Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hurry! Look! Come! . . .

Come enter my giveaway! 

You have a really good chance of winning cuz there aren't very many comments yet!

I need some encouragement and incentive to keep adding to it!

What would you like?   I'll see if I can find it!

I need visitors!  I need comments!
(Nothing like a needy blogger, huh?)

I'll pick a winner tomorrow!

I hope this is you, running to your computer . . .


stefanie said...

I ran, and hurried!!!!

Andrea said...

Oh pick me!

Linda K said...

Well, I ho0pe I look a bit better than that picture! Encouragement in bushels to you.
What are the odds that I could win again?

Yvonne said...

Oh, have I made the deadline! I'm here!

Jo said...

I'm here again! Lovin' your blog and the note of desperation! You pickin' later? xx

KClark Photography said...

Le pant, le pant. Am I too late?

Anonymous said...

Come visit me ... I am new. Haven't figured out this blog thing yet!!! but I "happened" on your site ... enjoyed looking around and leaving my comment ... even if I am late!!!
Pink Hugs
Dee @

Barbara Jean said...

well, guess I must have found you before, cause I am already a follower.
That means it's been tooo long since I've been by.
That means I am toooo busy!! =)


barbara jean