Sunday, April 25, 2010

The curious case of ******** button . . .

I NEVER stop at this particular shop.  It is full of dishes and depression glass.  These items are very pretty but not for me -- too much dusting required!  But in my quest for finding white buttons, I stopped.  And found the best buttons in a little jar.  Now, this is just a fraction of what I need for a project I have in mind.  I need oodles and oodles.  But it is a start!  I'm not necessarily looking for 'old' white buttons, just white buttons - different sizes and shapes - but these are so perfect! 

And I found an old quilt.  Being a quilter myself, I know what it costs to make a quilt.  I know the cost of material, how much the quilting costs and the time and love it takes to finish.  This is a hand-quilted, hand-appliqued dresden pattern in almost perfect condition!  For cheap, cheap, cheap! I know, I know, how many quilts does one person need?  While the quilts I and others make are beautiful, there is nothing quite like a worn, washed, hand quilted quilt!  New, modern fabric just doesn't have that feel, ya know? 

Let it be said that I will not judge an antique shop by previous perceptions.  Oh, what a lucky, lucky girl I was today!

And speaking of how lucky I am, look what my sweet friend Linda of Unlimited Possibilities sent me.  Precious little girl fabric and the patterns to make something girly.  Just because she was happy for me when I announced we were having a granddaughter!  Blessings have come to me in threes -- a little girl to dress in tutus and who will carry around baby dolls by their hair, a good blogging friend who I believe is sincerely happy for me and a friend who is so thoughtful as to actually send a virtual stranger something so appropriate!  Thank you Linda!  You all need to visit her to see what a sweetie she is!

I'm off to visit other sweeties on the net.  Probably YOU . . .

xo  ~~  Connie

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Reprimanded and ashamed . . .

Well!  Blogger really chewed me out good and I feel so ashamed and disappointed in myself!  I have no lame excuses!  Won't say I've been busy because that is one of my pet peeves.  We all have the same amount of hours to do what we do.  It is all about PRIORITIES, my dears, and mine were elsewhere for awhile!  Shame on me but I know you will all forgive me if I PROMISE to be a better blogger from now on!  I do miss those comments but don't deserve them if I don't do my part!

These a few of the things that I have been doing . . .

Two big birthday parties for my daughter.  We went on a limo ride to a place about an hour away to celebrate.  Had way too many a couple of glasses of bubbly from the fully stocked bar in the limo.  Oh, and cake!

Then another party at a local winery.  Discovered some very yummy wine and brought several bottles home to imbibe in later.  And no, I'm not a wine connoisseur (the $4.00 bottle from Walmart is good enough for me) and I never remember to have a drink at home.  Some party girl I am!

I've been spiffing up the outside and am just itching to plant something!  Too early just yet in Nebraska but I am digging holes (hate the worms!) to plop those flowers in when the greenhouses stock their plants!

And painting campaign signs.  My son is running for a county office and my job was to spell commissioner right (didn't the first time and had to start over).

And I've been sewing!  Bags and aprons and bags!  Tweeking and tags and maybe some fabric flowers still need to be completed.  Involved in a vendor night at my friend's daughter's house.  Not going though because I can't take the rejection if nothing sells!  Anyone else have that particular phobia?

I'll save some other pics for another day.  I have to space out my thoughts so Blogger doesn't come after me again!  Never want to hang my head in shame in front of my computer again!

xo  ~~  Connie

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dear She Dreams Big . . .

This is Blogger.  Where are you and why haven't you been posting?  You spent all that time setting me up, looking so pretty (although you do need a couple of tweeks in the pretty department).  You started out doing well but now -- I have to be honest -- you are dropping the ball!  No new pictures . . . nothing to report on the creative front . . . you haven't been anywhere interesting to write about.  Girl, get your act together!  If we are going to do this together, then you have to hold up your end.  I'm here for you.  I'm waiting patiently (well, maybe not so patiently) but I'm here to tell you --  POST SOMETHING - ANYTHING!  I want to see a picture!  I want an excuse, even a lame one!  At least have a giveaway - that's easy, isn't it?

OK, I'm sorry I yelled at you.  But it seems you need some encouragement.  You said you wanted to blog.  You said you LOVED it.  You said you want to be just like all those other blogs that you are constantly visiting and am inspired by.  I know that you think about what to blog about all the time.  You even write the posts in your head.  So, sweetie, just manage your time a little and get to your computer more often.  That's all.  That will be easy.

I'll expect to hear from you soon.

Love,  Blogger 

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter blessings . . .

In this Easter season, I wish you all joy, hope and peace.

Christ is RISEN!  He is RISEN indeed!

xo  ~~  Connie