Monday, January 10, 2011

Adventures in bridal fairs {part 1} . . .

. . . the wedding planning begins.  And we quickly realize that we don't know anything about planning a wedding.  What to do - what to do?  Why, we begin by going to the first of many, many, many bridal fairs that are happening!  The one we planned on attending was 2 hours away and after getting up at 6:00 to be ready to leave by 7:00 and plowing snow 15 miles to the nearest highway, we decide that the snow storm that was in progress was going to hinder us in our search for tulle.  So we trudge back home, disappointed, but determined to find an outlet for our wedding hyped-up attitudes.  Lo and behold, there is another fair only 40 miles away.  We'll risk life and limb traveling on trecherous roads for 40 miles (which only took about 1 1/2 hours to get there)!

There were photography vendors, invitation vendors, venue vendors and dress vendors.  But, where did we start?  Why, the cake vendors, of course!  Never mind that there is no date set, no reception hall booked, no colors chosen, no dress even considered.  We Wanted To Find Cake!

Can you choose a cake and design a wedding around it?

If I had to choose, this would be my pick.  Simple and elegant.  And white!

  (But I don't get to choose.  It is not my wedding.  I'm already having a hard time keeping my mouth shut.  I'm trying to wait until my opinion is asked for.  Oiy vay, this may be the hardest thing I have ever had to do!)

Cookies would be so much fun!

Or are they passe'?

(It is just that frosted sugar cookies are MY absolute favorite!  Oh yeah, already forgot.  It is not my wedding!)

Cake pops on a stick.  Or too 'kid party'?

And the ever popular cupcakes.

Sometimes it is not good to have so many choices!

Really girls - we could use some wedding planning tips.  What did you find absolutely necessary?  What would you do without?  What was a big hit?  What didn't work?

Now, for some reason I'm craving a piece of cake . . .


Linda said...

I know what you mean...sometimes too many choices, makes it too hard to make a decision! We have a wedding coming up soon, too, but I'm just going with the flow, too!

Vintage Style Downunder said...

Oh my goodness...WELCOME TO MY WORLD!! Had two..yes, that's right...TWO of my 'children' get married this year! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING OF??!! Our middle daughter first in April then our only son, the eldest, in October...phew! I SOOOOO know what you're talking about..."its not my wedding..learning to wait till opinion asked for...learning to keep mouth shut..."..sigh! WHAT THE HANG?? It is totally not easy! But it is a lot of fun!...I'll be enjoying watching your progress! Happy to offer any tips..will give it some thought...downunderstyle!!
blessings...exciting times
jessie xx

Lynn Stevens said...

Well, it seems congrats are in order! I've never planned a wedding, sorry I'm no help. Those are some amazing cakes and I've never seen so many cool ideas. Who would have thought.....
Have fun with all the upcoming plans. It looks like fun!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

My opinion won't count for much since I got married 19 years ago and in the East (NY State)...With a big Italian Family on my husband's side, a small Italian Family on my side, it was almost like...My Big Fat Italian Wedding! We had the wedding cake plus a Venetian hour filled with about 15 Italian specialties--much of which ended up in our freezer! The dress was easy--I knew it when I saw it!

diane cook said...

Oh, I would have a hard time too! And, wedding cake is my absolute favorite cake!!

Suz said...

Ok, girl. Now I want cake for breakfast and it is all your fault ;-)
This looks like so much fun. It also looks like a lot of work! Wasn't it easier when we got married? None of these incredible options.

We are in Palo Alto now where Jud will get his radiation. He is feeling pretty good. Chemo nausea gone and this stage not started. We will have ten winder fun days with his family in Mesa!

didn't mind leaving all of that snow at all!

Big hugs,

The Little Red Shop said...

Oh, what a sweet adventure. My cousin's eldest daughter just got engaged and is currently away at school (where she met her fiancé). So, my cousin, my auntie, and the bride-to-be's li'l sis went to the wedding show over the weekend...without the happy couple!

What fun!

: )

Julie M.

Trisha said...

Oh I LOVE weddings!! Especially all the planning that comes along with it!!


jenn said...

Well, since you were at my wedding :) you everything about it (especially my mom's point of view) Seriously though, I just kept telling myself it wasn't about the wedding, it was about the MARRIAGE. That kept things in perspective when it all seemed crazy.

Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

I haven't seen wedding cookies before - great idea. YES, I think you can design a wedding around the cake..... So many choices.