Sunday, March 29, 2009

What a blogger I turned out to be!

What's it been - 2 weeks since I thought I wanted to blog? I'm just so hesitant to put anything down in black and white but I vow (kind of) to journal more often and learn this new skill if it kills me!

My daughter and I went to a craft class this weekend that I was so excited about. The kind of craft that I desperately want to get into but need a little nudge. This class was the nudge I needed and am now anxious to get proper supplies instead of just trying to use what I have - you know, paper, glue, paper, frames, more paper and all those adorable embellishments. We had a enjoyable time but I have taken enough classes of different sorts and I have a few suggestions for all you instructors:

1. Please do not invite all of your relatives to come for free and then pretend that it is a family reunion. We paying guests come to learn from professionals, want and need your expertise and look forward to getting to know you and you getting to know us.

2. Always provide enough room for us to work. Just because you can sit 8 people around a table doesn't mean that you should. We need room to spread out our supplies so we know what we have to work with. Holding several pieces of paper, little buttons, tags, etc on our laps is difficult, not to mention some of our laps are not as big as others and things always
fall on the floor.

3. Have more than 1 sample of whatever we are making. While we all will change things up a little, we are at the class to learn new layouts, techniques or clever ideas so we want to copy yours. You are the expert of the day and we want to leave the class with our projects looking as fabulous as yours! Having only 1 sample usually means one group monopolizes it and the rest of us look like bitches constantly asking to see it.

4. Give us a break! Eating lunch with you all is not enough of a break. By the end of the day, or in this case, 3:00 pm, we were all so tired that the fun part, the fancy-schmancy part of adding embellishments became a 'good enough let's get this thing finished' moment. We knew you wanted us out and we knew we needed a break from the constant creativity.

5. Freebies and cuteness counts! We want to know that you spent some effort to have us come and pay to be there.

All in all, our class this weekend was terrific! I would definately go to this place again and again! The gals who taught were sooo talented and I want to be just like them!

And one more thing -- I go to a demonstrator's house once a month to make cards ( it has become just cards, nothing more than cards - I myself like to make anything but cards). All of us, of course, are expected to make a purchase and I try to find something to buy each month. My biggest complaint about this situation is that the demonstrator does not deliver my purchase but waits until we come the next month to get it! Is this the correct and proper thing to do?

Enough! I do not plan on having this be a blog about my complaints! I usually am a 'live and let live' kind of gal but after this weekend, I just had to rant a little.

Am going to try to upload some pictures to this blog (after I take some pictures worthy of being uploaded). Nothing is more uninteresting than a blog without pictures!

Have a great week!

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