Monday, April 27, 2009

A lighter heart

I did something today that makes me feel better than I have in a long time.

A little background story -- my husband has 2 sisters, living in the same area. While the one sister has always been somewhat reasonable, the oldest one has always had a chip on her shoulder, always needed everything her way and made sure we all knew what we did wrong in her eyes. You all probably have similar people in your family. All these years, we have tiptoed around her and kept quiet so as not to upset her. A couple of years ago, there were several incidents with both sisters that finally made us realize that we would be better off not spending any more time with them so all family holiday celebrations since have been spent separately. Honestly, what a relief! But, I have always felt bad for my husband's parents, and my children (even though they were never close to these aunts, uncles or cousins) and now, my grandson, who will never get to play with his second cousins. After all the birthday parties, graduation parties, wedding showers, baby showers, etc. that I assisted with for their families, my family has been totally shunned with our milestone events. How sad for us all. Anyway, back to what I did today. I decided that I can no longer hold these hurts in my heart. I can no longer sit in a church pew each week and listen about forgiveness when I still hold these grievences in my heart. So -- I wrote each sister a letter asking for their forgiveness and letting them know that I forgive each of them. I didn't go into detail - those offences are in the past. I just want forgiveness for any part I played in their obvious unhappiness. I don't expect to hear anything from them. I don't expect that our relationships will change. I don't expect to spend holidays with them. But I expect my heart to be lighter and that I can go about my days without the heaviness of hatred bogging me down. "You will know that forgiveness has begun when you recall those who hurt you and feel the power to wish them well". As I always have, I wish both of them and their families nothing but good things!

Ciao bellas!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh, my aching back!

I know it is finally spring because I have overdone it like I do every year. The first few nice days, I work outside, getting all my flower beds cleaned for new plants and suffer with sore muscles and an aching back. It couldn't be because I don't work those muscles all winter long! Excersize in the winter is over-rated!

Today is earth day and also my son's birthday (how's that for celebrating). I called him today at exactly the time he was born - 3:12 pm. Funny how, no matter what age your kids are, you can remember the moment they were born. Thankfully, you don't remember the labor pains so much! If I knew then what I know now, I would have had more kids. Both of mine have grown into fine responsible adults and I enjoy them so much.

I have been reading blogs and gotten emails about Silver Bella in Omaha. It seems that it could be just for those who have stores of their own, or have jobs designing for major companies or are in a special elite group. Any of you plain ole people like me ever gone to it? Can us plain ole people even go to it? Would love to go to the whole thing but especially the vendors night and buy beautiful handmade items! Let me know what YOU know about Silver Bella.

Ciao Bellas!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm a Dumb Blogger!

Hope ya'll had a happy Easter. This season is very moving for me -- the somber mood of Good Friday and the gloriousness of Easter morning. He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

Okay, all you brilliant bloggers -- this is my first attempt at uploading pictures into my blog and it only took me over an hour and many deletes. Things I have learned:
1. you must know what pictures and in what order you want to show.
(these are all backward.)
2. you can't cut and paste anything. even the text.
3. there must be an easier way to do this but I can't find it. can anyone
help me?

So to the backward way I wanted to blog about. These are the flash cards I made (see previous post). I tied them to chocolate (what else!) eggs and put them in the baskets I also made. Finally had a use for the pastel paper I accumulated (I'm not a pastel type of gal). Walmart had the cutest peeps like pink bunnies, yellow chicks, orange carrots and green frogs. Don't like to eat them but they sure were cute in baskets. The little flowers I also made.

Made some for my family and some for a good friend's grandkids.
This is J-man (my grandson) at the local Easter egg hunt with the Easter bunny.

Jamison on a sugar high after eating (and sneaking just 1 more over and over) candy. He didn't quit all day. Finally let him go upstairs and run back and forth in the long hall thinking he would get tired. He didn't.

It was cold out on Sunday but that didn't stop Jamison from finding eggs.
Going to the kitchen cabinet place tomorrow, biting the bullet and putting my money down on the new kitchen. Scary thinking that I am going to spend thousands of dollars and maybe not liking what I choose. Always afraid of making big, costly and irreversible mistakes! But, I NEED a new kitchen and I WANT a new kitchen so I am going for it! Anybody have encouraging words for me?
We have one spring day and then several cold and rainy days. Worked outside yesterday and today I can hardly move. Stiff and sore!
Started a new project today. When it's done, I'll try to upload a picture!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My brain is fried!

I am remodeling my kitchen -- at least I think I am going to remodel my kitchen. I never realized how many decisions need to be made BEFORE committing to anything! Have spend the last 2 days thinking about the kitchen, talking about the kitchen, calling people about the kitchen and just looking at the kitchen and wondering why I want a new kitchen. Okay, I know why I want it but really didn't ever want to pay for it! Holy Moly - because of the 'recession', I thought these people would be begging for work and doing it reasonably. Not true. Anyway, my very good friend is a decorator and I may just turn every decision over to her (or at least narrow everything down to 2 choices). Just get it finished and I will 'style' it myself. That's what I like to do!
Any tips out there in blogland for remodeling a kitchen and not going bonkers?
Got a hot tip about a new scrapbooking store in my area so would like to go tomorrow. (I should be looking at flooring, lighting, etc for the above-mentioned kitchen but I have had it with that for the week). I do not scrapbook but I love the paper, chipboard items and the lovely embellishments. I always say to myself that the reason why it seems that I don't finish anything is because I don't have the right stuff, even though I have tons of this stuff. I guess I just want to have the stuff and hold it and look at it. I don't want to USE it! (I really do finish projects and try not to start a new one unless the last one is finished.)
Anyway, gonna make supper - bbq beef sandwiches and homemade french fries (nothing healthy is this house).
See ya! ---- Connie