Friday, October 30, 2009

'BOO' y'all . . .

To all of you Halloween enthusiasts - here are pics of a few things I've made to decorate my house for the holiday.  I can't say I am a BIG spooky lover but it seems that Halloween is becoming as big as Christmas as far as cute decorations.  My daughter loves it and I buy/make more things for her than for me.  I always disliked finding costumes (we NEVER bought any, just made them from what we had around the house) and I refuse to spend 15 dollars for a pumpkin that always freezes and flattens on the sidewalk.  But before you think I am the biggest party-pooper ever, I do play the Halloween 'game' for my grandson and try to get him excited about trick or treating.  Trying to teach him the 'trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat' to say at each house. 

(Made these from Picnik  - fun!)

Anyway - hope you all have a scary, spooky, witchy, ghostly, dark, dank Halloween! Oh, and always, ALWAYS save back enough candy for yourself!

Here's to eating chocolate in the dark and watching scary movies . . .

xo  --  Connie

PS -- Teri at A Little Bit of this and that is celebrating her first ever giveaway.  Her prize - a wonderful bunch of stuff from her stash.  And we all love 'stuff', don't we!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

We will build a snowman . . .

I had to promise the J-man that we would make a snowman with his new mittens.  I hope that is far, far in the future (or maybe not at all!)  Western Nebraska got over a foot of snow today!  Please, please don't let it come this far east! 

We farm and there are acres and acres of un-harvested crops in the fields.  It is such a shame to grow bumper crops and not be able to get them in the bins.  We are usually close to finishing by this time any other year but we have had nothing but wet, cold weather for the last 4 weeks.  Even if we could get to the fields, neither the beans or the corn is dry enough to store.  Why do we farm you ask?  Sometimes we don't even know! 

Getting back to the mittens . . .  I am a very novice knitter.  But after unraveling and starting over so many times, I am proud to say that I can now knit something other than a straight scarf!  Everyone is getting mittens for Christmas!  Next project to tackle -- SOCKS!

I'm off to get our church directory pictures taken (and me having a very bad hair day) . . .

xo  -- Connie

Monday, October 26, 2009

A day in the country . . .

First let me tell you, we NEVER have good sales around here.  There are very few antique stores anymore and what there are, they think their stuff is made of gold!  No such things as estate sales and the household auctions are almost a thing of the past (and who wants to sit for hours waiting for that ONE special thing to sell).  So, I was thrilled to find an advertisement for 'A Day in the Country' close to where I live.  A few towns with antique stores that are never really open, but they all opened for one day!  So off  I went on a road trip. What fun!

The above pictures are on a local farm where the gal has LOADS of furniture in her hay loft.  Definately going back next year.  Gotta get me some of her treasures!

These pics are from Cammie at  Daffadowndilly's.  So much fabulous stuff!  I would like to call her every week to open just for me!  She is a vendor at Junk Bonanza so you know she has great junk! 

My daughter bought the globe (it lights up) and I got one of those chalkboard signs.  Love it!

Also came home with the cool keys and a WHOLE BUNCH of lace, already tea-stained! 

I really don't want my blog to just be advertisements for giveaways, but when my favorite blogs have giveaways as fabulous as these, I have to mention them!  Theresa at Garden Antgs Vintage is celebrating her blog anniversary.  Andrea at Vintage Bella Studio is lovin Audrey Hepburn and has made the cutest handbag with Audrey's image.  Lori at Wildflowers is announcing that she has accomplished 100 posts.  Anne at Fiona and Twig is at a whopping 200 posts and 200 followers (201 counting me).  All of these blogs are to die for!  Go see them!

I would love to have a giveaway.  Maybe I should set my sites lower than 100 posts or 100 followers.  Maybe 50 posts and 25 followers.  Or maybe to celebrate a post with more than 1 comment!  Keep checking to see what I come up with!

Here's hoping we are all winners . . .

xo  --  Connie

PS -- how do I get cuter fonts to use in blogger?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In between coughs . . .

Get over to visit Cheryl at Zany Mayd (cough, cough).  She is having a giveaway (cough) that would be fun to win.  (cough)  She also has a widget on her sidebar that says it is only 65 days left until Christmas.  It is scary how fast the days go by (and me wasting so many of them lately being sick!) (cough, cough)

Back to bed for me (cough, cough) . . .

xo  --  Connie

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lucky me, lucky me . . .

Found a party in my mailbox today!  It is the 'party in a box' I won from Tracy at cotton pickin cute.  It was her first ever giveaway and she chose ME, little ole ME.  How lucky can I get!  Thanks Tracy!

I sure need a party to get me out of this funk I'm in after being sick all week.  I hate to think that I am now addicted to afternoon naps and bad TV.  Tomorrow - tomorrow I will be all better and back to my old workaholic self!  (HA!)  But I'm going to play the "I'm still sick, can you make me something to eat" game with my husband for a couple more days!

Looking forward to good health and, please God, some sunshine . . .

xo  --  Connie

Friday, October 16, 2009

The bed is made . . .

finally!  That is because I was in it most of the week.  But I don't get flu shots.  Nope, no way, not me.  I never get sick!  All I can say is, I hope this isn't the start of a very looong winter!  And there is NOTHING on TV during the day!

These are a few of the things I got at the Junk Bonanza.  I guess by looking at these my theme that week-end was metal and architectural pieces.  I am always attracted to display pieces.  I love displays and vignettes and always have plans to use them in such interesting ways in my shop.  What shop?  My dream shop!  I have been dreaming of opening my workshop for occasional sales and, by gosh, I have alot of display pieces - just not much to display!  Somebody give me a kick in my behind and get me going!

Finally found some ledger paper with beautiful handwriting.  Wish I could find a whole ledger book!  Another thing on my wish list is a mannequin. 

Think I have used up all my energy for today . . .

xo  --  Connie

Friday, October 2, 2009

Looks like a good one . . .

A quick post to tell you about an awesome giveaway from Cheryl at Zany-Mayd.  Lots of cool, cool stuff!  Please go check her lovely blog out!  She has a grandson born the same day as mine!

xo -- Connie

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Want to see what I brought home from the Junk Bonanza? . . .

Well, I haven't unpacked them yet!  Talk about procrastination - I am the worst!  Really want to savor the unpacking and I just haven't taken the time to get it done.  Tomorrow, I promise! 

Didn't want to take the chance that my 'good' stuff got mixed up with my 'garage sale' stuff by mistake.  Garage sale, part deux, is over thank goodness and I am NEVER doing it again.  From now on, straight to Goodwill!

But . . . here are a few photos.  I met Serena of Farm Chicks fame and she signed my book.  Why is it that all the 'famous' people are so gosh dern cute and tiny and full of personality?  She is full of determination to continue on even though Terri is no longer going to be a 'Farm Chick'.  And I'm sure she will!   Also saw Ki, who started the whole Junk Bonanza phenomenon and Matthew Mead, decorator extraodinare, but didn't speak with them.  I was too shy and awestruck!  Also, didn't take any pictures while I was there.  Thought someone would think I was stealing ideas and kick me out!  (And I would have been stealing ideas!)  The Junk Bonanza is truly an event worth traveling to.  You gotta do it!  It was sensory overload to the max!


Got a bunch of these little letters.  Reminded me of the time in high school that a bunch of us were accused of rearranging some letters at a rival school to say 'howdy' in our own way!  We all pled not guilty!  But I digress of my past delinquency . . .


I picked up this bracelet earlier in the week.  Thought it would be fun to adverise where I was going!  From now on, I just have to look at my wrist and I won't forget my destination!


A fabulous time was had by all (even my husband who found another guy looking forlorn who was also waiting for wife to hand him all her packages to carry). 

I am jumping up and down because I won the very first giveaway from Tracy Suzanne at Cotton Pickin Cute.  A Martha Stewart  Tiny Party in a Box - just in time for my grandson's birthday.  Thanks, Tracy, we are going to have the best time!  Everybody - go check out Tracy's blog.  Her blog is just the cutest and she is so talented!

Speaking of giveaways -- check out More Than Heirlooms who is celebrating her new etsy store (I am so envious!) and It's a July Thing who is having a giveaway for her 200th post!   Both are fabulous blogs that I 'lurk' at often!  How I love this blogging thing!

Gotta go rest up for my big unpacking day tomorrow . . .

xo  -- Connie