Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Without further ado . . .

#17 - Sandy from Vintage Sandy - the bag
#36 - Lynn from Trash to Treasure Art - the vase

and I put the names of those who blogged about my giveaway in a hat and drew out Debbie from Craftymoose Crafts.  Debbie will win another bag!  (sorry I don't have a picture, but I hope you like it!)

I hope I handled this giveaway fair and square but mostly I hoped you had fun commenting and entering as many times as you liked!

We all know why we blog. There are those that write much better than I and have expressed so eloquently what I feel about meeting all of you. You really have no idea what each comment means to me. You brighten my days! You inspire me to try new things! You show me that what I dream about is possible and all I need to do is try! You are people I hope to know better! And I strive to become as sweet, as kind, as encouraging as each and every one of you have been to me! And if you are a new follower - WELCOME! I hope you'll visit often! But if you have been a follower for awhile - THANK YOU! I cherish your friendship!

Now, go make someone else as happy as you've made me . . .


Craftymoose Crafts said...

This was really a lot of fun, and I am thrilled to have won! Congrats to Sandy & Lynn, too!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Connie,
you did a great job with your giveaway!
Congratulations to the lucky winners.

Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

What a sweet post, Connie! Bless your kind heart. Congratulations to all the lucky winners, but me thinks we all are winners for being blessed to have this blogging venue to meet kind souls and big dreamers like you! Xo, Sue

Lynn Stevens said...

I'm so happy to be one of your lucky winners! Wasn't it fun keeping it a secret and all the time knowing what was going on! LOl
Congrats to your other winners too!
hugs Lynn

Vintage Style Downunder said...

Hi Connie...thanks for stopping by my blog..and for your lovely comments. I'm LOVING this world of blogging...just as you said, it's people commenting that gives us the lift each day isn't it? It's sharing some caring! Like a friend just popped by to say hi, just because they can! I know I can't wait to open my inbox in the morning to see if anyone's "dropped by" and left me a wee message. It's lovely. :) Sorry I missed out on being a winner (how did that happen?! haha)..maybe another time. But i'm a winner anyway...getting to know all you amazingly creative women (mostly) on the other side of the world!
Have a blogalicious day!
blessings...jessie xx

The Whistle Stop said...

Hi Connie,
Thanks for stopping by! No, we are not going to do the Bonanza this year. I'm feeling like I'm missing all the fun though! Besides it meant me asking for too much time off of my school job. We decided it was better for business to do something close to home. So we are hoping the Qwest show will give us good exposure to people in the area. The Bonanza is a ton of fun though. Be prepared to be overwhelemed!!! I've never seen so much cool stuff in one place. I can't wait for all the picutres getting posted on the blogs so I can see what I missed. We are hoping to go on the Junk Jaunt though so we can buy!
Take care,

Linda said...

Thanks for such a nice giveaway, Connie~ congrats to the winners!

Createology said...

Congratulations to the lucky winners. Love love love your bag you gave away. Happy giveaway...

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Connie I love your site. Thank you for finding me so I could find yours.
Congrats to the winners...I know they are excited. Aren't giveaways a lot of fun. I am so happy when CSN gives me the opportunity to have one for them.
Looking forward to being your newest follower

The French Bear said...

Connie, this was such fun, and you were very generous. Congrats to the ladies who won!!!
Margaret B

Katsui Jewelry said...

Thank you, Connie. I am so glad to have found you. Yes, I am going back to Silver Bella. It was incredible. I am already stresssing over my swaps...but that's how I seem to do it. I am sewing for the first time in ages. The jewelry one doesn't stress me as much, but it is one-on-one so it better be good!!!

Shelly said...

Okay Connie! Come Clean,,,,Whaddya Got for my event? What do you Hoard? What have you created that went awry??? LOL

Misery loves company! I'd love to see what you've got to share!

Oh,,,and Congrats to my dear Blog Friend Lynn Stevens,,,,isn't she the BEST???

Now I've got to Email Maggie "Grandma Yellow Hair" and see what SHE has to come clean about! Don'tcha LOVE her? LOL

Come share,,,post, laugh, win!
Hugs and love and have a great weekend,,,,,I'm gonna be "cookin' my BUNS off in Joyworks,,,the little shop I work in,,,NO AC,,,,Ackk!
"I'll be Schmitzen like a Schmutzel" as my son would say!

Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

The bonanza and the junk jaunt - okay, miss connie, spill. i've never heard of either and they both sound like they have things just dying to join my crack house....LOL

ttfn, jan