Friday, March 4, 2011

Here's the deal . . .

. . .  on why I'm not on the computer lately. 

We've had alot of family gatherings in the last week.  Time consuming, but necessary.

I have a major tooth infection.  It is hard to type with one hand cradling my swollen jaw.  And yes, I was swollen all through the family gatherings.  I really just wanted to wear a sign explaining my tale of woe.  It was embarrassing enough walking around through the stares.  Can't have the tooth fixed until the infection is gone.

And my computer is in the hospital.  Poor thing.  It works so hard and finally just gave up, insisting on a rest.  So I have no pictures available to strut my stuff.  But I do have my ipod touch to keep in touch . . . somewhat.  Those teeny, tiny buttons make commenting almost impossible.

I know you miss me.  LOL!  But I'll be back soon.

Right now, I'm just living the life and struggling through my misfortunes.

ps ~~ I can still READ comments.  And I'll commisserate with your tales of woe if you want to share.


Joanna said...

Oh dear Copnnie, you are going through the wars at the moment. I hope everything, infection, tooth, family stuff, computer, is sorted out soon.

Looking forward to your triumphant return!


Marianne@RuffHaven said...

I feel your pain ! No really I do. I just went through a bit of a painful episode with a tooth last week. Hurt so much I couldn't think straight.
I hope you feel well enough to visit my blog next week and put your name in the hat for a HUGE give away... Something for everyone.
Hope that makes you feel a bit better.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Oh, I hope your tooth & computer are on the mend soon. Just what you didn't need at this time, I am sure. I only have good things to say right computer seems to be healthy, I seem to be healthy, and life, in general, is good! Feel better!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Oh Connie, I am so sorry about your tooth! Feel better soon.

Createology said...

So sorry you are having such pain. May your tooth heal quickly. May your computer get its much needed rest and get back to duty. Glad you let us know you are missing blogging.

Linda said...

OH Connie...doesn't sound fun at all! Hope you are feeling better soon!!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Connie,
hope you feel better soon - poor thing.
Sending big hugs,

Lisa said...

You just take it easy and rest! I know how those darn teeth can stop you from...everything. And yes, we miss you!!!!

Be well, and have a good weekend, get rid of the pain and it will be great!


Becky said...

I hope all will be better soon and that good things will come your way.

Alice said...

Ugh, tooth troubles are no fun. I hope you get it taken care of quickly and are back to normal in no time.

Betsy said...

I sure hope you're feeling better soon. It's bad enough to be in all that pain, but having your computer down and out too, who needs that?
Feel better soon:)