Friday, October 30, 2009

'BOO' y'all . . .

To all of you Halloween enthusiasts - here are pics of a few things I've made to decorate my house for the holiday.  I can't say I am a BIG spooky lover but it seems that Halloween is becoming as big as Christmas as far as cute decorations.  My daughter loves it and I buy/make more things for her than for me.  I always disliked finding costumes (we NEVER bought any, just made them from what we had around the house) and I refuse to spend 15 dollars for a pumpkin that always freezes and flattens on the sidewalk.  But before you think I am the biggest party-pooper ever, I do play the Halloween 'game' for my grandson and try to get him excited about trick or treating.  Trying to teach him the 'trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat' to say at each house. 

(Made these from Picnik  - fun!)

Anyway - hope you all have a scary, spooky, witchy, ghostly, dark, dank Halloween! Oh, and always, ALWAYS save back enough candy for yourself!

Here's to eating chocolate in the dark and watching scary movies . . .

xo  --  Connie

PS -- Teri at A Little Bit of this and that is celebrating her first ever giveaway.  Her prize - a wonderful bunch of stuff from her stash.  And we all love 'stuff', don't we!


Teri Leigh said...

Thanks for announcing my give-a-way. Looks like you have don amazing deocrating at your house. How fun, love it!

Tracy Suzanne said...

HAPPY HALLOWEEN CONNIE!!! I just love all the photos you've posted. I love the primitive halloween look. Thanks for posting about Teri's giveaway. I'll head right over and take a looksee.

I've got a new fall giveaway. Come by and enter.