Sunday, December 5, 2010

I wanna be on etsy . . .

. . . I mean, I want an etsy shop of my very own!  And WHY don't I you ask.  Cuz.  Just cuz.  Oh, I'll get to it next week, or next month, or next year.  When the snow flies or when the daffodils bloom or when all the leaves are off the trees.  Yup, number one thing you need to know about me.  I'm a procrastinator of the extreme kind.  Especially when it involves really putting myself out there, ya know?

But before I go big cartel, let me interest you in a couple of ideas for stocking stuffers.

How about a CAMERA STRAP?  There are ALOT of camera straps out there to choose from but let me tell ya, mine are as cute as can be and are cheaper less expensive, a better bargain, more bang for your buck kind of strap.  They are magic straps -- guaranteed to turn your snapshots into award winning photos!  Well, that's not true at all but a pretty strap on your camera will make you want to get it out, show it off, and take lots and lots of pictures!  Not to mention that it feels better around your neck than that pesky ole 'came with the camera' strap.

Details -- it slips over a Canon or Nikon DSL camera strap (approximately 26" long).  $15.00 plus $5.00 shipping.  I'll wrap it as pretty as I can.  Email me - we'll talk.

Also for your stocking stuffer pleasure, fabric-covered NOTE-TAKERS.  I have 3 of these left (sorry, the blue one in the photo is sold).  Who wouldn't want to carry one of these to jot down all those ideas rumbling around in your head when you least expect it.  Paper and pencil right at your fingertips with a pocket to hold your coupons, receipts or secret notes from admirers.

Details -- approximately 6" x 8.5" closed.  $12.00 plus $5.00 shipping.  I'll even throw in the pad of paper and pencil cuz that is just how I roll.  Again, pretty wrapping.  Email me - we'll do some more talking. 

Even if you don't need a camera strap or a note-taker, you can email me anyway and we'll find SOMETHING to talk about!

Please excuse the blatant self-promotion of this post but I really must get used to blowing my own horn a little bit.  Some of my sewing creations are selling very well and I'm always asked where I sell my stuff.  It's all by word of mouth, baby, and that's a good thing!  No rejection required!

I'm done, done, 'stick a fork in me' done Christmas decorating!  Some areas are different than other years and some areas didn't get a thing.  Simplicity is my new mantra!  Photos will be shown at a later date when the boxes are returned to their hiding places.

Now, go plan that Christmas party you've been thinking about.  You wanna show off your decorating talents, right?


Linda said...

Your goodies are wonderful, Connie!! If you have any questions when you get ready to start that shop, give me a shout...I'll be glad to help you and give you some hints! XO

hiyaluv said...

Connie! Hold the phone! Do you have a shop? where? anywhere? Let me feature you on my blog! :)gina Email me! regina_dixon763 ((at)) yahoo ((Dot)) com and lets get to working together lady:)

Cheryl~ZanyMayd said...

Oh Connie, You are So funny.... Love your post! Now go & Open that Etsy Shop, actually I opened mine back in 2007 & just filled it and started selling about 6 months ago, so I too should be in the Procrastinators Support Group. I just happen to also be self promoting on my blog today with some Somerset magazines that I am selling, cause I need $ for Christmas, Oh the timing... Need to get back to work ~ We'll Talk Soon ~ Have a wonderful day

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Promote away! Your items are adorable. I love the camera strap! Perhaps after Christmas we can talk(yep I'm broke right at this moment). You should open an Etsy shop. It is easy, I have one for my vintage items and if I can do it anyone can! Love that notebook also...again we will talk soon. Hugs, Linda

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I think you should open an Etsy or Artfire shop. Your creations are beautiful and so well made. I love the bag I won from you-it feels so good when I use it.

Are you familiar with Artfire? If not, you may want to check them out. Or email me, and we'll talk!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Connie,
all your items are fab. - love the Note-Takers!Have a wonderful week.

Paula said...

Oh my goodness where have I been?!! I LOVE your blog! Thankgoodness for number 16 coming up're one of my two winners for my sign giveaway! Guess your Christmas decorating isn't quite done! lol:)
Congrats me with your address & I'll hurry your signs right out to you!

vintagesusie & wings said...

You are soooooo funny silly girl that dreams BIG!!!
You KNOW your camera straps ARE MAGIC! I told you they were...for any of Connie's friends out there who don't believe this I will tell you...I had a Magical Trip to Round Top, Texas, I took amazing photos, I went to amazing places & I believe all these things happened because I had one of her amazing Magic Camera Straps attached to the camera hanging from my neck the WHOLE time.
Thank you my friend...I still adore that strap!!!!
Big Hugs & here's to your gettingan etsy shop before 2020!!!!
Miss Susie

Lynn Stevens said...

I'd say your ready to open that Etsy shop! Go for it girl what have you got to lose?
Does the camera strap come with the camera? Thats what I really need! LOL