Monday, March 29, 2010

Thanks Easter bunny . . .

For giving us such a glorious Palm Sunday to have our Easter Egg Hunt!  We had to have it early because we will be alone for Easter.  (Anyone else dislike sharing holidays with the 'other' side of our children's lives?  lol) 

We discovered spring has sprung!

The Easter bunny hid his eggs in such pretty places.

And the J-man even dug the eggs out of the snow.  Sneaky bunny!

I FINALLY found the felt eggs I made last year.  They were hiding in a box labeled Easter.  How could I have overlooked that obvious clue!

The chicks are peeping . . .

and gerbera daisys are blooming (L.O.V.E.).  So I guess it is time to get off my you-know-what, take off my socks and slippers, find my rake and gloves and get some outside work done!

But I really just want to sew . . .

xo  ~~  Connie

PS -- do you know that baby quilts are made up of very, very small pieces?  Oy vay, there are alot of them!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Some exciting, happy news . . .

My son, his wife and his 3-year old son are expecting a baby in June.  Can you guess what they are going to be bringing home?  That's right!  A GIRL!  How fun will she be!  Will she be a girly-girl?  Or a tom-boy?  Will she like to dress up in tiaras and tu-tus?  Or wear bib overalls so the dirt doesn't show?  Whatever she will be we are as excited as can be.  This Grandma is going to make sure she comes home from the hospital in a PINK quilt!

Aren't the colors just precious. 

This is the pattern I am using.  Can't wait to get started!

The heck with all the dreary chores that are on my list.  I'm sewing . . .

xo  ~~  Connie

Friday, March 19, 2010

So very lucky, grateful, appreciative . . .

I have been remiss in showing off the gifts I have been lucky enough to receive recently.  You know, the days that the mail includes something so sweet, so wonderful, so utterly amazing are the best of days.  I am in awe of the creations handmade by talented women.

Andrea of Vintage Bella Studio was celebrating and picked little ol' me to win this super prize!  The journal, crown tickets and pieces of pink vintage fabric are all so lovely.  Hate to use them they're so pretty so I'll just do what I do - hoard them! 

Each page has a vintage wallpaper tag!

And this cutey-patootie is from Holiday Frivolities by JoAnn.  Right now she has the bestest Easter creations ever!  Her glittery eggs would look so festive on an Easter table!

I participated in the One World One Heart event this year for the first time.  It really was a great time and a little overwhelming!  I have never had so many comments and it was always such a thrill to check the computer every day to see who visited.  I suffered from 'oh darn, no comments today' syndrome for many days after it ended!  And the 'magic hat' gods were shining on me because I won many, many giveways.

Heather at Creative Solace.

Elizabeth at Altered Book Lover.

All have GREAT blogs and each one of them are so creative and talented!  Thank you all!  I'm so glad to have met you!

High 60's yesterday - snow today.  Nebraska weather - go figure . . .

xo  ~~  Connie

Monday, March 15, 2010

Ta-Ta Texas . . .

I won't ramble on about Texas after this post.  I won't tell you how fantabulous Canton Trade Days was and how they have a great thing going on in that little town.  I won't mention how I think everyone within a 200 mile radius sells something and they all have a booth in Canton.  I won't tell you that I would really, really like to live in Texas!

But I will tell you that I met 2 of the nicest guys!  Troy and Rod of Junk Exchange had one of the best booths of junk and antiques that I saw. 

I will tell you that I spent alot of time at Laurie Anna's Vintage Home.  FULL of the best vignettes and 'just-my-kind' of merchandise.   

I'll tell you that I brought this home from her shop.  Thought it would fit perfectly in a trouble spot in my house but it still needs something else.

Most of this stuff came from her too.  (Can you tell I really loved her store?)

And I'll tell you that alot of little treasures came home with me.  Love me the little bits and baubles the best! 

Thank you for enduring the pictures of my trip.  Notice there are no pictures of landscapes or trees or historical places.  This trip was just for me and my urge to antique.  What a patient husband I have!

Now, what's next?  I can't find the box of Easter goodies (and I made tons of felt eggs last year) so I guess I'll just move on to spring.

It is suppose to hit 60 degrees this week.  Can we say 'going outside to play' . . .

xo ~~ Connie

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Oh the things that catch my eye . . .

Winnie & Tulula's in Athens, Texas was one of my favorite places I visited.  I see in the pictures there are many other things I wished I would have brought home with me!

This is the famous Margo's area.  Lots of bits and pieces of amazing junk!

I could live here . . . seriously!

BIG dominoes . . .

How simple . . . how beautiful.

This is what I pine for now.  I'm on the hunt for white buttons for a project.  Any size, any kind.  If you have alot to get rid of, let me know!

I recognized the names of so many booths from their blogs.  Daphne Nichole, Curious Goods, and I met Gayle from Oohs n Aahs.  So much talent and so many treasures in one place! 

The next post I'll show you a few of the things I bought . . .

xo  --  Connie

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It was fate . . .

I was here.  She was here at the same time.  I glanced in her direction and I was sure that she wiggled her skirt a bit when I walked in and I didn't think it was the wind from opening the door. 

When I tentatively strode over to see her more closely, I'm sure she whispered "I'm going to follow you home".  "Oh yes", I said, "I've dreamed of you.  We'll be the best of friends."

I'm sure her ride shoved in the back of the car was not very comfortable but she never complained.  I just knew she would love it in Nebraska! 

She is now at my house!  Let's hear a big Whoo Hoo!  My goal of finding her was reached in Texas and over the years that I have been looking for her, I realize how lucky I am to have finally found her!

Now, what to do to make her oh so happy.  Dress her in her store window outfit?  Leave her a little naked like this (I just know she has a wild side)?  Add bling and jewelry (for her girly side)?  Cover the line across her boobs?  Add a crown to the top?

And her name?  I'll let you decide . . .

xo  --  Connie

Monday, March 8, 2010

Home again, home again, jiggidy jig . . .

Home.  Nice to leave it but even better to be back!  My own bed, my own bathroom and my own closet - no more living out of a suitcase. 

Our trip to Texas was outstanding!  Mostly great weather and NO SNOW!  Oh how I hated to see the piles were still here in Nebraska.  I know, I know that it doesn't go away in a week but I was still hoping for a miracle and we would be coming home to spring. 

So far I have just dumped my purchases in a pile.  And this isn't even all of it!  And I really can't remember what I brought home so it will be exciting all over again when it is all unwrapped.

I'll tell you about my take on Canton and show you what I bought later.  All I can say for now is that a special something followed me home.

The laundry is waiting and the ladybugs need to be vacummed up (anyone else have those pesky things in their house?). 

Can't wait to see what all YOU have been up to . . .

xo  --  Connie