Thursday, October 29, 2009

We will build a snowman . . .

I had to promise the J-man that we would make a snowman with his new mittens.  I hope that is far, far in the future (or maybe not at all!)  Western Nebraska got over a foot of snow today!  Please, please don't let it come this far east! 

We farm and there are acres and acres of un-harvested crops in the fields.  It is such a shame to grow bumper crops and not be able to get them in the bins.  We are usually close to finishing by this time any other year but we have had nothing but wet, cold weather for the last 4 weeks.  Even if we could get to the fields, neither the beans or the corn is dry enough to store.  Why do we farm you ask?  Sometimes we don't even know! 

Getting back to the mittens . . .  I am a very novice knitter.  But after unraveling and starting over so many times, I am proud to say that I can now knit something other than a straight scarf!  Everyone is getting mittens for Christmas!  Next project to tackle -- SOCKS!

I'm off to get our church directory pictures taken (and me having a very bad hair day) . . .

xo  -- Connie

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Coastal Sisters said...

Great job on the mittens! I can only knit a scarf and that is about it. I have to end up starting over so many times though. Perhaps one day I will get it right without having so many holes in my scarves!