Thursday, September 15, 2011

What to do, what to do . . .

. . . and I'm asking YOU to tell ME what to do!

I've just about had it with making decisions.  I don't seem to be able to cope anymore.

What I'm asking you for is not earth-shattering.  Not life-altering.  But it is something that is confusing the heck out of me and I cannot think of a good solution.  

I am unclear, unsure and perplexed and time is ticking away . . .

. . . what the heck should I serve at the gift opening gathering the day after the wedding???

Keep in mind that I will be gone from the house 2 days before we return to open the loot.  The motel offers a breakfast, my main man and I will rush home (40 miles away) and I'm telling people not to come until 1:00 so a light supper after the goodies are oohed and aahed over is what I am thinking.  If I order something to pick up on the way home, what would I order?  Think 'simple, but elegant' like the wedding itself.

Oh, and what can we munch on while getting ready on the wedding day?  I don't want anyone skipping out to grab a burger and returning late or fainting from hunger during the ceremony!  It has to be simple, non-messy and easy to clean up after.

As much as I like to eat, you would think the food would be the easy part.  But nooooo.

Help me please!  Or better yet, just come and do it for me.  tee!hee!

Maybe this will be a surprise contest!  The best (and most 'simple, but elegant') suggestion wins!


Lee said...

Hmmm. I think for the wedding day I would have offerings for very simple sandwiches- like croissants, jelly and butter, maybe some bacon and tomatoes, cheese, etc. Oh, shoot, bacon is greasy, but the protein would be good. Think finger foods.

Hmmm- present party- not so sure. Big salad with mandarin oranges, candied walnuts, raspberry vinagrette (sp?) and goats cheese. Lovely french or italian bread, cut into chunks with good butter. Big, easy pans of baked ziti (could make it with white sauce and chunks of chicken or ground turkey). And pies for dessert- plenty of cake on the wedding day!! Or petit fours. Or fruit. See?? I'M FULL of ideas. Now I'm hungry. Good luck.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Wraps cut in slices and sandwiches cut in triangles are easy...just add some salads. Any supermarket should have something in the deli section. Good Luck!

Cheryl said...

Pizza.... okokok, I would say pizza to any food question, but thats just me. Anywho, you could go to one of those "take & bake at home places"... and have them shape the dough into hearts instead of rounds. They are super cute on a table ;-)

Tracey said...

Hi Connie! You are the winner of my Post Road Vintage Giveaway!!!!!!!! Congratulations! Please email me your address and I will make sure that Heather gets it!

Have a great week ~

:) T

Lynn Stevens said...

Oh thats a tough one. I didn't even know people had gift openeing parties!!! I'm so out of the loop.
For the day of the wedding I'd say fruit. Like those beautiful fruit bouquets. Elegant and good for you but not so filling that you miss out on the reception delights.

for the party how about Quiche? Love Quiche. Could be made up ahead of time and kept in the fridge then reheated when ready to eat. YUM YUM. What ever you serve it will be wonderful I'm sure.
Hugs Lynn

Lisa said...

I would love to come and have everything ready for you when you and your guests walk in...Just keep it simple, because most will just want to see the gifts! Of course, me, I'd panic, thinking everyone will be starving! It'll come to you! Excitement in the air!


Vintage Chic Delights said...

I'm not really sure how you do things over your way, but in Australia right now 'high tea' is all the rage. If you have triple tier serving trays you serve scones on the top tier, followed by bite size cakes (petite fours) or slices and sandwiches on the bottom tray. You start eating from the bottom up. You can also serve on platters and add hot finger food if you want to. It would be best to ask a friend to prepare and lay it out for you. You can bake scones ahead, freeze and reheat on the day then pick up pre-ordered sandwiches and cakes/slice on the way home. Serve with hot tea and coffee.

Paula ~ castleandcottagesigns said...

Hi Connie...I bet you're done with making decisions! I think if I were you I'd find something I can make ahead and freeze, then heat up when I got home. Perhaps something homey since weddings always have such elegant dishes? I don't know but I do know you'll come up with a plan!

susie said...

Oh sweet friend...I KNOW I will be NO help to you!!! I can't cook at ALL..but I do LOVE to eat! lol Of course my mind always goes to the booze, lol. I'd be thinking a simple & elegant brunch that I didn't have to make a thing for. Mimosa's is a #1 choice, wonderful croisants baked fresh that morning {by some else, lol}, wonderful cheeses, and deli meats & honey baked hams mustard {a favorite}, a fabulous fruit plate elegant & beautiful, a veggie plate {gotta have one of those} & big fresh muffins. That way people can pick or can seat down & have a meal, which ever they prefer. Then I'd top it off with designer cupcakes for dessert & I'd buy one of those cupcake stands that have 3 tiers & set them up like a cake. Yummmmmy, can I come?? I wish Sister Bella could make them for you, I got them in Round Top & they are to die for!!! Lemon was my FAVORITE!! Ok, now you'd think this was my shindig or something....LOL! Have a fabulous time & I can't wait to see your pictures, I'm soooooo excited for you!!!
Hugs, your long lost friend,

Anonymous said...

I asked around and the consensus was that a meat and cheese tray, some sort of fruit platter or veggie platter, and/or salad would be an wonderful meal to serve. I was told not to do anything fancy. Also, if we wanted to serve wedding cake that would be fine, but I love my cake lady and I don't want to share anymore than I have to.

Miss Gracie's House said...

I hate indecision...round and round I go...and there is nothing like a wedding to wear you out with expectations....hope you got it figured out and got 'em hitched!