Monday, March 14, 2011

Shopping for junk where I live . . .

. . . is virtually non-existent!  Oh, there are a couple of 'antique' shops within a 60 mile radius but I would call them more 'garage-sale' places.  Nothing wrong with that.  In fact, I'm constantly amazed at the treasures you all find at garage sales.  Blows my mind. The garage sales around here are mainly kid's clothes and toys.  There are actual 'antique' stores about 2 hours away but I don't get there very often.  And they don't usually carry the jumble of odds and ends that I crave.

That is why I get all tickled-pink, googly-eyed and jumping-for-joy crazy when I get to visit Cammie of Daffadowndilly's.  She has got a little bit (okay, alot) of everything!  She is a junker extraordinaire!  She finds secret stashes of the best junk ever!  She is a purveyor of wonderful ideas and items for Minnesota's Bachman House!  She is a Junk Bonanza original (I think) and is one of Ki's best buds!  Her photo is in the newest Flea Market Style magazine cuz she knows her junk!  I could have gotten her autograph in my mag but forgot it.  Next time Cammie!

Anyhoo, look at these photos and drool, all you who love junk!  And try to pick out the things I brought home with me.

This little stool is famous and was the center of attention on page 69 of Flea Market Style magazine.  I think it will be attending my daughter's wedding!

Cammie even allowed us to visit her inner sanctum where the creativity happens!   

So Cammie, if you are reading this, CALL ME when you are working around the shop!  I need to spend days in your shop so I can dig in every box, move things around to see what is on each shelf, and to pick your junk-lovin brain!  I may just move in for a week!  Sleeping amongst the beauty of cast offs - what could be better!

As you can see, my darling Dell is back and working her little hard drive off!  So many blog posts we missed.  So many comments left unwritten.  We'll be skipping through all of the loveliness that is blog land.  Together again! 



Laurel said...

Oooo la la...looks like my kinda place! Lucky you :) Laurel

Betsy said...

I would have brought all of these treasures home with me. I love picking through piles of hardware looking for jewels in the rough. I didn't get my junkin' fix this weekend, but sure enjoyed your pictures.

Linda said...

Cammie really does have great stuff! How fun!

Joanna said...

I'm drooling, I'm drooling - gorgeous junk, I'd love to have a rummage there.

I'm so glad you entered my giveaway, Connie. And thank you so much for putting that little blogiversary cupcake on your sidebar.

Good Luck!


Auntie Bliss said...

I have heard of that place somewhere. It looks like a nice place to dig!

Jill said...

I really want to waller through Cammie's someday too! Here is a link I bookmarked but haven't spent a whole lot of time on...maybe you'll find wedding ideas here though.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Beautiful junk!!! Glad your dell is back.
Have a great day.

Cammie said...

Thanks for the post Connie!! I did enjoy seeing you and Megan, you are both true junkers at heart. You can stop by anytime and visit me, if you want to stay there are a bunch of packing blankets you could snuggle into for a night, of course, among the junk!

Cindi @ Rustique Art said...

Let me guess...the cage looking thingy in photo #1 for sure, cuz I would have snagged it.
Then my rustique heart just burst when I got to photo #7...back the truck up and fill'r up!

you lucky duck...I wanna go there!

Auntie Bliss said...

The trees? For a future generation to sell and be quite comfy :)
Thanks for following me!

Cindy said...

I dream of going to places like this!! That looks like heaven to me! Great blog!