Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Minnesota whites . . .

. . . from our trip to the Bachman House.  The rooms were filled with spring flowers and the upstairs rooms were featuring pinks.  But I did manage to find a few of my favorite whites!

Bunnies greeted us at the door.

Simple, huh?

Where can I put a fireplace with a mantel in my old farmhouse that is full of doors and windows.  It is hard enough to find a space big enough for couches, tables and chairs let alone a fireplace but I would so love to tack up pages from an old book somewhere.

And what must it be like to have a space large enough to lean a big mirror.

I simply must find another lampshade skeleton to do this. 

This table top was just laid on top of two chairs.  Hard to see, I know, but what a clever idea!

I'll be showing photos of the more unusual ideas from this house later.

And I'm linking to Faded Charm's White Wednesday, of course.

Today it finally felt like spring.  80's by Saturday.  I cannot face wearing shorts quite yet!  Guess I'll have to shave my legs!  lol

Now, go make something beautiful!


Laurel said...

So very pretty...looks like you enjoyed yourself :) Laurel

Susanne said...

Oh, I can't hardly wait for more pictures of the idea house. If I lived closer I'd go there every season.

mercedes scott said...

I love this post! All the whites are so pretty... love the idea with the lamp shade frame!

Lynn Stevens said...

Wow, what great decor! Eye candy everywhere!
lamp shade is so cool, love the bunnies and that mirror swoon... can't wait to see the rest!
hugs Lynn

Joanna said...

Beautiful photos. The lampshade is brilliant!


Jill said...

That's awesome that you were able to go to the Bachman house! Looking forward to more pictures!

maureen said...

What lovely photos. Love the layers of white, and the clever use of vintage papers. How fun it must be to go there. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa said...

LOL! LOL!, I need to shave my legs too! I'm drooling over these photos, and one day, I'll have at least, one room picture perfect like these! Thanks for sharing and making this cloudy day bright!


JoAnne said...

How pretty Connie! Thanks for sharing those!

BECKY said...

Beautiful Connie! I would love to visit there! So much for the eye to behold! Looking forward to more!!
Have a fab day!

Donna said...

Very pretty touches! And I adore the bunnies!

Suz said...

That is simply wonderful, Connie. So close, and yet so far, Soon snow will be over and I can go see!

Southern Shop Girls said...

Hi Connie,

Oh my. What fabulous photos and a feast for the eyes.

I loved your profile - it could have been written by me - well except I have only 1 very busy little three year old grandson and no baby girls to spoil! Enjoy that, by the way.

Thanks so much for visiting Lulu's and becoming a follower. I am so looking forward to reading your blog and checking out blogs that you follow. I think I'm going to have a great time doing that!


susie said...

What a wonderful house to go visit so filled with amazing design ideas. I love the paper lampshade too, but with my luck I'd leave the light on over night & it would catch on fire!! lol
But I still want to try & make one!
Thank you for sharing all this sweet inspiration!!!

Linda said...

Your pics are looking so lovely, Connie...I'm planning to take some classes, too- it just looks like fun! Wasn't the house pretty? I am going for the second time tommorrow- took lots of close ups the first time, but no room shots...It's a good excuse for a second trip anyway LOL!