Friday, June 5, 2009

At least there are pictures of flowers . . .

I feel like I need to post something! I knew exactly what I wanted to say this morning - even wrote it out in my head. But tonight, I can't think of it. Note to self -- blog in the morning when the brain is working!

The garage sale went okay. Got rid of alot of stuff but I priced everything really low, maybe too low. But the goal was to clean out the excess, not make a ton of money. The things I thought would sell, didn't and the stuff I considered just throwing, sold. Go figure. Then there are those that really hesitate to spend a quarter on something they like. Or those that want to haggle over a dollar item. Garage sales - you gotta love 'em!

Wednesday was our anniversary so we went road trippin' overnight. Just got in the car and drove (that's what HE likes to do, I myself like a plan). Saw alot of country and stopped at a few interesting stores along the way. Still looking for that inspiration piece for my new kitchen but I still can't commit.

I was so excited to learn that I won a giveaway prize during the Cottage Charm giveaways. Will show you the darling prize I won and who is was from when I receive it. I've always said that if there were 50 prizes and 51 people to win, I would be the one that didn't! My luck is changing!
Still practicing on uploading pictures and this time it went fairly smoothly. Everybody likes to look at pretty flower pictures, right? These are actually mine, but I had to take pictures before they are gone. So dry here - haven't had any rain for over a month. Corn and beans still look good but not for much longer. Life of a farmer . . .


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Angela Harris said...

Lucky you! Thank you for entering my Giveaway! & Thank you for my Birthday wishes!
These are pretty Garden photos. LOVE the brightly painted chair!