Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rediscovering McCoy . . .

I've collected McCoy pottery for a long time.  Before it got popular.  Before it got hard to find.  Before it got so expensive.  All of my pieces have been housed in a curved-glass hutch.  I very seldom even notice them.  And I sure as heck don't dust them!  But since I've jumped on the white/cream/taupe bandwagon, I'm rediscovering them as the beautiful pieces they are.  Here are 3 pieces that I grabbed just for White Wednesday at Faded Charm

I also have a vast collection of the green/turquoise McCoy.  I'll have to show you that in a future post.  There are many duplicate pieces that I hope to sell someday.  Yeah, that etsy shop is still on the horizon!  My daughter has dibs on the green McCoy and my daughter-in-law will inherit the white.  They decided that, not me!  I'm glad my pieces will be treasured someday!  I'll haunt them if they ever get rid of my collections!

I received many sweet comments concerning my birthday gift to myself.  This oh-so-darling wreath was made by Judy of Iowa Junk Gypsies.  Someday, I'm going to one of their shows!  I mean, Iowa is right next to Nebraska, right?

Now, ya'll go make something beautiful so I can soak up some inspiration!


La Dolce Vita said...

darling wreath and the mccoy pieces are exceptional!

Angela said...

I love McCoy also and those pieces are great! I've never seen the gorgeous one with three feet.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Connie,
the mccoy pieces are gorgeous! Have a wonderful day.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Your McCoy pieces are so pretty! I love the whites!!

Shelly said...

Lovin' the Mc Coy! Lovely! I wish I had a collection as well!

However,,,,I DO have a good selection of Fiesta Ware. It's the first thing I ever started collecting, because I absolutely LOVED it as a Kid!

Some of my earliest memories were heading to Eastern Washington-Near Yakima where my grandparents had a farm. Now, growing up on "the OTHER side of the Mountains-near Seattle,,,,our weather was entirely different. Yeah, well, you probably guessed-Tons of Rain,,,and dark drizzly days. But all the disappeared when we went to my "Oma and Poppy's. It was DRY there,,,,and either sunny and HOT or Sunny/Snowy and Cold,,,kind of like Nebraska, actually!

Anyway,,as stated, one of my first memories was waking up in their little farm house kitchen,,,,,the sun shining through and a farm table set with Fiesta Ware. All bright and cheery on her homemade tablecloth.......

Eventually, I got those cheery dishes,,,,,and a tablecloth or two actually.

I started collecting, like you, long before there was any BIG value. I still have the dishes,,,and still love 'em!

Thanks for sharing YOUR memories and retreiving Mine!!!

Hugs and love,

T's Daily Treasures said...

I bet that green turquoise McCoy is gorgeous! I'm popping over from Marie's place where she posted about the lovely giveaway gifts she received from you. So many wonderful bits and pieces that I know she will use in many beautiful projects. Happy weekend wishes! Tammy

Karen said...

Hi Connie. Just discovered your blog...the McCoy title got to me as I collect white McCoy and Hull. Those are fabulous unique pieces! Mine have mostly been found at junk stores for very little money. I was tickled to see you are from NE as I live in Cherry County! Put you on my "favorites". Thanks for the inspiration.

Katie said...

Those are so simple and beautiful. You are lucky to have a collection. :0)

oldgreymare said...

Loving these vases - they would look good with their cousins that I own :D


Jerilyn McGee said...

Hi Connie
Lovely photo you have of the McCoys
I have the beautiful white vase on the right in your picture
I don't know what it is about McCoys that draws me to them. I seem to have radar and I can tell when I am near one
does that sound strange?
Good luck nice site,