Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My brain is fried!

I am remodeling my kitchen -- at least I think I am going to remodel my kitchen. I never realized how many decisions need to be made BEFORE committing to anything! Have spend the last 2 days thinking about the kitchen, talking about the kitchen, calling people about the kitchen and just looking at the kitchen and wondering why I want a new kitchen. Okay, I know why I want it but really didn't ever want to pay for it! Holy Moly - because of the 'recession', I thought these people would be begging for work and doing it reasonably. Not true. Anyway, my very good friend is a decorator and I may just turn every decision over to her (or at least narrow everything down to 2 choices). Just get it finished and I will 'style' it myself. That's what I like to do!
Any tips out there in blogland for remodeling a kitchen and not going bonkers?
Got a hot tip about a new scrapbooking store in my area so would like to go tomorrow. (I should be looking at flooring, lighting, etc for the above-mentioned kitchen but I have had it with that for the week). I do not scrapbook but I love the paper, chipboard items and the lovely embellishments. I always say to myself that the reason why it seems that I don't finish anything is because I don't have the right stuff, even though I have tons of this stuff. I guess I just want to have the stuff and hold it and look at it. I don't want to USE it! (I really do finish projects and try not to start a new one unless the last one is finished.)
Anyway, gonna make supper - bbq beef sandwiches and homemade french fries (nothing healthy is this house).
See ya! ---- Connie

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