Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I know you've seen her fabulosity & additional surprises . . .

I know you all have seen Lisa Leonard Designs and swooned.  Her name is synonymous with fabulous jewelry.  In fact, if you look up jewelry in the dictionary, Lisa's picture in right there!  Yup!  I'm serious!  At least in my dictionary of fabulous finds!  Handcrafted, unique and oh so meaningful!  This is what I did today - went to her shop and drooled! 

This necklace is called 'from up here' and is the one my heart goes pitter pat over each time I visit her shop.  I'm thinking that it might be 'buy Connie a special treat' day on Thursday!  Cuz she's been good.  Very, very good!

But then there is the 'fly free' necklace.  *sigh*  Love, love, love!

The 'tiny squares' necklace is one I WILL have.  Just as soon as grandbaby girl is here and has a name.

We all should have at least one of Lisa's designs!  One that says who we are or one that declares who we love!  Oh, and Lisa has the cutest blog too!  Smart, witty, cute, talented and creative.  Lisa is the epitome of fabulosity!

I scored at a local flea market.  I know . . . I never feel like I find the great items that you all seem to but this time I DID!  And all for less than the price of the lunch we had that day!

I'm thinking that a couple of these items will be included in my giveaway (see previous post to enter)!

It's late and there are no clean towels for showers in the morning so you know what I'll have to do next.

Go buy yourself something pretty . . .


Linda said...

Such pretty jewelry and you had wonderful finds...I just love the old album!

Lynn Stevens said...

You hit the jackpot with all your wonderful finds!

The Whistle Stop said...

Hi Connie,
Sorry, I didn't recognize you when you were at the shop. I'm usually a little scattered by the time I get the shop ready to open and half a sleep! Next time make sure and introduce yourself. Thanks for visiting!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

WOW,love all your beautiful finds.
Have a great day.Hugs,Marie

Tami said...

Gorgeous necklace...and what wonderful finds too!

Rustique Art said...

Yes...Miss Lisa is fabulous! Love her blog and drool over it regularly. Some day I will treat myself to one of her divine designs.