Monday, July 27, 2009

Just plain randomness . . .

I am so late in thanking Angela for the ribbon tag that I won in her recent giveaway BUT that doesn't mean that I wasn't thrilled to receive it. Thanks a bunch Angela! She has a fabulous etsy shop and a very lovely blog. Go visit her and be amazed yourself!

This is a handmade book kit from Carol Wingert that I have been working on. She also does fabulous things! (Really, everyone that I visit does way, way fabulous things!) Just a few unfinished pages that I like . . .

Oh . . . and the kitchen. I guess it is moving right along (I have kind of gotten over it, really just tired of the whole thing). I can't tell you the problems I have had with different vendors and I won't because it will make me cry/disappointed/furious all over again. Suffice it to say 1. DO NOT do any business with Sears; 2. NEVER expect anyone to call you RIGHT BACK when they say they will; 3. DON'T be afraid to have something redone because it wasn't done right in the first place; and 4. ALWAYS plan a remodel to take longer and cost more than expected! By the way, my contractor/crew has done a SUPER job! Never seen so many guys so particular!

My daughter and I are leaving tomorrow for Chicago for a few days. YIKES! Anyone have any tips, suggestions or places that we MUST see while we are there? Without having to deal with a taxi (I'm just a small town girl, going to the big city)!

PS Just found out that the cabinet doors (that had to be redone) won't be finished when promised so I have to wait 2 more weeks to get this kitchen up and running! Hopefully, my next post will be more cheerful! Until then . .



The Little Red Shop said...

Your kitchen is looking great...even without the cupboard doors! I agree with you about Sears. My mom and I had a not-so-lovely visit sometime during this past year. While she waited for ever and ever to return some sort of unused, in the box...with a receipt tool..I went looking for a mini fridge for my shop. Several customer service dudes were sitting around, leaning on appliances..gabbing...One finally looked up and said, "Did you need something?" "Do you have mini-fridges?" I asked. He pointed to the left and said something like.."Over there behind the dishwashers," and continued on gabbing with his cooworker. I finally found the fridges, and had some questions...but decided against buying from Sears. As I was leaving the area, the guy finally showed up to ask if I had any questions. Lovely. I found a nice fridge at Home Depot instead!

Libby Murphy said...

I LOVE the TITLE of your site. It's so Great!!!
Happy Twirls