Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Forgot to mention . . .

If you noticed, I did change the header of this blog and added a little "I Love Comments" button. Not sure I did them right but they are there and I love them. Got them from itkupilli at Cute 'n' Cool Blogstuff. Next, I will learn how to link that up so that you can find it too. (I just tried to do a link, I wonder if it works?) I also discovered that I have 3 followers! Yoo Hoo! That is so exciting!
Ciao again!

Hurry up and wait

I can't wait any longer to write. Been waiting to upload some pictures so this blog wouldn't be so boring but that isn't happening for awhile. Been waiting to get this blog pretty and clever like all of the ones I see everyday but haven't figured that out yet. Been waiting to finish some items to show you all that I really do love to make things but I keep jumping from one to another and not getting anything truly finished. So, no pictures yet. No pretty blog yet. But, I dream big and have some mighty big plans! Just you wait and see!

I have been having the best time getting acquainted with alot of new blogs through the annual Cottage Charm Giveaway ('update', tried to link this, no guarantees that it will work). Such talent out there! I am inspired every time I see a new blog and I want to be JUST LIKE ALL OF YOU! Next year, I would love to play and have a giveaway of my own.

I have even gotten a couple of comments from leaving comments. How thrilled I was to see those! Like I always thought, this blogging thing is gonna be FUN!

Getting ready for a garage sale - my first in about 25 years - so you know how much stuff I have. Have to price everything tomorrow and keep wondering - should I keep stuff really cheap to get rid of it or not. Any of you have any garage sale tips? This is going to have to be the first of a couple I have this summer. There are places I haven't begun to dig into yet - like Christmas stuff!

My kitchen contractor put me off for a couple of weeks so haven't started the remodel yet. I think I have most major things decided on but my luck hasn't been the best so I'm waiting for the next thing to go wrong. Have had the refrigerator that I chose be recalled, the granite that I chose become unavailable, the tile I chose become discontinued and so on and so forth. Crazy!

As for the family situation mentioned in the previous post. No, I haven't heard from either sister about forgiveness. I didn't expect to and that is not what I necessarily wanted. We will never be friends and will not get together as a whole family again but, what I want, is to be able to meet on the street and be civil and gracious. I want the backstabbing and bad mouthing to stop. I can't dictate to them but as for me, I am cleansed with the knowledge that I tried.

Another load of crap (I mean wonderful items) needs to be hauled to the garage sale site - it starts on Friday - so I'm off to part with my precious possessions.