Monday, June 15, 2009

Who'd thunk it - I'm a Winner!

I received my 'Cottage Charm' giveaway prize today in the mail. It is too cute and I am so thrilled to have won! Julie, from a lovely blog, The Little Red Shop, sent it to me, with fancy wrapping and everything! Thank you Julie!!
The prize -- a darling froggie rattle and heart-shaped bath fizzie. Wrapped with froggie stickers and oh-so-cute little labels. The frog is so appropriate now because I am sitting here listening to all of the frogs in our pond croak VERY LOUDLY! (Yes, we finally got rain, alot of rain. Now I need some sunshine.)

I gotta tell ya - even the shipping box was labeled cute! I'm gonna have to send her a little sumpin, sumpin to thank her. The 'Cottage Charm' giveaways were so much fun and I found so many new blogs to visit. (I won't say how much time I spend on the computer looking at fabulous blogs but let's just say sometimes we run out of clean underware because the wash isn't done!) I hope to play along with all of the 'big girls' next year!

Went to a garden walk this weekend and was so inspired to clean up my flower beds (you hear that dandelions?) I see no need to work outside if the sun isn't shining and it isn't warm. The sun hasn't been shining for a week and it hasn't been warm (the furnace still runs at night in JUNE) so the weeds have been having a heyday. I'll post more pics the next time.

I so admire the clever things that are placed stratigically in gardens. It makes the gardens so interesting. I have an old bike but where do I get the baskets?

I have lots of old chairs. I think this will be a project when the kitchen is torn out. I'll have to have something to do outside with a bunch of men inside.
Speaking of the kitchen remodel - my contractor put me off until the end of June! So mad I could spit! I have really noticed lately that no one seems to honor their word and not just concerning the kitchen. Don't business people need the work or want the work or care about the work they do? If we handled out customers like we have been treated lately, we would be out of business!
(Can anybody tell me how to get a line space between these paragraphs? A 'return' works sometimes with the pictures but not when it is just text.)
Till the next post -- Connie

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The Little Red Shop said...

I'm so glad that your giveaway goodies arrived safely! What fun! Thank you for the sweet mention on your blog....which I am now happily following!

: )


ps Love the bicycle in the garden! As the Italian nun said in "Return to Me," which is one of my FAVORITE movies, "Oh, che bella biciclette!"