Thursday, July 2, 2009

Did everybody save their bikes?

My friend Kate and I traveled to another Garden Walk and most gardens had an old bike in it. Too, too cute! Guess what I'm going to be scrounging the outbuildings for tomorrow! There's got to be an old bike on this place somewhere. Probably not a really 'old' one but one I could paint. Hmm, what color goes with weeds?

I don't have a wire bike basket but I think I could wire an old wicker basket on it somehow. This one had fake flowers in it (YUK!) but if I hid it well enough in some tall flowers, no one would know.

Nothing new to report on the kitchen front except there is alot of dust and disruption. And they haven't even started to drywall yet! This project has upset my routine (didn't even realize that I HAD a routine until it changed) so much that I am having a problem even knowing what day it is. And having a bunch of men around, making me get dressed and presentable before I really want to is a terrible burden! I better live long enough to enjoy this kitchen!


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