Wednesday, November 17, 2010

140 down, 500 to go . . .

. . . delicious Lutheran pies, made lovingly by good Lutheran women!

Rhubarb and a few apple pies today.  Peach, cherry and the rest of the apple pies later. 

Fellowship with other women always accompany playing with pie crust (which is made with 7-Up!).  We talk about our kids, our grandkids and some even speak proudly of great-grandkids.  We talk about the 'olden' days and about people who have come and gone in our lives.  We even gossip just a little, but being in the church kitchen, we sneak looks over our shoulders to see who is listening. 

There is nothing more satisfying than a good morning's work.  Knowing you contributed to a worthy cause.  Feeling that life's problems have been discussed thoroughly and solved satisfactorially.  We have caught up with each other and can go on with grateful hearts for our church family and our friendships.

Thanksgiving tables will be laden with pie. Each buyer has permission to take the credit and can honestly announce that the pie was made from scratch.

I don't like pie.

I have been burning the midnight oil sewing.  I have been invited to show my wares at an open house with 18 other vendors.  Oh dear!  I can't tell you how anxious I am.  I have sold so many of my creations this year that I can hardly keep up but I am still amazed that anyone wants the stuff I make.  Wish me luck girls!  If nothing sells, I guess I'll have a series of giveaways before Christmas!   

Better get back to work . . .


vintagesusie & wings said...

OK, number 1: How in the Good Lords Name can you not like PIE!!! Pie...OMGoodness, so that's what happened! I got my own love for pie & then I got all of YOUR love for pie too. I can eat enough pie for both of us..LOL
Plus you can make your very OWN pies?? & still don't like them? It just doesn't seem fair, a silver lining is around every cloud, if I could bake fabulous pies, I'd probably weigh somewhere around 400lbs! I truly have a love of pie!
Big Flour Covered Fingered Hugs,

The French Bear said...

Ha ha, that is priceless!! Just looking at all those pies makes me miss my old church family even more!!!! Those were the days, I loved ladies time out for crafts and bible study, the Christmas dinner, which the pastor and his wife cooked for the congregation!!!
I bet you had so much fun!!! Do we get to see what sewing you have been doing? Hopefully you have time to rest in between!
Margaret B

Linda said...

OH that IS a lot of pie baking! Good luck on your sale!!

Joanna said...

What a wonderful tradition you have shared with us - and there is so much pie!

Good luck with the preparations for the open house - I'm sure it'll be a sell out (though selfishly speaking I'd rather have the pre-Christmas give-aways!!).


Home and Heart said...

Those pies look DELISH!! I miss good ol' fashion bake sales!! ( Any chance of sharing the 7up crust recipe?)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Pfft! If nothing sells! Your beauties will fly right off the table and into someone's waiting arms. Good Luck!

(I love pie--they look really tasty! Can I have your piece?)

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Honey what a wonderful post. Loved stopping by here tonight. Of course now I am hungry. lol
glad you had such a wonderful day

Suz said...

You are cracking me up! You don't like pie? I wish that was my problem. I love pie too much. And cake. And cupcakes. And all sorks of sweets!!! I love the Lutheran fellowship. I have been Episcopalian, Lutheran and now, Congregationalist. Go figure!

I have missed you!


Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

Connie, Do Lutheran pies taste different than say Catholic, Presbyterian, Baptist, or even Methodist pies? ha ha! What a labor of love. I grew up in a Lutheran church in the Midwest so I remember quite well the days of the ladies of the church gathering to take on some big project. I didn't even think they did those kinds of things anymore! I'm kind of with you on the pie thing...once in a while, but it has to be a really, really good pie! I'd rather save my splurge calories for something with chocolate! LOL!

Katsui Jewelry said...

bless your sweet heart for stopping by, honey. I may need your good listening skills!

Ann said...

It looks so delish...
and filled with love:)

Nice post...