Monday, July 27, 2009

Just plain randomness . . .

I am so late in thanking Angela for the ribbon tag that I won in her recent giveaway BUT that doesn't mean that I wasn't thrilled to receive it. Thanks a bunch Angela! She has a fabulous etsy shop and a very lovely blog. Go visit her and be amazed yourself!

This is a handmade book kit from Carol Wingert that I have been working on. She also does fabulous things! (Really, everyone that I visit does way, way fabulous things!) Just a few unfinished pages that I like . . .

Oh . . . and the kitchen. I guess it is moving right along (I have kind of gotten over it, really just tired of the whole thing). I can't tell you the problems I have had with different vendors and I won't because it will make me cry/disappointed/furious all over again. Suffice it to say 1. DO NOT do any business with Sears; 2. NEVER expect anyone to call you RIGHT BACK when they say they will; 3. DON'T be afraid to have something redone because it wasn't done right in the first place; and 4. ALWAYS plan a remodel to take longer and cost more than expected! By the way, my contractor/crew has done a SUPER job! Never seen so many guys so particular!

My daughter and I are leaving tomorrow for Chicago for a few days. YIKES! Anyone have any tips, suggestions or places that we MUST see while we are there? Without having to deal with a taxi (I'm just a small town girl, going to the big city)!

PS Just found out that the cabinet doors (that had to be redone) won't be finished when promised so I have to wait 2 more weeks to get this kitchen up and running! Hopefully, my next post will be more cheerful! Until then . .


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 2 - almost as bad as day 1 . . .

I'm not even going to show pictures of the kitchen today. Too many bad memories. Had 6 men at one time (with 3 more showing up later) standing around wondering how to fix problems, mistakes and how to give me what I wanted. And then how to tell me I couldn't have it. Things really weren't all that bad, just disrupting my day with phone calls and questions I couldn't answer. I mean really, does anyone know how their duct work runs and where their pipes are? The good news, the re-done cabinets should be here tomorrow! I know, I know -- the kitchen will be beautiful when finished but all I can think about is how to get these people out of my house!

Surfed some out-of-this-world blogs today. Oh, to have only half of the talent of these people! Not sure if it is okay to mention blog names without permission, but someday I am going to make a list. You should see the length of 'my favorites' that I try to visit every week!

Here's to calmer days . . .


Monday, July 13, 2009

It's a 'DO OVER' . . .

The cabinets were delivered today. Yippee! But . . . they were glazed the wrong color and all of the doors, drawers, crown molding and pedestals have to be re-done! Hated to be so picky but, by gosh, they are too expensive to not just love them! Luckily, the cabinet people stand behind everything and didn't bat an eye when learning of their mistake and the work they must do to correct it. Also luckily, the bases are okay so they can still be mounted, starting tomorrow. Doesn't seem like there is room in the kitchen for all of these cabinets! Let's see . . . what could possibly go wrong next?

Picked these little do-dads up this weekend. Dreaming of big things for these little flowers (they are made of something like bakelite).

Took a photography class last week - does this picture look any better? So confusing . . . aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white level. Guess I have to break down and read the camera manual!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pepe Le Pew and Bambi too . . .

This is my expression after this weekend. Coming home from a baseball game and fireworks, right in front of our house, we swerved to miss a skunk but the little bugger still sprayed the car. P-U!! So the next morning, taking the car in to get washed, my husband hits a deer! Took out the whole front end after we just put in a new condenser for the air conditioning a couple of days before! And you know what -- the car still stinks!

Picked up some old books yesterday and plan on (be still my 'save it, you might need it someday' heart) tearing them apart tomorrow. Want the book covers to make some journals. Do I really need to save all of the pages? I just can't get over destroying a book like that.

Here's to luckier days . . .


Monday, July 6, 2009

She was afraid to ask, thinking she'd look stupid . . .

I've had some extra time to surf the web lately (the kitchen remodel - no cooking, no cleaning) and visit some fantastic blogs. I'm amazed at the beauty and creativity of them. I'm astounded at the amount of time they must take to maintain and the commitment that these ladies make to blog most every day and with pictures to boot! When I read these fabulous blogs, I'm always asking myself the same questions:

1. Do you people ever sleep? Or clean house themselves (they must
because the pictures of their houses are always immaculate and
beautiful)? Or just sit and waste time? They must not, or else
they somehow have more than 24 hours in their days! They all
accomplish so much!

2. Are they all professional photographers? Do they photo shop all
their pictures? To say the least, the pictures posted are sights to
behold! The vignettes are always over the top!

3. How did they meet each other? It seems like they are always
traveling to some distant spot, getting together at one of the
group's 'just like in a magazine' houses and spending time
antiquing, flea marketing and crafting, finding fabulous little
trinkets and tidbits to use in their creations. And not just little
crafts, but big, complicated, gorgeous things that would take
hours. I can honestly say that I don't personally know anyone
that likes this stuff like I do, that goes ga-ga for the collages,
journals or altered boxes, that wants to go to Silver Bella.

4. Where do they get their supplies for all of the fantastic things
they make? Online? Specialty stores? Around here, there is
Hobby Lobby. Period. What I see them using is beautiful, old
diamond encrusted jewelry and old books that they have torn
apart. How can you stand to part with these items! (Guess that
is my problem - I can't stand to rip apart a book or give up the
things I hoard!)

5. Where do they live that they are always going to out-of-this-
world antique stores (the midwest stores' prices have gotten
way high so I can't imagine what they are on either coast), estate
sales (no such thing around here) or huge 'art fairs' that some
local store puts on that crafters from around the world come and
sell their wares?

6. What is it about creative people that not only can they make
beautiful things but that they are also so pretty themselves?

7. How does one join a swap?

8. Do they design their own blogs or pay someone to come up with
pretty? Some even have a different header for each season!

9. The biggest question for me when I enviously read these blogs

None of these questions that I ask myself are criticisms concerning these blogs. They only boggle my mind. I will continue to visit, ask questions (that's how you learn, right?), read of interesting lives and projects, live vicariously through their travels and found objects and be constantly entertained by pure, unadulterated beauty!
(OK - just published and the formatting is all screwy. I have tried to fix it several times and I am just giving up for now.)


Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Country 'Tis of Thee . . .

Happy 4th of July !

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Did everybody save their bikes?

My friend Kate and I traveled to another Garden Walk and most gardens had an old bike in it. Too, too cute! Guess what I'm going to be scrounging the outbuildings for tomorrow! There's got to be an old bike on this place somewhere. Probably not a really 'old' one but one I could paint. Hmm, what color goes with weeds?

I don't have a wire bike basket but I think I could wire an old wicker basket on it somehow. This one had fake flowers in it (YUK!) but if I hid it well enough in some tall flowers, no one would know.

Nothing new to report on the kitchen front except there is alot of dust and disruption. And they haven't even started to drywall yet! This project has upset my routine (didn't even realize that I HAD a routine until it changed) so much that I am having a problem even knowing what day it is. And having a bunch of men around, making me get dressed and presentable before I really want to is a terrible burden! I better live long enough to enjoy this kitchen!