Saturday, January 9, 2010

I know you've all been waiting . . .

I drew the winner the hard way.  Wrote them all down, cut them apart and put them in the magic bowl.  No impersonal random generator for me! 

Linda at Unlimited Possibilities - you are the WINNER!!
(Send me your address and you can look forward to a little sumpin, sumpin in the mail.)

Thank you to all of you who left a comment!  I met some really nice bloggers and really, isn't that the point of a giveaway!  I visited you all and left a comment on your blogs too.  If I didn't, come back to visit me and give me a good cussin' out!  I hope we can become good blogging friends! 

The birthday was a bust (my new July birthday will be sooooo much better!) but the snowplow just went by and I am out the door . . .

xo  --  Connie


Tara said...

Congrats to Linda K! Gearing up to have a giveaway myself soon. When I hit 100 posts and 50 followers! Not far away either. Woo Hoo.

vicki said...

Your blog is beautiful - I am gaga over that garland of stars from music papers! How creative are you!
Thanks so much for visiting me at my blog and for leaving a little note on my knitted birds nest give away - I had NO idea they would be so popular!

Stay Warm - I will visit again!
Vicki (2 Bags Full---)

The Little Red Shop said...

Best wishes for the new year and congratulations to Linda!

: )

Julie M.

Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

I missed this one but hope to catch the next giveaway! Happy New Year Linda!

Lyneen said...

Connie is one lucky lady to win that bag, CONGRATS

and yes today is my Big Day, thanks for stopping by and saying hi.

Diana said...

Congrats to her!!

Sarah said...

Connie I am happy to hear that Linda K won the give away! I read her blog all the time. Must say yours is very attractive and well done.

Snowman Hill said...

Congrats to her! Stop over sometime! Krista