Monday, June 20, 2011

Shades of a truck . . .

. . . I learned a new skill and have a new 'time-consuming' love.  I finally took the time (yeah, I know the things that I SHOULD be doing but what the heck - I am the STAR of putting off doing the things I SHOULD be doing!) and figured out how to load 'actions' to Photoshop Elements.  Why did I wait so long to do this?  Because technology is not always my friend and I seem to create more computer glitches with my downloads than those that actually work.  But this was one of my successes!   All the time I have spent editing photos one layer at a time and now all it takes is one click to achieve perfect results!

This is my photo of an abandoned truck straight out of the camera.

Pioneer Woman's 'soft and faded' action.  All actions used are free for the taking so go and take!

PW 'colorized'.

The CoffeeShop blog 'vintage blush'.  Oodles and oodles of actions can be found here.  With tutorials!  Gotta love that!

PW 'heartland'.

PW 'sepia'.

PW 'black & white'.

I'm always amazed at the creativity, talent and generosity of fellow PSE users.  And I'm constantly amazed how PSE can transform even my very unprofessional photos into pictures I'm not embarrassed to show. 

My daughter has asked me to create a 'blurb' book with their engagement photos as a guest book for their wedding.  We are even going to be doing a photoshoot and I am taking the photos!  Brave, brave, naive couple!  Not to worry, they will also have professional photos taken but not those cute ones that are all over the wedding blogs.  Those are my job!  Wish me luck and if you have ever done a 'blurb' wedding guest book, I'd appreciate any tips!

Better get back to my Photoshop practice!

Now, which truck would you like to ride in the parade?


Linda said...

Fun! I need to check out her actions! Thanks for sharing! I think you'll have a blast with the wedding photos!

Laurel said...

Yay for you...I am impressed with your photo skills :) Laurel

Jill said...

Connie, I know when Lauren made hers she searched so she knew which type of paper to choose so that it doesn't smear when they write on it. We also bought the recommended pens they suggested. I'm pretty sure she found all of the info. on Blurb. (Love your truck!)

Donna said...

Isn't it fun?! I use actions every now and then. it's fun to see how things turn out with them!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Good for you! I think all the photos look just great. Thank you for your kind words last week--much needed & much appreciated.

blossoms vintage chic said...

Hi Connie, I'm in love with your beautiful blog...and your newest follower! Your photos are wonderful...and that vintage truck is to die over! Looking forward to visiting again soon!

Rebecca said...

Love what you've done, Connie! LOVE IT!

We are on our way back up to Nebraska around the 4th of July. We were just there last month but this time it won't be as sad of a trip. Looking forward to some down-time and pursing some fabulous haunts along the way!

Any ideas of great places to stop? We are coming up from Oklahoma en-route to Gothenburg!

Love to you~


Anonymous said...

This looks like fun. Someday I will get to try this out...and then I won't want to quit!

Kim -Truly Tattered said...

Hi Connie, Way to go on the photoshop! That truck picture is so cute I would frame it! Or make cards out of it.
I hope you know by now you are the winner of the chalk Paint and the treasure box. Congratulations and I am so happy I now know about your blog. I will be back often!

maureen said...

Oh my I love that old truck. And aren't actions the most fun? I often try everyone I have before deciding on one.

Lisa said...

Gorgeous! You did a fantastic job! I too, cause to many glitches, I have to keep reminding myself...kiss! I always think it has to be complicated!

Weddings are great for perfection...I'd have my nails down to the quick!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Thanks for the info and I am on my way to check it out. I especially love the soft and faded action. Great job with the photos.

Lynn Stevens said...

Hey Connie ,you are so far ahead of me, I don't even have photoshop. LOL Awesome pics!
Have a great time doing the wedding pics and be sure and share them with the rest of us!
hugs Lynn

Lynn Stevens said...

p.s. Thanks for posting my giveaway, wink wink. and best of luck!
hugs Lynn

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Oh,I'm just sooo impressed,Connie!!!TFS.
Have a great week.