Saturday, August 14, 2010

Isn't the 13th next week?

I almost missed Shelly's (Bungalow Bling) Hoarders and Crafts Gone Bad Event!  Now, alot of the time I feel like the picture above.  Why can't I get rid of this crap or at least have a system where everything is in it's own place.  A place where I can still see it (or else I forget about it), find it (because nothing drives me crazier than lost items) or, most importantly, USE the darn stuff!  Hello!  My name is Connie and I am a PROCRASTINATOR!  (Now, that would be an event - something you have all the supplies for but just haven't finished (or even started!)) Anywho, I just took a few pics of the room that I happen to be in at the moment to show you what I live with.  I'm not as bad as some but I sure am worse than alot of people I know!  But then, they don't have the precious treasures (junk!) that I have!

My fabric stash . . . well, at least some of my fabric stash.  Hello!  My name is still Connie and I am also a FABRIC-AHOLIC!

My workplace, ahh, work bed.  At least most of the fabric is folded.  Yeah for me!  These aren't even works in progress . . . just ran out of room in the drawers!

Just a pile of stuff.  Don't know where to put them, don't want to throw them out or, for heaven's sake, put them into some kind of storage!

And this?  These are items I brought home from LAST YEAR'S Junk Bonanza!  This year's Junk Bonanza is 4 weeks away!  Yup, I need more stuff!  Just to let you know a little secret about me, I painted a room downstairs over a year ago and still have not hung one thing on the walls.  Some of these things belong in that room, to be hung on the walls.  Hello!  My name is and has always been Connie and I CANNOT COMMIT!

Please don't think too harshly about me (or my housekeeping).  It's just that I hop and skip from one project to another very, very quickly.  I have a need to try new things immediately, leaving messes in their wake.  Oh, and the crafts that go bad?  I throw them away.  After seeing one gorgeous creation after another on YOUR blogs, I don't want to see my failures!

Disclaimer:  All of these pictures are from one room upstairs.  I want you to know that my downstairs living quarters are as neat as a pin.  My OCD doesn't allow clutter down there!  But I do have another room upstairs that may be just a little bit worse so, you see, I still have a major hoading problem!

Now, off I go to organize.  Seeing these disasters in photos makes me cringe!  Next year, Where Women Create will be knocking at my door!  lol !

Go do something that makes you happy this weekend . . .


Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

Oh my goodness, Connie! If I hadn't read it all with my own eyes I might be a bit skeptical. But now... Now I know it must be true. We are related. DNA strands eerily similar. And you know what's worse? There are all kinds of relatives we've yet to identify & meet who suffer, I mean, who are gifted with these same traits.

Sorry to interupt your organizing time as I know how one little distraction has the potential to send you sailing in the opposite direction of where you were originally headed...LOL! Great post! What else can we do but have a good laugh and aspire to "work on it" all...maybe a little divine intervention too...Xo, Sue

Craftymoose Crafts said...

OH you are too funny, LOL. You think you are the only hoarder? The rest of us are just not brave enough to admit it.

Maybe there is a 12 step program for us hoarders to help us use everything up! I'm first on line.

Shelly said...

Connie!!!!!! I love you MORE now than ever!

Girlfriend, I too have a fabric stash! My first job? I worked in a Fabric store! I STILL have fabrics from the ahem...70's that are in a cabinet in my Studio! Wait they're Vintage now, I'll have to re-evaluate!

I'm LOVING that Black and Creme quilt! Is that a work in progress, or completed? Gorgeous!

I think we SHOULD have a Procrastinators Event! Ummmm When we get around to it! LOL
Let's think on that one and maybe your blogging skills are better intune...I'll be your assistant!

I also Go from one idea to another...I get a bit ADD and want to make 10 things at once. Sometimes I just stand in the Studio and listen to the creative cogs in my head fizzle! Said to self: "I wanna try this,,,I wanna make this,,,ooh, THIS could be fun!" I create havoc and clean up and organize the NEXT day I'm going to start in the the after effects of such days are um,,,,NOT TOO TIDY!

You can come stay in my messy guestroom anytime missy! I promise the rest of the UPSTAIRS is organized...and relatively clean. Okay,,,since it's true confessions,,,you might see a SMALL hairball under a dresser or behind a door,,,,,,,,HEY, I have 4 animals, it's an ongoing battle!

Oh my stars, it is hotter than a match head here! We're breaking records in Washington State!

Enjoy the rest of your weeken!

Hugs and Love,

Lynn said...

Love it! Confession is good for the soul, you know......

Lynn Stevens said...

I wish i had fabric to stash, dosent look that bad really!

Home and Heart said...

You are a gal after my own heart!! I love EVERYTHING, and have a hard time parting with it!!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

What a funny post! And I am proud of you for being brave enough to show us pictures. But darling yours is not bad as mine. I too have a room upstairs that I would cringe if anyone opened the door. But in this ole 100 year old farm house there are no closets so when I give up I throw it up there. haha
Thanks for joining my site

Cassie Shella said...

Oh Connie I think your room looks lovely! Great artists surround themselves with their mess. If it were perfectly neat one might think you never go in there. Have a great week and try not to tidy up too much...

Shelly said...

Event over,,,,,but I've just gotta say...I Love you GF! You are dear, funny and well,,,,just my kind of Gal!

Thanks for sharing! (Let's talk about the procrastinators event and do it BIG TIME!)

Love you to pieces Connie Girl!

Vintage Sandy said...

Oh Connie thank you thank you thank you I love the bag & all the goodies inside♥

Katsui Jewelry said...

You are just hilarious. I can relate. I have two craft rooms in my house (yes, I am a collector of craft supplies) one for beads and one for paper (oh, and fabric and books and...). I always shudder when I see the hoarders show come on but I am also almost OCD about the rest of the house and am the resident nag when it comes to helping. I am going to go check out the rest of these people...I think i have found my tribe!