Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pepe Le Pew and Bambi too . . .

This is my expression after this weekend. Coming home from a baseball game and fireworks, right in front of our house, we swerved to miss a skunk but the little bugger still sprayed the car. P-U!! So the next morning, taking the car in to get washed, my husband hits a deer! Took out the whole front end after we just put in a new condenser for the air conditioning a couple of days before! And you know what -- the car still stinks!

Picked up some old books yesterday and plan on (be still my 'save it, you might need it someday' heart) tearing them apart tomorrow. Want the book covers to make some journals. Do I really need to save all of the pages? I just can't get over destroying a book like that.

Here's to luckier days . . .



Terry said...

Oh my I am so sorry to hear about your skunk odor.
I am even more sad to hear about the run in with the deer.
You are a brave woman I picked up a stack of old childrens books today that are all far to gone but waht do I do I set them back down until I can get the courage to tear them apart
like they needed any help .
Anyway I look forward to the journal projects you have in mind .
Blessings of joy to you .
Happy Trails

Angela Harris said...

Hey there! This post is hilarious & sad for you:)

I like how you said here's to luckier days!
You won my giveaway I just did on my blog. You won the german glitter glassed Lace Trim Tags.
Can you send me your address to my E-mail account?