Thursday, October 1, 2009

Want to see what I brought home from the Junk Bonanza? . . .

Well, I haven't unpacked them yet!  Talk about procrastination - I am the worst!  Really want to savor the unpacking and I just haven't taken the time to get it done.  Tomorrow, I promise! 

Didn't want to take the chance that my 'good' stuff got mixed up with my 'garage sale' stuff by mistake.  Garage sale, part deux, is over thank goodness and I am NEVER doing it again.  From now on, straight to Goodwill!

But . . . here are a few photos.  I met Serena of Farm Chicks fame and she signed my book.  Why is it that all the 'famous' people are so gosh dern cute and tiny and full of personality?  She is full of determination to continue on even though Terri is no longer going to be a 'Farm Chick'.  And I'm sure she will!   Also saw Ki, who started the whole Junk Bonanza phenomenon and Matthew Mead, decorator extraodinare, but didn't speak with them.  I was too shy and awestruck!  Also, didn't take any pictures while I was there.  Thought someone would think I was stealing ideas and kick me out!  (And I would have been stealing ideas!)  The Junk Bonanza is truly an event worth traveling to.  You gotta do it!  It was sensory overload to the max!


Got a bunch of these little letters.  Reminded me of the time in high school that a bunch of us were accused of rearranging some letters at a rival school to say 'howdy' in our own way!  We all pled not guilty!  But I digress of my past delinquency . . .


I picked up this bracelet earlier in the week.  Thought it would be fun to adverise where I was going!  From now on, I just have to look at my wrist and I won't forget my destination!


A fabulous time was had by all (even my husband who found another guy looking forlorn who was also waiting for wife to hand him all her packages to carry). 

I am jumping up and down because I won the very first giveaway from Tracy Suzanne at Cotton Pickin Cute.  A Martha Stewart  Tiny Party in a Box - just in time for my grandson's birthday.  Thanks, Tracy, we are going to have the best time!  Everybody - go check out Tracy's blog.  Her blog is just the cutest and she is so talented!

Speaking of giveaways -- check out More Than Heirlooms who is celebrating her new etsy store (I am so envious!) and It's a July Thing who is having a giveaway for her 200th post!   Both are fabulous blogs that I 'lurk' at often!  How I love this blogging thing!

Gotta go rest up for my big unpacking day tomorrow . . .

xo  -- Connie

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Tracy Suzanne said...

Hi Connie. Thank you visiting me over at I'm happy to know that you will be sharing your win with your grandson.

It sounds like you had a great time at Junk Bonanza, wish I could have been there. I really like your little "act old later" message. I could use a reminder like that. Thank you for your sweet comments about my blog.