Monday, October 31, 2011

Take a flashlight with you tonight . . .

. . . because the goblins will get you if it's dark.

But if there is light, they stay in the trees looking innocently down on you.  Just waiting for night time to pounce from their perches.

Have a safe and happy Halloween everybody!

And save all of the Butterfingers for me!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What we ladies really notice . . .

. . . are the details, right?  No matter what the event is.  Big party or small gathering.  Whether we are invited to a fancy gala or a barn party or just over to the neighbor's house for potluck, what we look at first are the details.  Our eyes just naturally seek out to see what is new, what is different and, truth be told, what ideas we can recreate in our own homes.  This is true if you are like me.  And I know you are all like me.

If it is details you desire, then you came to the right place today.  

Behold!  ~ the wedding details ~.
(at least some of them)

Half of the tables had centerpieces that included dried hydrangeas in my white McCoy vases.

On chalkboard trays with 'love' quotes.

On burlap placemats.  
(BTW, do you know how hard it is to get a perfect rectangle shape out of burlap?  Impossible!)
(AND BTW again, do you spot the fancy, schmancy jello mold I posted about earlier?)

The other half of the tables were decorated with vintage vignettes.

Everything used was from 'stuff' we already had.  
Needless to say, I had many empty shelves, table tops and spaces in my home!

There was a 'thank you' on each table so the guests knew how much we appreciated that they came.  

(The issue of RSVPs will be discussed in a later post.  After I cool down a little.)

There was either sheet music, ledger paper or dictionary pages as foundations for the centerpieces.

And each vignette sat on a vintage doily.

We made muslin wreaths . . .

and oodles of different (you'll see other kinds later) paper flowers . . .

and blinged out bottles.

In the back of the stage were huge frames, with chalkboard inserts, that held huge fluffy wreaths.

And of course we had to add a little bling to each one!

Did you get your fill of details yet?  No?  Well, stay tuned.

There are just a few (dozen) left to show you!  lol

And I'm planning a surprise!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

First, let me set the stage . . .

. . . and invite you to the biggest party we have ever thrown!

Please let us know you came and grab a program.

The backing of the programs is old dictionary paper.

This was my ocd kicking in.  I couldn't stand the ugly back of the dresser so I quick made a couple of paper garlands.  

Please come this way . . .

. . . and choose a seat.  Comfy red velvet theater chairs.

Don't forget to wave your wand to tinkle the bells when the married couple walks back down the aisle.

The makeshift alter at the top of the landing.

The ceremony was very moving and personal.  And no one fell down the steps!  

Be sure to grab a glass of bubbly at the bar for the cocktail hour.

There were oohs and aahs over this gorgeous old theater.  Yes, the lighting was atrocious for the amateur photographer that I am but I think you can still tell that the place was opulent and the perfect setting for a wedding.  I should be patient until the professional photographs are available but I couldn't wait to show you everything.

Next time . . . the details. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

She done went and got herself wed . . .

. . . and it was lovely.

the dress . . .

the bling . . .

the shoes . . .
(btw, these are the exact Monolo Bhlaniks that Carrie wore in the Sex and the City movie)

and the happy couple.

More photos coming.  After I recover.

PS ~~ what could be more white than a wedding dress (even though it was really a vintage ivory color). I'm linking to Faded Charm's White Wednesday.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Here me are!

I haven't been abducted by aliens.  I haven't been on an extended vacation to some exotic place.  I haven't broken my arm or fingers.  And I certainly haven't been blogging!

I won't bore you with excuses, especially the one that I have been just too busy (my biggest pet peeve!  it is all about priorities people!).  Suffice it to say that I have been gone but now I am back!  

Lots to do on a farm in the fall.  Especially when I have told the farmers in my life that I need them for the major part of 5 whole days (without complaints!).  They were allowed to complain about the wedding taking up so much of their time all through the summer (which they did), but there is to be NO CRABBING ABOUT HARVESTING NOT GETTING DONE during the week of the event.

And here we are 5 days away from my daughter's wedding.  I get teary eyed every day thinking about it.  Will I cry during the ceremony?  You betcha!  And I have decided I am not going to be embarrassed about it either!  I'll just delete all of the photos taken of me while my face is scrunched up in a blubbering mess.  I WILL get through this.  And it will be such a happy day!

All that is left to do is to primp and fluff my house for next day guests.  So far I have 2 fall-looking vignettes.  Yup, that is all that there will be.  There are a couple of Halloweeny looking things laying about too but I will share those later.  

Well, I'm off to do some more primping and fluffing.  I suppose I should try on my (disappointing) dress to see what might need to be fixed and how I can glam it up and to gather everything together that needs to be transported to the wedding site.  I'll be so glad to get the room that has been 'wedding central' back to normal.

Just wanted to check in.

Thank you for the suggestions from my last post.  I haven't forgotten about you!

Please clear your schedules for next week when you will be bombarded with wedding photos!

And please think good wishes for my daughter (and her sobbing mess of a mother) on her oh-so-special day.