Monday, October 26, 2009

A day in the country . . .

First let me tell you, we NEVER have good sales around here.  There are very few antique stores anymore and what there are, they think their stuff is made of gold!  No such things as estate sales and the household auctions are almost a thing of the past (and who wants to sit for hours waiting for that ONE special thing to sell).  So, I was thrilled to find an advertisement for 'A Day in the Country' close to where I live.  A few towns with antique stores that are never really open, but they all opened for one day!  So off  I went on a road trip. What fun!

The above pictures are on a local farm where the gal has LOADS of furniture in her hay loft.  Definately going back next year.  Gotta get me some of her treasures!

These pics are from Cammie at  Daffadowndilly's.  So much fabulous stuff!  I would like to call her every week to open just for me!  She is a vendor at Junk Bonanza so you know she has great junk! 

My daughter bought the globe (it lights up) and I got one of those chalkboard signs.  Love it!

Also came home with the cool keys and a WHOLE BUNCH of lace, already tea-stained! 

I really don't want my blog to just be advertisements for giveaways, but when my favorite blogs have giveaways as fabulous as these, I have to mention them!  Theresa at Garden Antgs Vintage is celebrating her blog anniversary.  Andrea at Vintage Bella Studio is lovin Audrey Hepburn and has made the cutest handbag with Audrey's image.  Lori at Wildflowers is announcing that she has accomplished 100 posts.  Anne at Fiona and Twig is at a whopping 200 posts and 200 followers (201 counting me).  All of these blogs are to die for!  Go see them!

I would love to have a giveaway.  Maybe I should set my sites lower than 100 posts or 100 followers.  Maybe 50 posts and 25 followers.  Or maybe to celebrate a post with more than 1 comment!  Keep checking to see what I come up with!

Here's hoping we are all winners . . .

xo  --  Connie

PS -- how do I get cuter fonts to use in blogger?


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Connie, what a sweet comment. Thanks so much for stopping by and following my blog.

Linda K said...

Yea Connie! How fun; wish I had been along for the ride. Now, MAKE something with some of that stuff, ok?

Lori said...

Oh Connie ~ it will come. Thanks so much for the mention ~ I love all those keys!

Anne~fiona and twig said...

Wow, those pics are just chock full of stuff I would *die* to have! We have the same exact taste in junk. I'm a follower now, love your blog. Best of luck in my giveaway!
All the best,

Andrea said...

Love what you picked up! I know antique stores are getting few around here too!Thanks for mentioning my giveaway! Now a follower too! Andrea

Coastal Sisters said...

Hi Connie~

Thanks so much for coming by my Blog for a visit.

I was drooling over the pics of the much in there I would love to snap up!

I will be back to visit again soon!