Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And so it begins . . .

The kitchen remodel has begun! What have I gotten myself into? Did I make all the right decisions? Will it gain me the extra room that I wanted? Will it lighten this dark, nondescript, really boring kitchen and make it what I envisioned? Probably not, but I dream big and with a little luck, it will be beautiful. It has now gone from this (hate the green, hate the yellow) . . .

to this . . .

The funny thing is, that with the kitchen completely gutted, it looks so small. Shouldn't it look bigger?

Took Jamison to the neighbors' (and good friends) Sunday to ride the pony. Suppose he can talk Grandpa into getting one of his own?

My plan for the 3 weeks that it will take to finish the kitchen is to stay upstairs and do some "me" stuff since I can't cook or clean downstairs( oh, boo hoo). Like rearranging my "stuff" upstairs so I can have room to sew, create the new book creatologie kit from Carol Wingert I just received, make some banners, work outside in the flowers and BLOG. Yes, my plan is to blog at least every other day - big words I know, but I MEAN IT! I hate it when my favorite blogs don't blog every day.

(PS - Thanks Julie from The Little Red Shop for the tip on paragraphs. It worked a little but still not how I think it should. I need more practice. I sure wish there was a class I could take on this blogging thing!)

So, I am off to do fantastic things to blog about!



The Little Red Shop said...

You're welcome! One of the bloggers I follow has a new book out about blogging. I haven't checked it out yet, though. Her name is Tara Frey.

: )


ps It looks like your kitchen is a great size!

Magic Moonlight said...

No Cooking, No Cleaning...3 weeks... I like that, I'm thinking in remodel My kitchen... Absolutely ...Thanks so much for coming by my blog to enter my giveaway.
Have a wonderful day!