Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Letting go . . .

How are you?  I am fine.

I always started my letters to my grandparents that way when I was a little girl.  And they saved each and every one of my letters.  Oh, how I wish I had those letters now!  But we all know about the things we have tossed and wished now that we would have kept.

(My baby dresses.  As old as they are, I suppose they are considered antiques!)

As I go through my closet and pile my 'when I worked full time at a professional office' clothes for Goodwill, I cringe.  Did I really have this many clothes?  Did I really spend this much on clothes?  Was I really that little?  But the good side is - I will never wear panty hose ever again!!!  Clothes are not something that I will regret getting rid of!  But those letters . . .

What do you regret not having anymore?

Now that my closet is half empty, I think I should go shopping . . .

xo  --  Connie


Gwen in Michigan said...

Letting go brought a smile to my is indeed hard to let go of some things. I really miss being able to buy and wear beautiful high heel shoes. sigh I used to have many pairs in my working days. What feels best now is what we used to call 'Grandma's Army boots'. High tops that lace up.......also, bare foot when possible.
Thanks for letting us peak in your closet.

I found you throuugh Linda K., a dear friend.

Leann said...

What a post! It brings so many things to mind...When my g-mom died we went through her house so fast (1 week to clean it out). I know that there were so many treasures that went into the trash.

I love the baby gowns - too sweet!

Nelly said...

Hi Connie -- You are indeed in time for my giveaway, so you're in. Thanks for becoming my newest follower. I'm enjoying your blog as well. Oh, and about regretting what I got rid of, are so many, many things, esp. those from my childhood. One of them especially are beautiful albums packfull of those gorgeous glittered stickers from Germany. I used to collect those in my home country, Argentina and when we moved to the states, we left so many things back.