Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lucky me, lucky me . . .

Found a party in my mailbox today!  It is the 'party in a box' I won from Tracy at cotton pickin cute.  It was her first ever giveaway and she chose ME, little ole ME.  How lucky can I get!  Thanks Tracy!

I sure need a party to get me out of this funk I'm in after being sick all week.  I hate to think that I am now addicted to afternoon naps and bad TV.  Tomorrow - tomorrow I will be all better and back to my old workaholic self!  (HA!)  But I'm going to play the "I'm still sick, can you make me something to eat" game with my husband for a couple more days!

Looking forward to good health and, please God, some sunshine . . .

xo  --  Connie


The Little Red Shop said...

It poured down rain today after being gray and drizzly all morning..then at 4:45..just fifteen minutes before my friends' "soupfest" and bonfire was to start...the skies cleared and it was a gorgeous evening! I hope that you feel better and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

: )

Julie M.

Rebecca said...

Hi Connie
Thanks for stopping by...nice to meet you - I don't think I have been here before it looks like so much fun, I will have to poke around. I hope you're feeling better-hate it when I have to be in bed like that. I finally saw the sun today, I feel like a new person.

Tracy Suzanne said...

Oh dear sweet Connie. How many people get a goodie thank you for giving away something. I was so surprised to find an envelope full of goodies with my name on it in the mailbox today. I'm smiling ear to ear still. I just love everything from the cute yoyos to flash cards, bingo card and valentine cards. You know I love vintage. And how adorable was your custom witch card! Thanks for making me feel so special.
Love ya, Tracy :)