Monday, September 13, 2010

I feel special . . .

. . . because of the gifts I have recently received.  Just because I stated in my last post that I loved giveaways, the giveaway gods looked down kindly at me and blessed me.  Look what I won!

The most fabulous pillow made from the most fabulous fabric by the most fabulous Michelle of Petite Coterie.

A gorgeously wrapped package from Rhonda at A Little Bit French.

With this gorgeous piece of fabric collage!  What can I say but ooh-la-la!

And these wonderful bits and baubles from my wonderful friend Lynn of Trash to Treasure Arts fame!  And get this . . . she sent all of this wonderfullness for NO REASON AT ALL!  I'm humbled, I really am!  I LOVE this bloggy world!  Thank you ladies!

I have been playing with my fancy, schmancy camera so you have to endure some of my practice shots.  Wouldn't some of them look really professional with some Photoshop textures?  If I knew how to do Photoshop textures, that is!

Okay, that's all.  If you looked at them at all, thank you! 

Thanks to all of you who answered so many of my questions from my last post.  You are now considered my 'go-to' people on all things blogging so be prepared to help a poor girl out again!

I'll be leaving for Junk Bonanza on Wednesday and I won't be back to my computer until Sunday.  Do you think I'll find anything worthy to bring back to the farm?  Do you think I'll have room in the car for all my purchases?  Do you think I'll spend every last dime I take along?  Uh, yup (except maybe the car thing.  Don't you think I should take the pick'um up truck?)!

Minnesota . . . here I come again!

PS  ~ to Suz and Miss Iowa.  Please leave me the names of your blogs!  Can't find you anywhere!  Another one of those bloggy things I don't know about.


Home and Heart said...

Congrats to you!! Some yummy goodies!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Connie,
what a lucky girl you are!! Love all the goodies you won and your photos are just amazing.Have a great time at Junk Bonanza and better take the pick up truck!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Congrats! Those are some great goodies! Your fancy camera took some great photos! Can't wait to see what you bring back! Good Luck Hunting!

Rhonda said...

Oh Connie, you photo is so much better than I could capture. My camera was having issues that day on my blog.

Thank you so much for posting about the collage.

Laurel said...

Lucky you...and I think your photos look wonderful just the way they are! Have fun at JB, I'm hoping for a truck load too! Luckily there's always enough to go around ;) Laurel@chippingwithcharm

Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

Connie! Safe travels to you as you venture to MN {my old stomping grounds for 16 years!}. I had so hoped to be heading there myself to take in Junk B. but it wasn't meant to be. So go ahead and find all the best stuff...! tee hee! Love your photos you took. Check out Kim Klassen's Photoshop course for beginnners when you return from JB and catch your breath. Great prizes you won as well, girlie! Xo, Sue

The Whistle Stop said...

Yes... yes... yes... !!! You'll need the pick up! Last year being my first time to the Bonanza. I was overwhelmed! I went to sell... and tried not to buy a lot, but even if I had an unlimited budget it would of been hard to know what to spend my money on. There were so many great things!
Your photo's are wonderful! I'm hoping Santa bring me a new camera this Christmas!
Have a great time! Can't wait to see what you bring back and all your pictures!

Anonymous said...

Connie, what lovely photos! And you are so lucky with your blogging friends. :-)
Hugs, Diane

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

What yummy treasures you received. I just love all the pictures that you took, their just gorgeous! Hope you have fun at the Junk Bonanza, and for sure take the pick um up truck!!! Blessings~~~ Daphne

BECKY said...

Lucky You!!! What fun to win! And then to have a wonderful surprise too?!! That's awesome! I have an envy problem...with Junk Bonanza! Take LOTS of pics so I can feel like I was there!! ENJOY!!!

peggy gatto said...

love your pictures!!!!
Could I photoshop the grass 1 and send you a copy, just for fun?

Angela said...

Hi, I just hopped over from VintageSusie and as I scrolled down I related to so many things you said. So I'm your newest follower!!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Hi Connie! I also came over from Vintage Susie and I also like your blog so much! I am one of your newest followers! Love your posts and the camera strap you made. So cute. I also shoot with a my camera.

Charlene said...

I saw that adorable MAGIC camera strap you made for my friend Susie & you did an amazing job!!!! I'll get to see it when she is flashing all those photos in Round Top because we'll be together. How sweet of you to make that for her. She was THRILLED! And have fun on your trip. Your photos you shared are beautiful. I love to take photos but, need practice & Photoshop lessons I think. Charlene

Katsui Jewelry said...

I am trying to do my own Google Reader and I guess it cancels out me!
Here I am


Just trying to create my own identity ;-)

Love your piccies. They don't need any fancy screen. I am trying to learn how to do Easy Photoshop...don't have it down yet!

Take care!

Flowermouse Design said...

I just came over from Craftymoose to your blog. And it was a great joy to find you!!! I´m looking forward to follow your blog - and see your creative journey!!!! said...

I wish I knew how to do photoshop! Hey, your photos are just lovely!

stefanie said...

what gorgeous pictures!!!!! I need to learn, but I am easily sidetracked...hahaha, thanks so much for the sweet comment you left me!

La Dolce Vita said...

hi! thanks for stopping by Bell'Antico! so nice to meet you and I heart your blog too!

JoAnne said...

Connie,you are special (and LUCKY girl)! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my Spooky Monday stuff.

Lynn Stevens said...

Connie, I don't know how I missed this post! I do hope you had a great time at junk bonanza, be sure and show us all your pictures with your new camera! You are such a Dear! Hugs Lynn

Diane said...

Connie...First of all if you want to know more about Photoshop, you may want to take lessons with Susan Tuttle (
(who I adore) and have taken two online classes from =) I know D.J.Pettitt also teaches online!
P.S. Your gifts are all divine! Woopiee !!

Donna said...

Thank you for entering my little giveaway and coming to read my blog now and then! Congrats on your recent wins. Oh, I'd love to have a patriotic pillow like that!

Very pretty pictures too! Yes, applying textures would quite fun! There is a link on my sidebar to ShadowHouse Creations, where you can get free textures and instructions on how to apply them in photoshop. I am quite addicted to such embellishments!

Cassie Shella said...

What great stuff! And your photos are wonderful- you did a really nice job. I hope you have a great time at Junk Bananza and take lots of pictures with your new camera.

Jill said...

Congratulations on the prizes! I really love your first shot. The old abandoned place just peaking above the hill--awesome! AND, I'm jealous that you went to JB! Looking forward to your post on it!