Monday, August 22, 2011

A little book of randomness . . .

So . . . I'm checking my email.  In amongst the offers of being a partner in a Libian bank scam, buying the perfect bra (why am I getting that one?), credit card and mortgage offers and something (??) about bored housewives, Shutterfly always sends me emails too.  I usually don't read them.  But, this time they were offering me a FREE photo book!  

"Well,"  I say to me, myself and I, "I'm up for free today.  I think I'll check it out.  Oh, but I don't have any new photographs since I made a Blurb book this spring and I don't want to look at any more of those darn engagement pictures since I've spent the last 2 weeks organizing and editing them for the wedding guest book.  What shall I do, what shall I do?  It is, after all, a FREE photo book!"

So . . . to make a long story short, I just chose photos that really weren't all that great.  They aren't interesting enough to post about but were saved somewhere in my very unorganized files.  And I decided to throw caution to the wind, give up control (well, just a little control) and let Shutterfly do all the work by letting them make the book for me.  Thought it would save me some time.

Two hours later (why oh WHY am I procrastinating on those last little bits of wedding preparations!), I'm going to have myself a little book of random photographs.  Courtesy of Shutterfly.  Saving me $30 buckaroos!

I won't bore you with each and every found photo I included (there were over 50!) but I thought you might scroll through these really fast . . .

. . . plus I needed something to post about that didn't include the dreaded 'W' word (okay, I may have mentioned it once or twice).

The name of my book is 'RANDOMNESS . . . in no particular order . . . in no order of importance'.  Appropriate title, don't you think?

Hurry to make your own FREE Shutterfly book.  You have until Wednesday.  The code is 

Now, go take some photos so you won't be stuck without any like I was!

ps - I was in no way asked to do a Shutterfly commercial.  Although I'm up for saying nice things about anyone if they give away something for free!  Truth be told, I prefer the Blurb way of making a photo book. A few more options and maybe a little more user friendly.  And btw, free shipping is NOT included with the free photo book but for $8 bucks, I still thought it was a good deal!


Jill said...

Thanks for the code...if I get time, I'm on this!

oldgreymare said...

the hug and the truck..oh my!


Donna said...

How cool! I want to do that sometime, but now is not it. Stupid job. Pppbbttt... LOL, one of these days...

I think you title is perfect!

Dorthe said...

Love your photoes from spring to winter-
and I think too, you made a good buy, with this free photoalbum-

Joanna said...

"....... I just chose photos that really weren't all that great." Yeah, they are all such rejects aren't they?! Fab pictures, all of them. My favourite is that hug, it brings tears to my eyes.


Something Special said...

I am truly honored to be able to visit your blog today. Two adorable grandkids there, and your wedding ideas are wonderful! I love what you did with the spools. And Congratulations on winning one of the wedding packages from Lilly's Lace. Wow, that must have been exciting!

Cindy said...

Connie, your photos are beautiful! I would love to see the whole book! The last picture is sooo cute!

Lee said...

Love it! It would make an amazing journal! I may think about it.