticed more professional photos duplicated from other sources.  Pretty, but not what I come to visit you for.  You all are so creative with your own vignettes and room makeovers.  Those are the photos I want to see!

I've heard some talk about too many blog parties out there.  Some bloggers link up their projects to lots and lots of parties.  I will link up to a couple every once in a while.  Parties are loads of fun.  I like parties of any kind.  I've just become overwhelmed when the parties are too big.  I want to visit all of the party goers and I just can't.  Therefore I don't participate.

But that is my problem, not yours.  So you go ahead and party like it's 1999!

And now I see that some bloggers are upset when others pin their photos on Pinterest.  And leave a comment that they want to make one of whatever it is too!  Well of course we do.  Otherwise we wouldn't have pinned it in the first place.  I'm all for giving credit where credit is due but we all put our own little spin on whatever we create so I don't feel that we are copying.  Just getting inspiration.  Isn't that why we all show each other our creations in the first place?  Am I wrong in thinking that is what Pinterest was created for?  Or are we all just copying someone else's hard work and effort and taking away their profits like some bloggers think?  (I've always considered copying the sincerest form of flattery.  Except when my SIL chose the same china pattern as I did!)

If I didn't fall in love with something I've seen, whether it was on the web or in a store or a magazine, I probably wouldn't make a thing!

Oh, and I COPIED these adorable flowers from Chipping With Charm.  Thank you Laurel for understanding my need to find ideas somewhere other than in my own head!

Must I have a Facebook page to promote my blog?  Is liking you on FB more or different than being a follower of your blog?  Is there other content that I am missing on a FB page than there is on a blog?  Am I the ONLY person in the world that DOES NOT DO Facebook?

And this google - linky - follower thing has me all in a tizzy.

Just when I feel comfortable with something, someone goes and changes it!  (Isn't fighting change of any kind the first sign of old age?)

See what I mean about my pondering?  I'm stumped as how to continue blogging.  Do I go with my own flow and post only when I have something that I think is significant enough to post about?  Am I doing my blog an injustice by not posting any little thing every day or even once a week?  Do I try to post just to party?  Do I discontinue pinning?  (Please tell me I don't have to do that!)  Do you want to see every bit of minutia of where I go, what I do, what I try to accomplish and who I see?

Are you tired of waiting on me to post or does it make your heart go pitty-pat when you see my name come up on whatever reader you use?

Pondering makes my head hurt.

All of the above photos were taken by me of some things offered at the last sale at Miss Maggie's House.


Peace said...

Amen sister! I hesitate to be negative even when it's real on my blog for fear of alienating the perfect blogtresses out there. I like the link parties but get tired of seeing the same links on every one, so I participate sporadically. I don't do the blog ads and I take some lousy pictures sometimes. But I love seeing a new point to ponder like this, it's worth wading through the other stuff for. :O)

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Connie you have been pondering on this haven't you.
I joined face book and the Pinterest because of all the talk about them.
I seldom go to my face book page and I can't figure out pinterest. haha
I started blogging as a journal for myself. Had no clue that people would read much less follow me. I feel guilty sometimes because I can't visit everyone but I do appreciate everyone that comes by and leaves me such kind comments.
Sorry seems I am rattling did not mean too.
I think you should blog when you enjoy it otherwise it would reflect in your post

Kathy said...

"Pondering" is good :). Re: the "parties" and feeling overwhelmed. I try to make sure I comment on the few other link ups that happen to be in the vicinity of MINE when I link up. There is NO WAY I can comment on everyone's...if I did...I wouldn't have time to take photos of my own! You do what you can do.


Createology said...

Hi Connie. Whew! You really have been pondering. I think you are so right on with many of your thoughts. For me blogging is my simple way of staying in touch with like minded creative people. It is also my journal of my journey. I don't post just for the sake of posting and I don't participate in lots of parties or such. I share my ideas and hope to glean other's ideas they share.
I am not good with thinking too much and that is when I turn on the music and crank it up too loud...drown out those nagging thoughts I don't want to deal with. Lalalalalalalala...
I enjoy reading your blog and what you share. Period. End of it.
That is my 2 cents worth. :o}

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Hi Connie! Blogging is such a changeable world right much new social media going on out there! I think people who blog a lot tend to use their blog as a business, besides just the personal stuff. My own blog has always been an extension of my vintage business (but I sure have made some fun friends with it!) which is why I have it on FB, Twitter, and Pinterest. Half of my blog traffic now comes from Pinterest! MY ad blocker software blocks most everything~ I had to fix it to even see my own etsy shops on my blog! And as far as inspiration goes...I don't think anyone should post anything they don't want copied or used, because the minute you put it out's going to be copied or adapted! I guess I feel like each of us owns our own blog, so people can do what they want with doesn't mean we have to read them, though! Are the photos of your goodies? Hope you are having fun with it!

Joanna said...

Woah! Too much thinking = pondering!!

Dear Connie, when it comes to blogging you must do what you WANT to do! It's your blog and, just like your home, you have it as you want it. If those blogs with advertising on them drive you mad, don't go there! If professional photos leave you cold, well, you have your answer don't you?! You post when you want to - when you've got something you want to share, however big, however small. As you say, the more true to the person the blog is, the more interesting it is.

Re Pinterest etc, of course we all get inspiration from seeing what others do - surely it isn't copying if we give it our own spin.

Above all, blogs should be fun - both to do and to visit.

I'd love it if you said "hi" when you dropped by my blog, it'd make me smile to know you'd paid me a visit. You don't have to say anything of earth shattering importance :o)

Gail said...

Oh Connie,
I feel your pain and this is a post I could have written myself.....but I didn't and that will tell you all you need to know.
I'm at the point where I'm not sure if I'll continue blogging or not. I don't post often either, but then I also try not to let the ones who are rabid about it and join in every blog party that comes along influence me and what I want.
And I hate all the ads as well, they slow the site down so much and are just annoying. I also hate the new verification words that are so hard to read, yada yada yada.
Hmmmmm, seems like I'm a malcontent as well.
It's not huge on my worry list, I think I'm just slowing down a bit on this blogging thing. And that's o.k.!!

Victorian1885 said...

Hello Connie
My you do ponder allot of things.. ; )
My thoughts since you ask are as follows..
I only post my own projects and home.
Since the parties are so large I have discontinued participating but I do enjoy seeing everyone else's party posts.
I don't have any ads on my Blog and plan to keep it that way.. personal choice.
I have not gotten to into Pinterest as I really don't have time for that as well as following my favourite Blogs while I am still working outside of the home.
Your Blog is lovely and I hope you keep posting whenever you feel the urge. I try and post once a week but if I have nothing to say or share I just don't. Take care!

Sharon said...

Oh Connie ! That was cute ! And I agree with almost everything you said in your ponderings !

Sharon said...

Me again ! I am on Facebook , but not to push my blog , I'm on there to keep in touch with old and new friends and to play games . The truth will set us free ! lol

red.neck chic said...

I like the way you ponder. LOLOLOL

Connie - this post is fantastic!!! Your blog is YOU. Blog when and how you feel like 'cause I come visit because of YOU. I'm just crazy like that.

I'm in absolute denial over the whole linky thing... meaning - I know nothing about it. So, will it effect my blog? I don't know... LOL

As for Pinterest - I have mixed feelings. I know that anything that comes out of my head is mine... whether it was inspired by something that I saw, or something that I woke up with. When I see something of mine (that wasn't a how-to) I think one of two things... depending on what I'm feeling that day. USUALLY it's "I'm thrilled to inspire someone as others inspire me"... sometimes it's "good luck finding that exact skirt to make that bag".

As for facebook... I have a page but I tell ya - I still haven't really figured out how to work that thing!!!

Anywho - I love your ponderings.
And this post is just fantastic.

:) robelyn

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

I so hear you on the ad thing, I do know some people depend on the income though. if it's to much (with the pop upp ones), I just don't visit offen. they really annoyes me too.
I'm pondering a lot of those things too.
as for the posts - I really do think blogging should be fun and not an obligation. I don't do the linky parties and post when I feel I have somethibg to share, and if my creations can inspire, I'm proud and honoured.
Please keep posting - i love to vist :-)

Lynn Stevens said...

here here well said Connie.
I won't put those adds on my blog. I'm here to share what I or my friends do,not advertise. I Love pinterest and I'm thrilled when some pins one of my pieces,That's what its all about, the sharing. If they don't want to share don't post your art! Simple as that.
I don't have a lot of time for blog [parties and never have enough time to visit everyone but do my best to try and keep up.
Well said my friend!
hugs Lynn

Donna said...

Whoa! That's a whole lot of pondering going on! You are not alone willfully passing by the Facebook craze. I have my blog and that is clearly enough for folks to visit with me. I must admit that I'd taken up Pinterest because I recognize it as a visual filing system and I will be able to eliminate a lot of my bookmarks. There is some abuse going on in Pinterest, however, and there are many links that do not work. And I readily disagree with those bloggers who go out and wallpaper their blogs with other people's images clipped here and there. I admire originality and some creativity.

I can only speak for myself, but I am not having problems with blog topics. I'm having trouble finding time for blogging. This consulting work for the past year and a half is getting tiresome. I'm getting back to full time retirement in April. I have tons and tons of idea to post on my blog (and photos galore - my own), but I just have so many hours in the day.

All in all, you have to follow your heart when it comes to blogging, including whether you want to link up with all the parties. It comes down to this: do what feels right and FUN for you. If it isn't fun, then don't. Blogging is a hobby, like any other creative past-time. Some try to make money off of it through ads. I'm not a fan of those. If someone wants to sell something that they made, well then color me interested!

I hope that all this rambling of mine has given you some more things to ponder, LOL. And YES, I do look forward to your posts!

Blessed Serendipity said...

Hi Connie,
I hope you blog for you first and your blog should be whatever you want it to be, not what you think your readers want. I started following you because I like you and what I see here.


sonya said...

Hi Connie,
I definitely don't think you're alone when it comes to blog burnout and all the blog parties. And I cannot believe how many there are!! I have to admit I do join in but usually only one at one time-IF it fits in with what I made or want to share. I do NOT purposely make something just so I can join the party. I have more going on in my life than that. But I do like the fact that I have met some wonderful friends through these blog parties. And I appreciate the women that put the effort out to create them too. :) I started my blog to share things that I make mostly because my husband is NOT artistic at all and when I would share something I had made, he would scratch his head and say that he didn't get it. So I started blogging for some encouragment. Plus I love meeting new friends-even if they are half way around the world.
As far as pinning a pic of mine or whatever, I don't care at all. I figure if I didn't want people to copy it then I shouldn't share it. If they give me credit for it-I do appreciate it but I don't lose sleep over it. Because for one thing, I know they couldn't copy it exactly like mine anyway.
And YES the pop-up ads and advertisements are very irritating to me. I really doubt if you make that much money from them. Anyway I don't think it's worth messing up you blog for. It makes the blogs too busy.
Yes, you will probably get some guff for what you wrote and so will I! But we do have a right to express our opinion and if we didn't then how would people know?
I AM on FB but am always thinking about closing my account. I hardly go on there and it just isn't my thing. Plus they are constantly changing things on there too.
I think you should just keep posting when you have something to share and don't worry about it otherwise. I went through this same thing a few months ago and thought about quitting both blogging AND crafting but then I was watching a movie and this woman in the movie (olden days)made lace and sold it to the dress shop. They said they didn't need it anymore because they bought it from a place that made it with machines. She was heartbroken-not only because this craft helped support her family but it was an art that she loved doing. She told this man in town about it-he asked her if she enjoyed it-she said yes that she loved it. Then he said if it brings you joy then keep doing it. So she did! Then I KNEW I needed to keep crafting and blogging. Just for the enjoyment of it! And boy, the pressure was off then! ;)
Thanks for sharing your feelings with us! And thank you for visiting me, whether you comment or not. ;)Oh, and i don't care if you say the same thing every time you do comment. Just knowing that you visited is wonderful to me.
Boy, I wrote a book! Sorry!~
Hugs and blessings,

Robin Thomas said...

Oh you express what I have been thinking.

I often wonder why I do it, and then another post writes itself in my head. Or a blog friend says something beautiful.

Sigh. Thanks for your words. Blogging makes me feel lonely at times and very connected at others.

Cheryl~ZanyMayd said...

Wow Connie, you said a mouthful.... I think so many of those same things in my head~ I was thinking my lack of posting or visiting was the gloom I am feeling from the dreary weather, My hope for spring is intense (even using a Pinterest Photo) I also wonder how in the world the people who link up to tons of parties each week, have the time to visit all the participants, isn't that the purpose.... I have a hard time sitting & visiting all for just 1 party! as for Pinterest, if people don't want to have their pins RE pinned, then why did they pin in the first place.... OK, enough venting from me, I will continue to blog, continue to follow (yes, I have that new linky which I was considering removing) I will continue to Party at a minimum & Pinterest still remains a favorite pastime for me, I will also be thrilled each & every time I see that you have published a new post, no matter what it is~ Have a wonderful week

The Whistle Stop said...

Oh, Connie. I get what you are saying. I don't understand most about any of these areas on the web. I did start FB because I have a store and thought that I could get more info out there without being invasive with sending lots of emails. It is a lot to keep up with. Even owning a store I find it hard to find things to show or talk about sometimes!

My thoughts... post what you like... how often you like... read what inspires... skip over what doesn't... pin away... if someone doesn't want their ideas pinned or commented on or used for inspiration then they shouldn't put it on the web. Although there are many people who do not use "internet etiquette" I feel if you put in on the web then you run the risk of people using it and not giving you credit. It's just too accessible and too big of world out there to keep it from happening.

On my blog I don't usually get many comments. I do have customers that tell me they read it... so I keep writing. Not as interesting or beautiful as some blogs I follow, but I can't go there... just have to do what I do.

Now, I'm going to check out your Pinterest!
Laurie :)

in tampa florida said...

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Lee said...

We sre on the SAME PAGE, sistah! I hate the ads, those stupid pop-up things, and WHY the heck would I want a guest blogger on my blog?!?

Linky parties- well, OK. Copying- to be sure, that's how you grow and learn. Pinterest- I'll pass. And the blogs that are all about white things- PASS. And reposting other's photos- DUH...

I'm pondering too.... I'll keep my blog for far-away family and friends. I FB for the same reason. But that's about it. What ever happend to just reading a blog for fun??

Carole said...

All things that have given me angst too. Gosh where to start? I joined Pinterest because I thought I was missing something and I do love it but wow time consuming. I do find that the photos don't track back to the original blogger so I am now watermarking my photos. I did it sometimes before but more now. I don't understand when ppl get mad when someone copies them...isn't that why they shared it in the first place?
I believe we have been worrying for nothing on the friends connect. It's only going to affect typepad and wordpress peeps not bloggers.
When I first started blog parties ( i thought) were for the participants to visit with as many fellow party members. Now it's gotten out of control with bloggers doing one post and linking to something everyday of the week. Hello that's why it's for a particular day! Whew I'm feeling better
ok what next?
On the taking photos from the web and writing a whole post about it. I just recently did do that...bad me but it's not what my blog has ever been about. 99% of my blog are photos I've taken and that's the way I like it. It still amazes me that people have big followers never showing any of their own work. Maybe their writing is good enough. I'm not a good writer so I try to make it up in photos...not sure I succeed.
I think you should blog as you see fit. Life is not all about blogging and we have to put it in perspective so write when you have time and when you have something to share....big or small.

thanks for listening! and sorry I went a little long. I think this might be the longest comment I've ever written.

Love your blog!!! btw
oh I don't get twitter and don't do
anything on my FB page.

julieann said...

I feel the same way. I dont BLOG because I dont have time and wonder if anyone would care what I have to say. I love to read blogs. I dont facebook because I think it's odd that people do and I love pintrest but cant do it without a facebook page so I just look at everyone pintrest pages.I think I need to step into 2012 but when I will is yet to be determined. Be yourself do what makes your heart sing. :)

Lynnie @ Ramblings from Vintage Gal said...

Hi, I just found you from Pinterest, so please don't stop pinning..I am not going to stop. I just started blogging and I have noticed all the things you said as I have found blogs that interest me. Some do have too many ads and I don't really go back to those. I do want to see what they are doing and not all pictures they got from Pinterst...I don't know what their blog is about when it is full of other peoples pics. They seem to have tons of followers but I just don't get it. HOWEVER I so agree we get our inspirations from each other, feed off each other and take it to the next our unique level. I was so happy to read this post, I can't tell you. I know I will be following yours just because of this. THANK YOU sincerely. I have been joining parties to connect with others but don't think I will be chasing them every week. They do inspire me to do projects, decorate etc. so I am finding that super fun. My blog is for me to express myself and to fulfill the need to connect with other like minds. It's about fun and fulfillment for me. Kindredly, Lynnie

nelda said...

I just ran across your blog and so enjoyed your ponderings. Thank you for taking the time to share your was a real pleasure to read some honest feelings. For myself, do not enjoy blogs that are full of nothing but pins of others work, or ads or giveaways or parties. Some good writing and some creative work is what I enjoy in a blog. And no, you are not the only one not using facebook.... I have too many other good ways to use my precious time.

Nan said...

Hi Carol!

I just LOVE this post about pondering! I could have written it myself. You know, we start these blogs and then we think . . . hmmm . . . . am I going to do this for the rest of my life? It's not like a project that has a built in beginning and end. This could go on until we're in the nursing home! LOL! I shudder to think about what we'll blog about when that day comes!

But, on a more serious side - I see this blog as a legacy we leave behind for the generations to come. Someday our grandchildren will be interested in finding out more about their great-great-grandma and there it'll all be! Would you love to see some photos or even videos of your grandmother working on her passions!? I sure would!

Have a wonderful day! And keep pondering! :)


susie said...

Hi Miss Connie,
I use to put a little image on my blog that had BWO...blogging without obligation & I still think that is true.
My blog is...well it's about me & what I want to write. There is no formula & if someone does that, believe me it's going to sound like that as you're reading.
I want to read your voice, when you feel like writing & when you feel you have something you want to share. If you're anything like me, I have spurts...just like in life. Sometimes I have a lot to say & go lots of places I want to share. Other times I'm like a hermit in a cave & I've got NOTHING! lol
Shine on Connie, you're so witty & your blog is a joy, even if I don't comment & tell you that...I'm still here!! :)))