Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My nemesis . . .

. . . has arrived with a vengeance!

Well, maybe not with a vengeance in my dandelion-free lawn but only because I am a 
Dandelion Digger Demon!

Yup, one of the stranger things you should know about me is that I love to dig dandelions!
I'm never outside without my antique digger close by to pounce on an unsuspecting dandelion.

I've even thought about starting a dandelion digging business.  At a penny a weed, I would quickly become a millionaire!

There is nothing more satisfying than to hear that *pop* as the root is broken and you know that you have conquered the dreaded weed.  Well, at least one of those usurpers that sneak into your lawn when you are not looking.  And I suspect that they pop right back up behind your back when you are positive you found them all. 

And have the pile of wilted yellow flowers to prove it.

 I can spot a dandelion from a mile away.  Even without their yellow marker of defiance to those of us who despise their actual existence.  I am a dandelion digger extraordinaire!  

Oh, and another strange thing you need to know about me . . . I take photos of dandelions.
Now who is crazy enough to waste her time doing that?

I'm convinced that the only way to rid the world of dandelions is to dig them up one at a time.

So get to it!  


Shabby Cottage Collectibles said...

Boy do I have dandelions for you..come to my yard there are many waiting to go under the digger! This year is the year for me to take charge of my grass or should I say weeds. I believe all the weeds in my garden are coming from my lawn which is all weeds. Have a happy Easter, Esther

Donna said...

You could make a good living off of my tiny little yard! It is a constant battle because our villa section is about 15% filled with homes. The rest of the lots are huge weed gardens.

Kathy said...

Dandelions, def a yet of perseverance :)

Lee said...

Oh, you make me laugh!! I have given up, mostly because we are surrounded by fields, so the danelions are just constantly seeding and it's too hard to keep up. That, and I'm lazy. Oh well. I've got 12 acres in Maine to keep you busy!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I think if I pulled up all the dandelions in our back yard, there would only be dirt! Maybe you should start eating dandelion salads or making wine? Have a wonderful weekend!

Carole said...

I hate them in my flower beds but I've convinced myself that they are pretty in the lawn. You would be in heaven popping them in our yard. Haha
Happy Easter