Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Speeding toward the goal . . .

. . . the goal of getting to 100 posts! 

So I'm slipping this one in before we leave for the land of 10,000 lakes.  I don't think I've shown some things I've found lately.  Most everything I found in Walnut, Iowa over Father's Day weekend.  If you've never been to this big antique show, it is worth the time to go.  But beware!  It is advertised as an ANTIQUE show and the prices reflect it.  Even the flea market crap stuff is considered an antique and most is WAY over-priced (in my humble, cheapskate, looking for a bargain opinion).

There was one store that was packed to the rafters and had every-day prices.  Everything was covered in dust and there was no rhyme or reason as to displays.  When stuff came in, it was dropped where there was a space and left there until someone (me!) was willing to move other things to see what was behind them.  My Kind Of Store!

See the price signs behind the jar?  I was still grubbing around while my daughter was waiting for me by the door.  A gal had a whole box full of these (darn!  she got to them first!) and was telling her husband how she was taking them to the Junk Bonanza!  I bet they will be triple what she paid for them!  At least I got a cheap one!

Really into scales this summer for some reason (and NO! not the ones you stand on and faint after seeing the reason last year's pants don't fit) and have found some BIG ones and some small ones.

And since it is my summer birthday (it has already been WAY better than any January birthday ever was), this is so appropriate as to what we have planned for this weekend.  I plan on embarassing my daughter where ever we go by NOT acting like the sane, mature, calm, rational lady that I truly am!  (lol!) 

I'm going shopping!

Talk to you all next week (in between looking for a job cuz I spent so much and advertising for a new daughter cuz her mother went bonkers at IKEA!) . . .


Shelly said...

Oh my Stars! Not sure if you Deleted my post where I was trying to be witty after your post on my WBC site,,,,,,or whether you just didn't recieve it! Did the post not go through or did I offend your graces???? Oh lord, hope not! You are a whoot, too!
Following,,,,and have a great "unbirthday!:

BECKY said...

You are too funny! My girls think I am nuts, too! The 24 yo gave me $60 for my birthday but would only give it to me if I told her it was going to my camera and not "junk"! HA!!! I am honoring that, and haven't bought any junk with it!

Have fun shopping!! Could I use that photo as a button in my sidebar? I love it and the saying!! So true! Life is too short!!


Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Connie,
congrats on your big milestone 100 post almost there. Just wanted to wish you good luck for the treasure hunt. Have a great time.Hugs,

Home and Heart said...

LOL! I have sons. EVERYTHING I like is junk according to them. I also hear a lot of "Let me guess, you're going to paint it white." Said in a disgusted teen boy voice. Congrats on the treasures!

Anonymous said...

Oh- and my son has given up on ever having a "normal" non-embarrassing parent.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on find THE treasure store amidst all those antique places.
I would have gone over to the other woman and started talking juncque. Then if you saw her again she might feel you deserved a discount on her good finds.
Have fun at the 'Lakes.

Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

Oh Connie, Me loving your finds! Right up my alley as well...you done good! What kind of letters are in that jar? They look yummy. Love the chippy letters forming the words ACT OLD LATER. Such a wise message and I'll have no problem heeding its wisdom! ha! Happy and safe travels and big warm wishes of happiness on your summer birthday! Xo, Sue

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Congrats on getting close to 100 post!!! I love all the treasures you found... I especially love the old scales! Blessings~~~Daphne

BECKY said...

Hey gal! I made that button with your photo and it links to you!! I love it!! Thanks so much! It makes me smile! Have a great day!

Lanette of Cottage Elements said...

Connie, I must have missed you! I was only at the Flea in the morning. At least you had pretty good weather, and few storms! It's been a busy summer for that. I love scales, too, and have quite a few. There was one at the Flea I went back to get and it had sold. Did you buy it??? Congrats on your milestone. I'm now working towards my 200th!

Cassie Shella said...

You look like you had so much fun and what great stuff! Is that a mason jar full of old match boxes? Going "junking" is one of my favorite hobbies, and the hubby puts up with it because I can spend very little money and come away happy! Have a Blessed week!

Barbara Jean said...

What great finds!!!

I LOVE the old scales, and the vignette in the last picutre!

Soooo glad you came by so I could find your great blog.

And, I'm like you say in your header; Trying everything I can. =) (then teach others what I have learned)

Good luck on the game.


barbara jean

Obee Designs said...

Hi Connie,
Thanks for becoming a follower of mine, that is so nice of you :)
Your new little granddaughter is just adorable! I'm sure you are so proud and having fun with her.
I like you photo with the saying ACT OLD LATER, that is too cute!!
I will be back to visit again soon. It is so nice to meet you!