Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sneaky peeky . . .


First of all, let me give you a hint at how my daughter and I have gone about planning our (oops! HER!) wedding.  We start with an idea, so we go to wedding heaven (which is also called the internet) and search for the perfect way to implement our idea.  We find what we are looking for and make a decision.  Oh, but wait . . . one of us finds a better idea somewhere (which is also called blogs) so we change our original decision.  You would think we are finished, right?  No!  We both have begun perusing other people's ideas (which is called Pinterest) and we make the decision to completely dump  our own original idea and go in an entirely different direction!  Our wedding work sessions became 'look what else we can find' sessions and we were getting NOTHING accomplished!

So . . . the new rule is NO LAPTOPS, NO COMPUTERS, NO IPODS can be within our reach when creating wedding wonders!  We have a plan and we are finally sticking to it!  

Welcome to the first sneak peek of the elegant, but simple; vintage meets junky; white, ivory, cream, with a little black thrown in wedding of the century (at least in our little world).  All created by two wanna be party planners/crafters who don't really know what in the heck they are doing!

One of the inspiration pieces . . . 

I will always try to give credit where credit is due if I can.  This lovely bottle came from A Little Bit French.  I would have purchased more if they were available but unfortunately, Rhonda sells her bottles as fast as she makes them! So I made my own.  

Bits and pieces that I have collected for years have finally been put to good use!  I KNEW I was storing pretty little things for a reason!  I'm NOT just a hoarder . . . I'm NOT!

The first doily was really, really hard to cut up.  

And the jewelry was hard to give up.

And don't get me started on gluing a vintage Christmas ball on top!

But who else deserves a few of my treasures than my daughter?  Besides, these bottles will look so pretty on MY windowsill after the wedding!

There will be more to show you soon.  I think we both finally realized that there are LESS THAN 100 days until the big event so we are in a creating frenzy now.  I don't have a dress (really, do I HAVE to wear a dress?) (I think I should do a whole post on just trying to find a dress - really, who wears the stuff that is offered in stores?), invitations haven't been ordered, I'm still working on painting (with CHALK paint!) a dresser that will be the alter and we haven't chosen any flowers but HECK, the super wedding planners (that would be US) have it all under control!!!

I think I still have time to link up with Faded Charm's White Wednesday, so I guess I will!

Are you all enjoying your summer?  Is your's speeding along as fast as mine?

Now, a little piece of advice . . . if you have daughters, go search for your own wedding inspiration while you still have time!


Trisha said...

Oh my goodness I can already tell that this is going to be a beautiful wedding! I am glad that I didn't know about blogs when I was planning my wedding because holy moly I would have never been able to finalize anything! Can't wait to see everything all come together!


Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Your bottles came out gorgeous,Connie!!!
Can't wait to see more.
Have a wonderful day.

Dorthe said...

Connie, they are so romantic-and will be a wonderful decoration in the wedding-I love the beautiful way you decorated them all. They are gorgeus.
xo, Dorthe

Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Oh my goodness Connie those bottles are GORGEOUS!!! I am so excited to watch your wedding preparations!


Jill said...

Well you are off to an awesome start Connie! Where will the bottles go? on the tables? Can't wait to see more and hear what you think about the chalk it worth all the rage?!

BECKY said...

How exciting, Connie! And your bottles came out beautifully!! I know you enjoyed making them with this special day in mind!! One of our four girls is married, and number two girl is very close to getting we may be planning a wedding for next year!!

I know it will all be wonderful for your daughter! She is blessed to have a loving, creative Mom!! Enjoy this time...


Joanna said...

Beautiful bottles! You and your daughter sound like you've been having such fun, an experience you'll both remember!

Looking forward to seeing more when you can show us,


Vicki said...

Connie, the bottles are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us. I have decided after reading this post that because I have a daughter that I hope to plan a wedding with someday, my hoarding (I meant collecting) is justified too! Thank you for that! lol

Craftymoose Crafts said...

The bottles are gorgeous! 100 days and no dress yet? You are very brave! Just think of all the wonderful memories you will have of shared planning times with your daughter. Priceless!

Laurel said...

Love those pretty bottles...thanks for the "peek"...can't wait to see pictures of the chalk painted dresser/alter!!! Too fun :) Laurel

Suz said...

Your bottles are just gorgeous! Good job!

Linda said...

Oh these are beautiful,'s going to be wonderful! And I bought my dress 2 weeks before my son's wedding LOL!

susie said...

Can't wait to see your beautiful wedding plans, I'm sure with all your divine talent...this wedding will be stunning!!! I'm so excited for you!!!

Robyn Story said...

I am a new follower and simply LOVE your lace bottles. So much so that I think I have to give this a try myself. I also save pieces of this and that and never knew why I couldn't part with the box of 'junk', but now I have a true vision for it. Your post was truly inspirational and I am happy to be following you!!! Oh, no worries about Facebook, you're entered for our give away, thanks for grabbing our button!!

Simply Bungalow said...

Love the bottles all "dressed-up" in vintage bling. Can't wait to see what else you have planned. I'm sure it will be amazing!

Susanne said...

You sound like you're having a ton of fun! And not arguing?! Priceless!

My sister had a dress made for one of her kids weddings, never had a fitting, and picked it up the day before. I was more worried than she was. A post about a dress would be fun. Good luck finding something perfect!

Anonymous said...

Connie, Your bottles are so gorgeous!!!! I adore the boutineers you made in the earlier post as well. Love the flavor of what I'm seeing you two pull together. I'm so impressed with all you mother of the brides in blogland who have poured so much creativity and personal touches into the weddings you are helping plan. It makes me tired just reading about how much work these events can be. We've yet to experience such a thing {kids are 23, 21 and 18}. I choke when I hear the amount of $ that gets sunk in these events. Xo, Sue

Miss Gracie's House said...

Why does this all sound so dang familar? LOL...You will get it done...because you have to...and it will be beautiful! Just remember she will be married at the end of the day no matter what the tables look like...enjoy this time together making memories...and I like your new rule...sounds smart to me....there is so much out there to get us side-tracked...