Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How to waste a whole day . . .

. . . so I get a phone call from my main man in the morning.  "The truck broke a (enter some word that I don't know what it means) and I need you to pick me up right away.  I'm 30 miles away and this corn needs to be delivered today."  I said "Sure honey, I'll just drop everything and be right there."  Nevermind the sarcastic mutterings I was thinking as I rushed to the pick-me-up truck, looking like my always beautiful self.  lol 

So I cheerfully dutifully pick him up, we get the truck to the nearest repair shop and were told that we needed to find a replacement for the pesky piece before it could be fixed and 'Linda' (that's what we call the truck) could once more be on the road to get that corn delivered.

That means that we off on the wild adventure to the auto salvage junkyard!  No, we couldn't swing by the house to change clothes.  No we couldn't stop by so I could get a book (I know how these trips are and I'll need a distraction).  We are in a hurry!

We are searching for a wheel doo-hinky.

I say "Here are a whole bunch of wheel doo-hinkys.  Pick one and let's get home."  He says "Those are tire thing-a-ma-bobs.  Not what we need." 

There was lots (and lots) of junk to look at.  Textures everywhere.  I did my darnest to find something I could repurpose, reuse, and turn into something fantabulous.  Who knew auto salvage junkyards carried only . . . well, auto junk.

This would be perfect on a wall.  See all of those holes that could be stuffed with paper roses!  I was told "We are not junking for YOU today.  Get in the pick-me-up truck and help me find that doo-hinky."

"Here's the doo-hinky!" I yell triumphantly.  Secretly, I'm hoping he will just bring this rusty, crusty, beautiful piece home for me.

"No, get away from that what-cha-ma-call-it.  The doo-hinky we need is on the BOTTOM of this pile."

Hoo-ray!  There she is folks!  The pesky piece that 'Linda' so desperately needs.  SIX. HOURS. LATER.  But whatever 'Linda' wants, 'Linda' gets!

I called this a wasted day.  Sure, I didn't get to fold clothes, make dinner, or any of the other mundane tasks on my list for the day but I got to spend the day in a JUNKYARD!  My need for rusty, crusty, don't know what I would do with it but I want it objects was fixed for awhile.  Sometimes, schedules get interrupted.  Such is my life!

Oh . . . and the corn did NOT get delivered today!  I'm not answering the phone tomorrow!


Joanna said...

Love the doo-hinky tale! Great photos too.

Have a great day tomorrow (and no, do NOT answer that phone!)


" SHABBY JUNK" said...

Great story! judy

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Your posts always make me smile! Glad Linda got her wheel doo-hinky and you discovered some great places to go treasure hunting!

Lee said...

Very funny- and I can so relate! PS- I really like the thingy with the holes- could be VERY cool! Too bad about the corn, does that mean you have to go with him tomorrow??

Lisa said...

I love it, when I laugh out load when no one is around! So is that do hicky thing called honey?
That junk yard, "Stuff" looks like art to me! Never mind, what Linda, needs!

Love it, Connie, love it!
lots of hugs,

Linda said...

Wow, look at all that beautiful junk...who would have thought it?

Tiffany Steers, Sylacauga, AL said...

What a funny and delightful the way, you are a great story teller! I AM YOUR NEWEST FOLLOWER! Thank you for sharing. I have enjoyed browsing your blog. I would love for you to visit me one day (after you fold the clothes,,,LOL) Tiff @

Paula ~ castleandcottagesigns said...

What a riot Connie! I can just see you walking around the junk yard...thinking of paper roses and rust:)
Hope Linda is feeling better!!

Jill said...

oh, I agree! Great textures and awesome pieces! So sorry none got to come home with you. To heck with the "other woman"!

Cindi @ Rustique Art said...

What a fun day! You know what I think was fabulous about this whole story...

is that you had enough fore thought to grab your CAMERA!!!!

a true blogger at heart!

Lynn Stevens said...

Great story Connie, sounds like a few I've spent with hubby looking some do-hicky or thing-a-ma-jig! LOL.
I hope he at least bought you lunch?

Thank you for the wonderful surprise in my mailbox! Your too kind and those flowers are awsome. I'll share a post soon
hugs Lynn

Lynn Richards said...

Love it. Who else but a blogger would drop laundry and take a camera to an auto junk yard??? Oh, and drop laundry to help her sweet husband...