Monday, August 9, 2010

To market we will go . . .

. . . to the farmer's market!  In the big city!  I'll just let you look at the pictures.

You still have a chance to enter my giveaway (here)!  Right up until I publish all the comments and find the winners!  I get to have the J-man all day tomorrow so I don't know how much computer time I will have.  But by Wednesday morning at the latest, you will know if your comment  was one of the lucky numbers!

Can't wait to find my lucky ducks . . .


Reinspire said...

Wow! What a nice market! Would love to stroll along!

stefanie said...

how fun!!!!
come by my blog and email me with your address and which sand dollars you would won some!

Linda said...

This looks like a fun market with lots of goodies!

The French Bear said...

How fun is that! I am going to go to the market....if I can find one!
Margaret B

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Connie,
what a great market you got there.I too would love to stoll along.Are you still having fun with all your giveaway comments?
Have a great day.

Debra@Common Ground said...

Oh my goodness, this all has me drooling, especially those soldered charms!
And the cantaloupes, yummy!

Lynn Stevens said...

This looks like a wonderful Farmers market, We have one here that I haven't been to in years, guess its time I go pay a visit. Everything looks so yummy!