Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Creme de la creme of a junker's paradise . . .

OH.MY.GOSH.  This place is OVER.THE.TOP.  I could have spent all day here instead of the 2 hours we did spend!  I always wondered where multiples of anything could be found and this is the place!  Just savor the pictures and think of the things you could own and what you would do with all this STUFF!

Hunt & Gather is located in Edina.  Go there!  Quickly!  Bring cash!

And for you doll head geeks (me?  I'm still just a little freaked out over them)  . . .

Oh yea!  This is one place that I will be re-visiting when I go to Junk Bonanza!  I'll have a plan!  I'll take the whole day!  I'll be filling the car with words, flashcards, game balls, wheels and lots and lots of bits and baubles!  My main man will definately roll his eyes here!

What would you spell out with little letters?

Shellagh from Ticking and Toile just did a post featuring pictures of Kristi's (owner of Hunt & Gather) home and it is so cute, cute, cute!  Looks like she chose the creme de la creme from her own shop for herself!

Hope you are all busy making beautiful things . . .


Lynn Stevens said...

Oh I could spend the day there easy! cool stuff!

Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

!!Connie!! Oh my! My old stomping grounds! I had to google this store to see where it was located. We lived in the Mpls. area for 16 years, 10 of those years we were within a few miles of this area. I haven't visited the shops for years now...but you can bet I'll try and peek in at this one. Another fun antiquing destination is Stillwater, MN which sits on the Minnesota/Wisconsin border. Don't know if you go this part of the country often, but if you do google Stillwater sometime. Very charming! Now you have me thinking I need to plan a trip back that way around Junk Bonanza! xo, Sue

Jo said...

What a wonderful place this is, an altered artists heaven! What word would I spell out with the little letters? Well, today I think it would be 'OUCH', cos I slipped over in the street on a wet metal drain hole cover. I've got a very bruised bottom and it was not very dignified!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Connie,
omg,all that cool stuff - that's a dream come true!TFS.
Have a great day.

Heidi said...

I read about this place once before somewhere - thanks for reminding me of it again! Another reason to try to go to Junk problem so far has been it falls over my son's birthday. Well, he goes to college in 2 years, I guess I will have to wait till then.

The French Bear said...

wow, that is so cool, I wish I had a store like that close by...I love the doll heads, although that many might be freaky!!!!
Thanks for sharing.....I think the letters may spell work!!!
Have fun!
Margaret B

oldgreymare said...


No FAIR! FOUL! to show this when there is no way I can go the store. I think my heart actually skipped a beat...let me go look again...yep...heart palpitations, and a laugh at starfish..very dead.

Let me now go check out your blog and see what other tortures you have in store for me..

Now, where did I put my defibrillator? :-0


and..thanks for popping by my place, I love the company.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a fabulous place. I absolutely love these pics. thanks for sharing
Have a wonderful weekend, i hope the sun shines for you
hugs June xxxx

hiyaluv said...

whoa! holy smokes that place looks fantastic! you are right-you would need a whole day to hang out there! I would also have to be in the "right" mood too!
ps-thanks for the awesome comments on my blog. i now follow you:)

Lynn said...

Ohhhhhhhhh... I am so envious when I see places like this. I live in Ontario, Canada and have never found such wonder, you are soooo lucky :) Great photos, and I really am happy for you, go again soon ok?

Katsui Jewelry said...

It has been too long! Your pictures of "Hunt and Gather" are fabulous! There has been so much construction on 35W that I have avoided that area. Two seasons here...snow and road repair!