Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I got nothing . . .

I'm in a funk.  Can't think of a thing to blog about.  Can't think of a project that I'm in the mood to tackle.  Can't even sit still long enough to get into a good book.

I'm a sunshine kind of gal.  If the sun don't shine, neither do I.  Oh, I love me a good storm when I can wrap up in a blanket and revel that I am safe at home but this January . . . enough is enough!

I've cut out a new quilt to start but I had to buy a kit!  Couldn't even concentrate long enough to choose my own fabric.  And I have stacks and stacks of fabric!  Have so many ideas and started projects but, well, I'm just in a funk.

I have spent hours and hours on the computer.  Doing boring stuff like taxes and business statements.  My eyes are glazed over!  Oh, but I have visited some wonderful new blogs and my favorites and follower lists are getting way out of hand.  One blog leads me to another and then another . . . you know how it is!  So many creative people out there.  So many really cool ideas.  So many motivated bloggers that actually get things done.  I should quit reading them.  It just makes my funk . . . well, funkier! 

Tell me . . . how do you motivate yourself?

xo  -- Connie


Tara said...

Girl, I know what you mean. There are so many great blogs, so little time. Things get neglected around here when I start blogging! Like supper, which needs to be on the table right now. Oh well, hubby is working late tonight, so I can eat when I get ready. Love your blog. Some days are just funk days. Maybe tomorrow will be better. I am so busy at work this week, I haven't had time to get in a funk. But, believe me, I have had my days this winter...ready for some SUNSHINE!!! Our body needs that Vitamin D.
Love your blog! So glad I found it.

Linda K said...

I SO UNDERSTAND THIS! All I want to do is sit and read or curl up in bed and read these days. And, I never can figure out how I get out of a funk; it just happens sooner or later. Good going on the new quilt!

The Little Red Shop said...

Please don't let the blog world get you down. No one is as put together as they seem... Did you know that the act of grinning actually makes you feel better?

Wishing you a happy sunny day!

: )

Julie M.

Jeanette said...

I get those same feelings when the sun hides for a few days. I read a funny book, that lifts my sprits.

Valarie said...

I can totally relate to you. It is gloomy and cold in Colorado, I wouldn't mind if it snowed, but nothing but cold. I am having a giveaway, maybe that will warm your heart!!
xxoo Valarie

Nelly said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower! I can so relate to this post! I'm there a lot lately myself and I know its because of the winter time too. I'm not a lover of cold weather, snow, ice. YUK! I am hoping others can give me ideas on how to motivate myself, I don't seem to have much luck other than sometimes, I just force myself to create. Its not easy though.

Tara said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for the get well wishes. It is so gloomy and rainy outside. Great day to lay around and be lazy. Not good for my house though. Need to be cleaning, but really feeling like it. Maybe tomorrow!
You asked about a Neti Pot. It is a little pot you put warm water with a salt solution in it. You pour it through your nose to clean out your sinus passages. Feels weird, but good.

Diana said...

The sun will come out tomorrow, tomorrow! Is that a song??


Come see me sometime.

Shabby Cottage Collectibles said...

Hi Connie,
Just found your blog today and have enjoyed looking around and finding out more about you! You and I share the same birthday January 7th! Happy Birthday a little late. I didn't even blog on my birthday because I was in such a funk. It has not snowed here in PA for awhile and that is great so I've been out a little more. Wishing you a sunny week! Warm hugs, Esther